Marketing Melodie Socializes DOMAINfest 2010

We all know that having prime real estate is key to success in the brick and mortar world.  The location of your store in the mall plays a significant role in how much walk in traffic you get, the location of your home and its accessibility often determines if you’ll have many visitors and the location of your office building can even affect employee productivity. What many don’t know is that the same is true for internet real estate. Having an accessible domain name boosts site traffic through direct navigation (when the consumer types your domain name directly into the address bar), heightens branding advantages and significantly enhances your search engine results. Read more

Melodie’s Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Idea

I believe that every single one of us in an entrepreneur of our own ideas. I also believe there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has arrived. This blog post is about an idea I’ve had that’s flourished into action. Before you read on know that this post is one of the most personal I’ve ever written and I’m so inspired to share it with you. Read more

Marketing Melodie