[EVENT] Yoga for the Busy Body with Marketing Melodie

Many of you who follow me on Twitter know that while Marketing is my expertise, my yoga practice is a passion that plays a significant part of my life. Yoga brings me peace, serenity and clarity. I share events, information and inspiration about yoga and its powerful impact so I decided to take my yogic ventures to the next level by completing a teacher training to deepen my own practice and provide me with an opportunity to teach yoga to others. I’m proud to have completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Teacher in April, 2011 at La Jolla Yoga Center.

As a Marketing professional and Entrepreneur, life gets extremely busy. Since my yoga and meditation practice has taught me how to breath and be calm in any situation, especially during stressful business transactions, I’ve partnered with Hera Hub (a new coworking facility that’s also a collaboration space for accomplished, like-minded entrepreneurial women) to host a fabulous event, Yoga for the Busy Body with Marketing Melodie to teach you how to incorporate yoga/mediation in your own busy life. This is your official invite to come enjoy an evening of yoga, networking and fun! This event  is similar to many events I host with an opportunity to network, make new friends and create business connections, but I’m adding a twist (literally!) with yoga. Hera Hub is connected to Xtend Barre Carmel Valley, this is a gorgeous space I’m grateful to have (pictured below) that will serve as a Yoga Studio for our event.


Event Schedule:

  • Tuesday June 7th, 7-9pm
  • 7-8pm- All Levels Vinyasa Yoga Class (Beginners are welcome as well as advanced practitioners, options will be given to those just starting out and those who would like to go deeper into their practice.
  • 8-8:15pm- Discussion on how BUSY professionals can incorporate yoga/meditation into their life
  • 8:15-9pm- Networking with your fellow Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals, light snacks and refreshments

Cost: $10-$15 Suggested Donation (No one will be turned away for lack of funds)

Additional Details:

  • This event is open to both men and women
  • Bring your own yoga mat
  • Please RSVP here so I can keep track of everyone who will be attending

I’d like to end this post by sharing one of my favorite yoga quotes “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape”.

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10 Ways to Land Your Next Job Through Social Media

I was recently interviewed by the San Diego Reader on using Social Media to enhance your job search. I shared tips on specific things job seekers can do on social media to improve their chances of standing out to potential employers and I was honest in letting the Reader know that I won’t consider hiring someone if they don’t have a LinkedIn profile.  The full article is here. In this post, I’ve compiled a more clear and comprehensive list on how job seekers can use social media and other digital tools to land their next job.


1.  Clean up your Digital Footprints– Check your Facebook Privacy Settings to ensure that anything too personal isn’t visible on public Facebook searches. Make sure your Twitter stream isn’t filled with party tweets  and do a quick Google search of your name to see if anything that might deter an employer shows up. If you find something unworthy do your best to find the source of that post to get it removed.

2. Optimize Your LinkedIn profile– Make sure you’ve claim your unique LinkedIn URL under “Public Profile Settings”on the bottom right click  “Your public profile URL”. Update your summary and specialties using keywords and skills required in the current jobs you’re applying for. Request former employers and partners for LinkedIn recommendations on the work you’ve done.

3. Buy Your Own Domain Name– Whether you’re a job seeker or not, this is a great way to brand yourself as a professional. If your  name is already taken, purchase a similar variation. You can use this page for your blog, online portfolio or even just as a landing page which links to your other social networks. Having your own domain will benefit you, especially if you’re seeking a job in any marketing or technology related field.

4. Register for a professional email address – If you’re still using an email address from your cable company such as cox.net or san.rr.net you’re demonstrating lack of understanding on the importance of having a reliable email address. If you change cable companies, your email address is gone. Using an email address from another company or from your university also gives the same message. Use a permanent email address, preferably your own domain. If this isn’t possible I recommend registering for a gmail address. It used to be popular to claim an email address such as beachman21@hotmail or sunshinechick@yahoo, etc. In this day and age it’s important to brand yourself professionally through your email address because often when corresponding to set up an interview, your email is the first impression your employer has about you. Use your real name so the person emailing you back has a reference to remember you before and after the interview.


5.  Save “Advanced Job Searches”– This is an efficient way to learn about new jobs posted  that fit your criteria. This varies by website  but you’re often able to customize criteria for jobs you’re seeking such as location, keywords in the Job Title, Level, etc under their “Advanced Search”. After typing in your criteria for a new job  you’ll often find an option to “Save” the search. Each time you return to the site, rather than searching again, you can go back and review your “Saved Searches” to see if anything new has been posted. Some sites also offer an RSS Feed you can subscribe to for your specific job search. You can add the RSS feed to your browser bookmarks for easy access in reviewing new job postings.

6. Read Blogs about Industry Related Topics– Make sure you do as much research as possible not only about the companies you’re applying for but the entire industry. When you step into the interview, it will be beneficial to understand major news that’s happening in your field. Your knowledge will shine through during the interview process. Blogs provide you with personal insight from people who work directly at the companies and industries you’re interested in.

7. Use Social Bookmarks to Organize Your Job SearchDelicious.com is my social bookmarking tool of choice. It allows you to organize websites you visit, tag pages and take notes about each web page. You can create folders for topics relating to your job search and bookmark all the websites that fit your folder topic such as: Job Search Tips, Companies you’ve applied to, Industry News and Articles, etc. You can access your delicious account anywhere on the web.

8. Tweet about relevant industry topics/articles– As you do your research from reading blogs, tweet/share articles you find beneficial to people in your industry. Also post tips you’ve learned from your research. Even if your employer doesn’t check your Twitter account, the act of posting valuable information makes you more resourceful and knowledgeable.


9.  Look up your Interviewers on Social Media Before the Interview– If you understand the career history of your interviewer you’ll be able to speak to things that may related to him/her. You’ll also have insight on their background which will help you understand why certain questions they’re asking may be important.

10.  Follow up through Email, Social Media AND a Thank You Card– After the interview, immediately follow up with a thank you email stating your gratitude for the interview and enthusiasm for the position. Also let the interviewer know you’ll connect with them on LinkedIn or another relevant Social Network. This way they expect your request and know you’ll be reaching out to them. In addition to following up digitally, add an old fashioned personal touch by sending a hand written thank you. This is a unique way to stay top of mind and demonstrate your appreciation.

If anyone has additional Job Search tips related to Social Media, please feel free to share! If you have success stories on using Social Media to land your current job, I would love to hear them as well. To all the job seekers out there, best of luck to you and here’s prosperous career ventures in a digital age!

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How To Attract Loyal Customers with Daily Deals

Daily Deal sites, also known as Collective Buying sites are a recent phenomenon sweeping the nation for both consumers and business owners. It’s a coupon/discount site that offers exclusive deals if a certain demand is reached through the power of collective buying.

For consumers it’s an opportunity to try a new place or activity at an unbeatable price. For business owners, it’s an opportunity to showcase their food or services to a new audience and earn loyal customers. This sounds like a win-win situation! However I’ve been hearing many business owners complain about their brand being devalued and not gaining any repeat business when they participate in a Collective Buying campaign.

Before reading any further, keep in mind, Collective Buying, just like any other marketing method is not for everyone. It may not be the right strategy for your business so if that’s the case, there’s absolutely no reason to force a deal, then to be upset later that it didn’t work. If you do decide to embark on Collective Buying here are tips on how to successfully execute a campaign to gain new exposure, repeat customers and enhance the value of your brand.

1. Positive Attitude – Attitude is everything, especially when it comes to creating wealth in your business. Don’t create a self fulfilling prophecy with the mindset that Deal sites don’t work. I hear so many business owners complain about using these sites, then submit a deal anyway only to affirm their original believe that it doesn’t work. Just as you pay for any other marketing campaign and understand that the money is an investment, you are paying for your Collective Buying Campaign through products or services. Many business owners constantly complain “I am losing so much money”.  Believing that the products you invest is “losing money” automatically puts a negative perspective in your mind about the entire process. Go into the campaign knowing that this is a positive marketing investment and stop thinking about how you are losing money. You are gaining customers. You are getting new exposure and you’re driving new traffic into your location.

2. Create an offer that Adds Value- You want customers to associate your deal as having high value rather than a cheap service. It is true that once some customers receive your service at a discounted rate, they’re less inclined to buy your product at a regular rate. There are many ways to word your “deal”. If 50%-60 off sounds absurd for what you’re offering, get creative. I recently bought a deal that was $20 for “Wine Tasting for Two and a Bottle of Wine”. You can create “Two for One” deals. Deals that charge a price and offer service such as “$25 for a 5 course Meal”, “$50 for a Massage and Manicure” sound more valuable than “50% off a 5 Course meal”. All of these examples offer a great deal but they’re also creating more value with your brand because they don’t mention anything about discounting a service.

3. Encourage Customers to Share – When offering a collective deal, this is the best opportunity to get your loyal customers to share your business with their friends or family. You’re allowing them to invite others to try something they love at a great price. Post the deal to your own networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Email list and blog. Allow people to buy multiple deals to give as gifts. Your best advocates are those who already love your product or service so make it easy for them to share your business with their friends

4. Prepare You Staff– Ensure you have extra staff on hand to handle the immediate increase in business as most people will redeem their deal immediately. In addition, ensure your entire staff is educated and aware of your deal. There is nothing more embarrassing for a customer when they come in to your establishment to redeem a deal you’ve offered then receive a blank stare from your employee who proceeds to say they have no idea what the customer is talking about. This is a sure way to guarantee your potential new customer won’t feel comfortable coming back.  Make sure your staff is not only aware of the deal but completely understands all the fine print. This allows your staff to welcome and embrace the new customer. I’ve heard complaints of many places providing poor customer service to Deal users because they don’t think they’ll ever return. Your business should be doing the complete opposite, give the Deal user  exceptional service and give them a reason to return.

5. A Reason to Return – Many people who use collective buying sites are looking for the best deal. After purchasing your deal they might move on to the next deal they find. When they’re in your establishment you have their full attention so this is your chance to get them to commit to coming back before they move on.  For example, if you’re offering yoga classes and the customer purchased 1 month for $50, you can offer them that same rate or slightly higher if they sign up for 3 more months. If you’re offering spa service such as a 1 hour massage, you can offer your customer a massage package if they sign up immediately where they can sign up for 3 more massages at a discount.  This is an opportunity for you to encourage your new customer to return before they even have a chance to move on to the next deal.

Have you purchased any daily deals? Please share your favorites, your experience with the establishment as a deal user and if you returned as a customer or not. If you don’t already have an account to check out daily deals, here are some popular sites you can sign up for to get the scoop on the best deals in your city:


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