A Word with the Marketing Nerd @stef_funny (Welcome Aboard to Marketing Melodie)

<Editor’s Note> I’m very excited to introduce you all to Stephanie Trinh aka @stef_funny!  She’s the newest member of my team here at Marketing Melodie. She’s an ambitious Business Marketing Student at SDSU, is filled with positive energy and is even a fellow marketing nerd! I’ll let Stephanie take it from here with her introduction. HIT IT STEPHANIE! </Editor’s Note>

Hi everyone, I’m Stephanie! I’m a student at San Diego State University majoring in Business Marketing, specializing  in Integrated Marketing Communications. I consider myself a huge marketing nerd; everything about marketing intrigues me, especially social media marketing. Whenever I find out a new fact or tip about social media, I get excited and I feel the need to share what I just learned with everyone. My friends and family know that I’m all about social media, so whenever they have an issue with their settings on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, I’m the first person they come to. (So then… would I be considered a social media guru? #SSMES)

Stephanie Trinh Headshot

I am so grateful and ecstatic that Melodie is willing to take me under her wing and teach me what she knows. I am graduating from SDSU this summer and plan on pursuing my career in digital marketing where I can apply my strong organizational skills, creativeness and experience in marketing. As a full-time student that works part time at a bank and part time as a marketing intern, my life can get very busy. With any free time I may have, I always try to spend it with friends and family. I enjoy talking to people and listening to their stories, it helps me learn a lot about a person. I believe in positive energy and that laughter is the best medicine out there.

My favorite quote is from Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.” When I feel like giving up, I repeat this quote in my head and it gives me the push to get back up and keep going. I also love to read. I’m on the last book of The Hunger Games saga, and it’s really interesting. I definitely recommend everyone to read this series!

Henry Ford Quote

You can connect with Stephanie on TwitterGoogle+ and check out her blog, Marketing Nerd!

4 Reasons to Blog Even if No One Reads Your Blog

Today’s blog post is about blogging, but before I begin I’d like to acknowledge that yesterday was a monumental day for internet users. The stop SOPA and PIPA campaigns were even more prominent than ever with sites such as Wikipedia, Reddit and Cragislist all blacking for 24 hours to make a statement on what the internet may look like if certain laws are passed. As someone who’s an Entrepreneur and Marketer in the digital space, the internet is essential for my business to thrive. I use the internet to connect with people, share information and  provide resources. Today’s post on “4 Reasons to Blog Even if No One Reads Your Blog” might not even be possible if SOPA or PIPA pass. So even if you did want to read my blog (which of course you all do anyway) you may not be able to! Oh and I’m pretty sure my video Shit Social Media Experts Say would definitely not fly under these new laws.

Marketing Melodie says Stop SOPA

Although blogging is a great marketing tool, it’s not the reason I blog, it just happens to be an amazing benefit. I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years yet I don’t ever think of myself as a blogger. Blogging is really just me writing and since I now do it online, instead of saying “I write”, I say, “I blog”. In college I used to blog daily on Xanga.com. I wrote about my adventures, school, work and things I did and experienced day to day. Before blogging I used to journal. My parents had me journal as a kid to practice writing. I remember keeping a notebook and journaling as far back as kindergarten maybe even pre-school! (Even then I was an early adopter ;))

Journal Photo

Now I write to educate other, share my adventures and inspire both myself and my readers. I started my current website and blog, Marketing Melodie in March of 2008 (I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years). When I started it, I was working for a large media company doing sales and marketing. I created the site to be a resource for clients and to educate myself. It’s since evolved into the marketing company I run today specializing in digital technology and social media.

Icon with Marketing Melodie LogoWhether it’s for your business (especially if it’s for your business) or personal I highly recommend everyone have a blog. I hear the excuse from so many people “But no one is going to read my blog”. So what if no one reads what you write? Write for YOU, write like no one is reading and don’t be afraid to put your thoughts down in a tangible place. By doing this you’ll receive so many benefits. So I present you with 4 Reasons to Blog Even if No One Reads Your Blog. 

Blog photo

  1. SEO– The first reason is just practical so let’s start with that. Even if a single soul doesn’t read your blog, updating your site with fresh, new content (this is especially important if it’s a business blog on your website) will significantly improve your SEO. Search engines pick up on fresh, new content and place a higher value on sites that have been recently updated versus stagnant sites that have been sitting around for months or years. Within each blog post you can create links with keywords directing readers to other areas of your site. I won’t get too technical here, but just know that blogging will improve your SEO.
  2. Blogging teaches youI learn something new every day and much of it is attributed to writing. I find that writing stuff down often teaches me how to be more clear and concise with the thoughts I have racing through my mind. Because I’m able to clarify my thoughts, Ican see things in a different perspective which in turn teaches me more about the very topic I’m blogging about.
  3. Blogging is cathartic– Sometimes you just need to get things off your chest. During these times, it can also difficult to say these things out loud. Well blogging is a great way to release any emotions you have stored up.  Not all blogs need to be public. If you write something but don’t yet feel ready to share it, there’s no shame in that. But at least you put it out into the world so it’s no longer just stored inside you. Putting things out there is also a great step in being able to let things go.
  4. Reflection– I just read a bunch of blog posts I wrote back in 2008. Wow it’s really amazing to be able to read the YOU from 4 years ago. Reading old posts really allows me to reflect on things I’ve done in the past but also appreciate the present moment. It brings into perspective even more of how everything that’s happened so far has led me to where I am today. I do find it amusing though because reading back on some of the stuff I wrote the thought “Are you kidding me? I actually said that?!” does tend to pop up a lot. Live and learn. Live and learn.

As you can see, writing, blogging, whatever you want to call it has helped me in so many ways. Please feel free to share with me other reason you blog. I leave you with a quote from a famous writer that really inspired me:

 “And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.  The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt”.  ~Sylvia Plath

Submit Your Ideas for Shit Social Media Experts Say- Part 2 #SSMES2

First off, if you haven’t seen Shit Social Media Expert Say, take 2 minutes to check it out! Let me know your thoughts, give me a thumbs up if you like it and please share it with your friends! In fact, Click to Tweet!


I am incredibly grateful for everyone who helped with the video,  watched the video, shared the video and left me comments and tweets about it. Here’s why I’m encouraging everyone to continue sharing this video: Even though the “Shit Says” phenomena can be seen as just another funny internet meme, it’s really demonstrating how powerful Social Media is as a tool to really spread your message. My video is intended to be funny and even a bit annoying but nevertheless, it emphasizes how important it really is to have a voice in the social space.

What I love about the “Shit Says” meme is all the creativity it’s bringing out in people! My Twitter buddy @jennhoffman said it perfectly and I agree with her 100%: “The whole “Sh*t (insert group here) Says” trend is really bringing creativity out in people. Almost all the different incarnations are funny.”

Shit Says Tweet @jennhoffman

There were so many more lines in the first video I wanted to say! Many got cut and some are just new ideas I had after  making the video. Based on the great response I’ve gotten so, I would love to make a second one! And since we all know Social Media is about engaging your audience, user generated content and building community, I turn to you to help! Please submit your ideas  for “Shit Social Media Experts Say” Part 2. Many of you already tweeted me great ideas so please keep them coming!

Shit Says Tweets 2

SSMES Tweet RichandCreamy

Here’s how to submit ideas for Shit Social Media Experts Say (Part 2). It’s simple! Just leave me your comments in this blog post. Or tweet me @MyMelodie using the hashtag #SSMES2! Looking forward to hearing from you and your ideas!

Shit Says Facebook post

SSMES Facebook PostsSSMES Facebook Post 4



Marketing Melodie Presents: Shit Social Media Experts Say!

I told you guys I had a Secret Social Media Video Project I was working on. Well… the secret it out! I couldn’t help myself with this video. While watching the popular video “Shit Girls Say” and all the spin offs (By the way my favorite spin off is “Shit Yogis Say” since yoga is my other passion), I got a great idea to create a video related to my love for marketing, tech and social media!

Top Secret Stamp

I didn’t want to play a race or gender card but I did want to keep it personal to my community. Alright I’ll stop writing and let you watch the video. Please, please, pretty please share this if you find it funny, compelling or can relate to it in any way.  Leave comments and spread the word! I’m aiming for at least 1 million views and since most people reading this are extremely tech savvy and influential in the space, we should have no problem achieving this goal!

And now for the feature presentation: SHIT SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS SAY! (You know, the people who can run your Facebook and Twitter account)


Big thank you to @jennyjenjen for filming and editing the video, @robotfaith @iPodschun @ChrisKirkman for being a part of creating the video and @LoMagna for her ideas on writing the script.

Announcing my Secret Social Media Video Project!

I had an amazing 2011 and just 2 days into the new year, I got an idea for an EPIC Social Media video! What a great way to kick off the new year with a brand new project?! I knew I wanted to get this project off the ground ASAP so of course I turned to my community with a Tweet and Facebook update.

Video Idea Tweet

Video FB Post

After responding to a few comments and sending out a few emails, within a few hours it was all set! I had my videographer, co-stars for my video and a time and place to film! Talk about making things happen quickly! Throughout all the planning, my good friend @LoMagna who knows me too well (She and I went to high school together and traveled to Hong Kong!) sent me a chat message as soon as she saw my post:

Chat with @lomagna

Yep @LoMagna was 100% spot on, even with the title of the video! Hence, why I had to bleep it out in our chat since it’s a secret! As stated in my chat to her, I’m so excited about this video. If you’re a part of my community on Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Network I know you’ll love it too and want to share it with all your friends! I’m doing this entire project just for fun, but I would love to see the power of viral videos work its magic so I’m aiming for at least 1 million views on this video!

Check out my List of 12s for 2012s. It’s # 8 “I’m not a regular YouTuber but I’m currently working on an awesome Social Media related video that will be published soon. My goal is to get at least 1 million views on this video. I know that sounds extreme, especially since my current YouTube videos  have views only in the hundreds. I’ve got a good feeling about this video and in 2012 I’m going to get 1 million views on my social media related YouTube video.

So now that you’re all wondering what the heck is this video that I keep hyping up?! Any guesses? Surely someone other than @LoMagna can guess what my video is going to be about!

Special thanks to @jennyjenjen@ipodschun@robotfaith and @chriskirkman for all being a part of my Secret Social Media Video Project! I seriously can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on! We’re doing final edits on the video and it should be up in the next day or so! In the meantime feel free to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can be one of the first to be notified when the video is posted! STAY TUNED!

Ringing in the New Year with List of 12s for 2012!

Happy New Year! 2011 was amazing! And I’m excited for what 2012 has in store. For my first post of 2012 I’m sticking with the “new year” theme!

I love making lists. To-do lists are the most common for me. I make these daily to stay on task with both my personal and professional life. In fact I’ve even added things to my to-do list after I already accomplished them, just so I can check it off. C’mon I know I’m not the only one who’s done this before! Fess up if you have!

To Do List

Instead of resolutions, I shared with my network that 2012 means making “Lists of 12s”!

List of 12s

I’m working on lists of 12 new restaurants to try, 12 new places to go, 12 marketing goals for my business and first list I made is of course related to tech and social media: 12 tech/web/social media related things I’d like to accomplish in 2012! 

1. Pinterest- We all know about my food porn addiction. I recently joined Pinterest and wow, it’s any food porn addict’s DREAM! I have 2 boards related to food. My Sweet Tooth is filled with gorgeous, mouth-watering sweets. Rather than just look at these images and drool, in 2012 I’m going to actually make at least 2 desserts I’ve pinned on Pinterest. (Give me food and I’ll cook but please note I have virtually zero experience when it comes to baking sweets so this is something new for me!)

Pinterest Sweet Tooth

2. Facebook- Part of what I do for my Marketing clients is work with them to create customized social media profiles that are cohesive with their brand and website. You know the old saying “The Cobbler’s children have no shoes”? I spend a lot of time helping clients create a marketing strategy that effectively integrates social media and Facebook is one of the main tools I use. However, even though I help clients with this, I personally haven’t had an opportunity to customize my own Facebook page. In 2012, I’m going to redesign my Facebook Page so it’s cohesive with my website and brand.

Marketing Melodie on Facebook



3. Yelp- Write a minimum of 12 new Yelp reviews in 2012

4. LinkedIn- I’m grateful that I’ve received so many positive recommendations from my colleagues, clients and partners on LinkedIn. I’m truly humbled by reading the things people who have benefited from my work. I’ve been meaning to create a “Testimonials” section on my website by transferring many of my LinkedIn recommendations. In 2012 I’m going to create a “Testimonials” section on my website based on my LinkedIn recommendations.

5. Gmail- I’ve created folders and filters for many emails, but not all. I have thousands and thousands of unread messages in my inbox. I’ve trained myself to skip over unimportant emails such as ones from newsletters I don’t recall signing up for or emails related to people connecting with me on a social network but this still means there’s clutter in my inbox. In the past few days I’ve already unsubscribed from about 15 email lists and removed over 4000 messages from my inbox. I have over 8000 to go! In 2012 I’m going to get my gmail inbox down to zero, for the first time ever! 

Gmail Inbox6.  Foursquare- I’m a total Foursquare lover! I was traveling internationally in 2010 on Foursquare Day (4/16) and still manged to organize and host Foursquare Day in Hong Kong! In 2011 I hosted Foursquare Day San Diego in America’s Finest City! I’m currently a Super User- Level 2. The highest Super User Level is 3 and I’ve read that it’s virtually impossible to become a Level 3 Super User but my wordplay mind gets turned on because in the word “impossible” I just see the words “I’m possible” so in 2012 I’m going to become a Foursquare Superuser Level 3!

Foursquare Check In

7. Evernote- While Evernote helps me stay organized; my Evernote itself needs to be organized. Whenever I forward an email to my Evernote the email doesn’t get categorized into a folder immediately. This is the main ways I update my Evernote so I definitely have some cleaning up to do. In 2012 I’m going to clean up my Evernote account.

8. YouTube- I’m not a regular YouTuber but I’m currently working on an awesome Social Media related video that will be published soon. My goal is to get at least 1 million views on this video. I know that sounds extreme especially since my current YouTube videos  have views only in the hundreds. I’ve got a good feeling about this video and in 2012 I’m going to get 1 million views on my social media related YouTube video. 

9. Twitter- All of my Twitter followers were gained authentically through people finding my page and being interested in topics I tweet about. I’d like to continue being a resource on Twitter but also build up my Twitter following with more people who are engaged in conversation and content I post. In 2012 I’m going to grow my Twitter following to over 5000 while keeping in mind this must be done authentically through just being me! 

10.  Phone- My Droid 2 just isn’t cutting it! Rather than continue to complain about how my phone is slow in 2012 I’m going to get a new phone!

11.  Laptop- My laptop and all the information it contains is literally my most valuable possession. It contains photos, music, confidential documents etc. It used to be backed up on the cloud but my subscription ended and I haven’t had a chance to renew. Whether on the cloud or on a hard drive, in 2012 I need to make sure I back up my laptop again!

12.  Blogging- My last in my list of 12s is something that will keep me accountable for 1-11 on this list! And that’s to write a follow up blog post in 6 months and then right before on 2013 on what items have been checked in on this tech/web/social media list of 12!

Wishing everyone the best of the best in 2012! Thank you to everyone who reads my posts. I’ve really appreciate the comments, tweets, Facebook Likes, Subscribes and emails! It makes me happy to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time!

Marketing Melodie