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This blog was written on June 19th, 2008

Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by
the move to the Internet as platform, and an attempt to understand
the rules for success on that new platform. –Tim O’Reilly
I’ve invested the last few years into really fine tuning my method of
creating effective interactive marketing campaigns for any type of
business. I am currently able to integrate radio, events, customized
promotions, giveaways etc. Being a person who is always striving for
more I’ve made it a personal goal to become an expert in online
marketing before the end of 2008. I want to completely understand and
be able to implement all of the rules for success in this platform.
I’ll be able to enhance and improve my current client’s campaigns in
addition I will immediately be able to offer more knowledge and
resources to new partners and clients. I will create even more
opportunities by adding the online space to my repertoire. This
includes SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, analytics, affiliate programs,
etc., etc.
Here’s how I will achieve my goal:
-Enhance all of my own social media sites and update them regularly. They will be tools I use to market myself.
-Document the progress I’m making in my Marketing Blog.
-Attends online marketing Meetups with Richie—he’s been inviting me
to Twitter Meetings so that will be a start
-Subscribe to online marketing blogs—Do you know any good ones?
-Attend online marketing workshops, seminars and webinars—Which ones do you recommend?
If anyone has any other tips please let me know! I am completely open to any ideas to learn about this infinite space!

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Event Inspires the Marketer

This blog was written on June 10th, 2008

Dear Blog Readers,

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been? My short blogging hiatus is due to an extremely busy May! I barely had time to breath! Being extremely busy is never a bad thing in my book! Well I’m back and today my blog is about CityChase….a Citywide obstacle course/scavenger hunt I participated in this past weekend. My day consisted of racing around San Diego eating pickled pork rinds, being yelled at by marines at boot camp, arguing with strangers at spike ball and getting hit in the head with a kayak paddle. If you were there, then you know what I mean when I say it was a blast!

Yes I know it was a day of fun but being the career focused person that I am, I couldn’t help but notice their strategic event sponsors. I commend their sponsorship team for doing such a great job at integrating the sponsors into the event. The sponsors could not be ignored because they were a part of the challenges. Some of the sponsors that stood out to me include:

Kaplan: They were integrated into one of the clues: SMARTY PANTS- It will test your smarts—just like this Klue—your pencil must be shart and A #2. Your test taking skills might depend on the condition- atLeAst they don’t count for college admission. Head to SD City College Room B103 where you’ll have to get a grade higher than a C. Yes I really had to sit in a classroom taking an ACT/SAT type test all sponsored by Kaplan!

Boot Camp 619: Perfect event for Boot Camp 619. We spent the entire warm-up doing boot camp exercises only to find out that it was prep for an even more intense boot camp workout where officers surrounded us and yelled until we finally completed our exercises.

Palm: Having access to technology was a necessity for this event. Palm stepped it up by giving the winners 2 smart phones. They created even more opportunities by offering teams who crossed the finish line with 2 helium filled orange balloons an extra chance to go on to the US Championships! They really made themselves known as a resource at this event. Although I’m a loyal BlackBerry I do commend Palm for their efforts at the event.

After attending CityChase, I’m actually excited to host upcoming events where I’ll have the opportunity to integrate sponsors through unique and strategic methods.

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Marketing Your Way Out of Recession

This blog was written on April 25th, 2008

For all the new wave, young, ambitious Entrepreneurs like myself, this is the first time we’ve experienced a “recession”. While I can’t wait until my small Economic Stimulus Check to come in the mail, I’ve realized I need to take action with a forward thinking approach to help myself and my clients leap over this small hurdle called a “recession”.

Instead of viewing a recession as the start of a downfall, I recommend taking a more positive approach. Views it as an opportunity for economic expansion in the very near future. During a recession, people still have basic needs and wants. Many businesses make the mistake of cutting their advertising budgets. The more savvy approach is to realize that most people’s needs and wants require them to spend money. This is your chance capitalize on any money they will spend by creating a more efficient marketing campaign.

More sales with a more efficient marketing campaign leads to a higher conversion rate. If your conversion rate is higher you are more profitable and most likely increasing your market share….do you see what I mean by ECONOMIC EXPANSION? Don’t sit there and be the business that embraces the recession, be the business that sets the stage for getting out of it!

I am extremely passionate about being a solutions provider for your marketing challenges. If you are intrigued by the opportunistic approach I’m taking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. As an Interactive Marketer I am full of unique solutions that might just spark your economic boom!

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Emotional Selling on Weightloss

This blog was written on April 13th, 2008

Companies that help consumers achieve ideal lifestyles have really taken advantage of emotional selling to compel consumers to use their products/services. Two categories I feel really take emotional selling to the next level (sometimes unethical) are Weight Loss and Match Making.

These categories are close to heart for most consumers and marketers realize this. To paint a better picture, I’ll use real life examples. This blog will focus on weight loss campaigns.

Media portrays happy people as being super model thin. A size 4 or 6 is no longer skinny and a size 2 is close but not good enough, but size 0 is healthy. Marketing campaigns for liposuction, weight loss programs, diets, gyms, any product/service that helps people look thinner/ lose weight will make people feel inferior and inadequate as a motivator to use the product/service advertised to get rid of this feeling. They give consumers hope that by trying this new diet, they will finally be happy and thin.

My real life example: I was at the Head to Toe Women’s Expo this weekend. A personal trainer at one of the booths told me he’d test my body fat. Being that I’m health concise, I figured why not? After he measured my body fat he categorized me. The first category was FIT. The second category was HEALTHY. The third category was AVERAGE. He told me I was AVERAGE! For goodness sakes! I work out 5+ times a week, eat (fairly) healthy, am a size 2 and according to this personal trainer who was trying to sell me on his service I’m AVERAGE and need some work to reach HEALTHY and FIT. For a second, he really made me feel inadequate and self conscious about my extremely healthy lifestyle! I started thinking of what I else I could do to reach this HEALTHY level. When consumers start thinking like this way, they will spend money on any product or service that many help the reach their ideal.

Talk about emotional selling! People just want to look good and feel good about themselves. People want to feel loved and accepted for their body image. When a company goes as fas as to make you believe you need to change something about your lifestyle, not just to be happy, but healthy, they really delve into your intrinsic desires. The result of this is usually a successful emotional marketing campaign because consumers will shell out the cash!

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How did the event go?

This blog was written on April 10th, 2008

Ask this question to a variety of people involved in an event: Attendees, the Event Producer, Special Guests, Performers, Sponsors, Vendors and you’ll get a different response from each individual. Ideally, everyone will have a positive experience.

As I mentioned in my Events page, I would write a blog about Event Marketing using the Carlsbad 5000 as an example. I’d like to focus on how the Sponsors can effectively market themselves at an event and walk away from an event feeling it was a success.

If you are going to sponsor an event and be on-site (with a booth for example) there are several things to keep in mind.

1. Having presence at one event will not single handedly boost your business. The event presence will enhance your existing marketing campaign by putting yourself at the forefront of your target consumer.

2. Engage the attendees. You always see a long line at booths where the sponsor is either giving complimentary products or has an interactive element such as a game. This gives you an opportunity to talk to the attendees and explain your product/company/service. At the Carlsbad 5000, the Minute Rice booth had a huge line because they had a prize wheel to win free rice. While people were waiting in line, their employees walked up to each person passing out coupons.

3. Don’t expect to make an ROI by selling your product on-site unless it’s specifically an event for shopping. At the Carlsbad 5000 there were booths selling very expensive specialty health drinks, sunglasses, running clothes, etc. Many people at a concert, race or other event are not there to shop. They love to get free stuff though!

To be successful at an event I recommend:

1. Only sponsoring at an event where you know your target demographic will be attending.

2. If you are going to give away promo items, come up with something creative that the attendees will want to keep and use. For example, a flyer will get tossed.

3. Couponing is hard because like flyers, these will get tossed. To increase the redemption rate offer a low ticket item that’s 100% complimentary. This drives consumers to your location and hopefully they will spend $ when they’re there.

Of course each event is different and these recommendation may not apply to all, but genrally speaking event marketing is most effective when it’s one small element of a larger campaign.

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How to Market Yourself Via Your Resume

This blog was written on March 31st, 2008.

Many of my friends and people I’ve recently met are currently job searching. I’ve had people ask me for advice on resumes, interviewing and ultimately landing the perfect job (I don’t have the million dollar answer, but I do have some tips!) When applying for a job, your number one priority is to sell your prospective employer on why you are the best candidate among hundreds, even thousands of applicants. This is a pretty hard sell!

I’ll start with the ever so necessary tool, the Resumé. Every employer asks for one but the average resumé doesn’t receive more than 10-15 seconds of attention. So this is why it’s crucial to make yours stand out. Most of my tips will sound so simple yet I guarantee over 95% of the applicants for your job are not doing this– hence the reason their resumé will get less than 15 seconds of attention and yours will be read in detail.

1. Get name of the decision maker and find a way to get your resumé directly into their hands. Most employers require you to submit an online application to a generic human resources email. Hundreds of people are doing this. While you must also do this, write a cover letter to the decision maker stating how you already submitted an online application but to make it more efficient for Miss/Mr. Employer and to save them the trouble of having to fish through hundreds of emails to find yours (since you understand how busy they are) you thought you’d be proactive and also deliver your resume directly. I would either hand deliver it to the receptionist in a sealed envelop with their name (make them open it to find out what it is) or I would send via snail mail with some sort of express mail envelop that makes it look urgent– again Miss/ Mr. Employer will have to open it.

2. Make sure your resumé is printed on resumé paper! Most people if submitting a hard copy resumé will print it on a regular sheet of printer paper. This will not stand out in a pile of hundreds. Resumé paper will stand out in the pile because it is thicker, a slightly different color and it looks more professional.

3. Keep your resumé to one page of paper. Please note this doesn’t mean you can’t have a two page resumé. Of course you can have two pages to sell yourself but instead of stapling on a second page that can easily get torn off, make your resume front/back sided so it’s only one sheet of paper. Indicate on the bottom of the first page (Page 1 of 2 Please See Reverse Side) so the person reading knows there’s more in the back.

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