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16 Things to Write About in Your Business Blog

June 6, 2011 9

My inspiration for this post is two-fold. First, I couldn’t think of a topic to blog about today so I wanted a resource for getting rid of bloggers block. My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in as I thought, why don’t I just create the resource myself? My 2nd inspiration is the recent blog launch for my client SafeList. We just launched, SafeBlog and during the process of creating a blog strategy we brainstormed on a variety of blog topics their team can write about. Some of the topics are industry specific and others are general that can apply to your own business too.

So whether you just launched a business blog, are thinking of starting one or just need a little inspiration on what to write for your existing blog here are a list of topics to choose from:

  1. Feature Business Partners– Are there other companies you work with who add value to your service? Tell us about them!
  2. Your Event– What cool event are you hosting? Why should people attend? Here are some sample event posts: Yoga for the Busy Body with Marketing Melodie Tweet for After-School All-Stars at Twestival San Diego and Digital Media Dinners- Social Media Branding Panelists .
  3. An Event You Attended– Recap a conference or event your company participated in. Did you learn anything new? You can also highlight community members you met at the event. @HeyStephanie did a great job summarizing my one of my events she attended: Digital Media Dinner- Social Media Branding Recap
  4. Tour of Your Office– Videos or photos of your office humanize your brand, especially if you’re a larger corporation.
  5. Community Service Projects– Does your company participate in charity drives? Beach cleanups? Other projects that give back? Cause campaigns are great stories for a blog post!
  6. News– Is there breaking news about your industry? Although major blogs and news sites may have already written about it, do a quick recap adding your own insight or possible solutions.
  7. Your Customers– Feature customers, tell us about who buys your product or uses your service. This is a way to give back to your customers while also humanizing the customer experience.
  8. How did your company get started?– The “History” may be somewhere on your website, but you can personalize your story on the blog.
  9. Going Green– What is your company is doing to create a more sustainable environment? Are you recycling in the office? Are you eliminating paper documents and making them electronic? Are you encouraging employees to bring reusable mugs to work
  10. Holidays– Are there any holidays coming up? How is your company celebrating? Are you offering any deals for customers? Are you hosting an awesome party? Holiday related posts are always festive! During the Christmas season I wrote a post related to Marketing: Tis the Season for Marketing Yourself to Advance Your Career.
  11. Job Openings– Is your company hiring for a new position or intern? Create a blog post so others can easy repost and share your opportunities.
  12. Your Social Networks– Most companies have profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Write a blog post telling your customers why they should Like and Follow you on these sites. Are you offering something exclusive to followers they can’t receive unless they’re a part of your community? Will you be providing useful tips to people in your networks?
  13. New Hires– Tell us who the new guy is that just joined your team!
  14. Overcoming Objections– Are there common objections you receive from potential customers who are hesitant to use your product or service? List these objections and give explanations that overcome any misconceptions.
  15. New Products or Services– Has your company recently launched something new? Tell us about it! Why will your new product or service benefit your customers? What are some reasons to try it?
  16. Media Appearances– Was your business recently featured on the news, in an article, the radio or even another blog? Share a clip of your feature while telling us about it! Check out my tips on How To Optimize Your Public Relations Effort for Social Media when you get featured in the media.

What are some other topics you’d like to see a business write about in their blog? Please share your ideas. I’ll be compiling a follow up list in the future and may use your tip!

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  1. I get stuck in writer’s block sometimes and need help getting my creativity going – now I got my fix! Thanks Melodie take a stab at a few of these. 

    • Anonymous says...

      I’m happy to inspire creativity! Thanks for reading and sharing Steph!

    • Anonymous says...

      Ellie you are exactly right! These topics fit with personal blog too! Thanks for reading and pointing out that recommendation!

  2. Cleanslatewaxing says...

    Thanks for creating this!! It’s so helpful!

    • Anonymous says...

      You’re welcome Vicky! I’m looking forward to your upcoming blog ventures with Clean Slate Waxing! 

  3. Nice list. Thanks for creating a resource I can use. Looking forward to seeing how creating this list inspires you.

  4. This is a great list, Melodie! It’s helpful to have so many good suggestions in one place. I’ll keep this for future reference.

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