Green is Universal and so is Social Media for NBC San Diego @nbcsandiego

This post is a hat tip to NBC San Diego! Time flies with social media! I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since I wrote the blog post Traditional Media Companies- It’s time to Go Digital. I discussed strategies that traditional media companies (TV, Radio, Newspapers) could to use to engage their audience online. A lot has happened in four years and I’m thrilled to see that so many traditional media companies have successfully integrated social media into their communication.  I’d like to commend NBC San Diego for being one of the pioneer companies to truly embrace social media and go digital. Just a few of the things NBC San Diego does:

  • NBC San Diego Reusable water bottle The people on the NBC San Diego are extremely social media savvy. The majority of them all have their own online presence and following. I’ve built personal relationships with many people on their team through conversations on Facebook and Twitter because they do a great job at interacting.
  • @nbcsandiego hosts tweetups for their community to meet the team. This personalizes the online and on-air experience viewers have.
  • They feature Social Media and Tech Correspondents on their news casts where they discuss the latest trends in technology. This also means they care about making sure their viewers can stay up to date with digital trends.
  • In addition to being leaders in the tech space, they’re also a green friendly company! Check out this reusable water bottle I won from none other than one of their tweetups (See tip 1)!

To celebrate Earth Day last week, I shared 12 ways to go green at work! As I do with all of my posts, I shared this across my social networks. NBC San Diego was highlighting green week on Friday April 20th  in honor of Earth Day and their Producer @JanellJay saw my tweet about ideas to go green at work. She tweeted me to ask if they could use it on their green segment that evening. “Of course!” I replied. Many of my posts are intended to be resources so I am very grateful to NBC San Diego for sharing my tips with all their viewers. What I loved about this entire interaction is that Janell was carefully watching her tweet stream to find content for their show! You can view the segment below:

And here is a snapshot of the 5 simple tips they shared with their viewers on how to go green at work. I wanted to re-emphasize these tips not just because they were featured on TV, but because they are tips that will do good for the earth every single day!

NBC Go Green 2

Thank you again to all my friends at NBC San Diego for greening their workplace, connecting on social media and creating a community of viewers who really do trust NBC San Diego as one of the most credible and resourceful TV stations. And if anyone has any additional tips on how to go green at work, please feel free to share them with me!

Social Media and Yoga Unite at @TadasanaFest Yoga & Music Festival #Tadasana

Most of you already know that while Marketing is my expertise, Yoga is my passion. Yoga has really touched me in all areas of my life and I definitely want to share and inspire others through yoga. I was grateful when I completed my Yoga Teacher’s Training at the beginning of 2011. Since then, yoga has become an even bigger part of my life. It’s such an honor to be able to integrate yoga into my career and I’ll continue to do so as I move forward. I’ve been able to teach yoga to busy professionals like myself by hosting yoga classes and workshops, Yoga for the Busy Body. I also have had the honor to teach classes through Forward Motion and at La Jolla Yoga Center.


Tadasana Festival PassThis past weekend, through the power of Social Media, I was graced with the opportunity to attend the first annual Tadasana Yoga & Music Festival in Santa Monica. From VIP experiences at the @Padres games to satisfying the foodie in me at the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, it never ceases to amaze me how I keep receiving opportunities through social media. My friend and fellow yogi @VeronicaRaye won a 3 day pass through Twitter. She then heard about a Facebook contest through Manifestation Yoga and encouraged me to enter. The requirements were to upload a photo of yourself on their Facebook page, and share what Tadasana means to you. The person with the most LIKES on their photo would win a 3 day pass ($295 value!). I typically don’t like to solicit people for LIKES to win something. I believe that posting good content is the best way to earn a “LIKE”. However I decided to enter the contest since it was a way for me to share my love of yoga with others.

What Tadasana means to me: “Tadasana to me means a strong foundation for the rest of my practice. It provides me with stability, strength and helps me become more centered”. Thanks to the support of my friends and community my photo received the most LIKES and I WON! Winning post below!

Winning Tadasana Festival Post from Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga

Winning Tadasana Festival Post from Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga

I always say there is an abundance of yoga available for anyone who wants to practice. This once again proved true because my friends over at YourBuddhi were also hosting a contest on their blog. I entered that contest as well and ended up winning 2 additional 1 day passes that I was able to pass along to friends who wanted to check out the festival.

Tadasana Hashtag

Tadasana Hashtag

I’ve planned many events myself and all I can say is planning an event, whether large or small is a lot of work! I have a high level of respect for Event Producers. Not only is there an immense amount of behind the scenes work that takes place, there’s also the pressure of marketing the event and getting people to attend. Social Media has created a whole new job for Event Producers and that’s to really create buzz and spread the word before the event even happens. I was really happy to see Tadasana Festival taking advantages of Twitter and Facebook before the event. #Tadasana was definitely a trending topic in Santa Monica that weekend! You can find more tips on integrating Social Media with your event planning here. And here are some of my favorite highlights and photos of the event. The rest of my photos from Tadasana Festival can be viewed here.

Having fun at Tadasana Festival with @VeronicaRaye

Having fun at Tadasana Festival with @VeronicaRaye

Aerial Yoga at Tadasana Festival

Aerial Yoga at Tadasana Festival

Inversion practice at Tadasana Festival

Inversion practice at Tadasana Festival

Vinyasa and Kundalini with Tommy Rosen

Vinyasa and Kundalini with Tommy Rosen

Sharing a Smile with Jennifer Pastiloff from Manifestaion Yoga

Sharing a Smile with Jennifer Pastiloff from Manifestaion Yoga

The festival happened a week ago but I’m still inspired! I listened to so may great musicians, learned new yoga techniques and challenged myself mentally by learning new things from the speakers. I also connected with so many amazing people from all walks of life who all share a common love for yoga. I have plans to integrate more elements of yoga into my career which will include creating marketing and social media opportunities for yoga related businesses, teaching more yoga classes and hosting more yoga workshops.


Tadasna Festival Thank You

Tadasna Festival Thank You

A Word with the Marketing Nerd @stef_funny (Instagram Buzz)

<Editor’s Note> I’m very excited to have Stephanie Trinh aka @stef_funny on my team here at Marketing Melodie. She’s an ambitious Business Marketing Student at SDSU, is filled with positive energy and is even a fellow marketing nerd! I’ll let Stephanie take it from here. HIT IT STEPHANIE! </Editor’s Note>



With all the hype going on about Instagram, I’ve decided to write a little bit about this mobile app. Instagram is a free photo sharing application that allows users to take photos, apply a digital filter to the photos, and then share the photos with friends and followers. This app was originally available only for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch when it launched. Two years later, in April 2012, it became available on Android. There were over a million downloads of the Instagram app when it was finally released on the Android system. A few days after that, Facebook acquired Instagram and its 13 employees for $1 billion in cash and stock. Amazing how quickly things change in the digital world, wouldn’t you agree?



Being that Instagram launched in October 2010, now has over 25 million users and is known as one of the most popular mobile-only social networks, why would businesses not consider playing a role on Instagram? You can post fun altered photos of your products and begin a hashtag trend for your followers. Starbucks has already jumped on the wagon and has over 400,000 followers. The point of Instagram is to share photos, so as a business you can share photos of things that relate to your brand personality or just great mobile photos of your products – be creative! Another awesome thing about Instagram is that you are also able to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter. The more social networks the better!

Here are 3 main reasons why your business should join Instagram:

1. Most people are very visual- Instagram is great because it gives us the opportunity to share fun photos of our daily lives. How interesting would it be to your fans to follow unique photos of your business’s life? You can show how much fun you have in the workplace and even take little “sneak peek” photos and have your followers figure out what the photo is. Keep them engaged, that’s why they’re following you! Just remember to keep in mind that Instagrammers don’t want to see product photography, but more artistic photography that’s been filtered.

2. There are millions of users using this app- The digital world is making changes all the time, just make sure you are caught up with the newest fad and stay in the loop. After Instagram became available on the Android, there were millions of downloads through the Android system, that pretty much means that Instagram is sort of a big deal.

3. You can create fun contests- With the usage of hashtags, it makes it easy to track and create contests. Have your fans post a creative photo with a certain hashtag that represents your products or services and give out fun prizes. The more interactive your consumers are, the more they begin to feel like “family” to your brand.


You can connect with Stephanie on TwitterGoogle+ and check out her blog, Marketing Nerd!

Celebrate Earth Day with 12 Ways to Go Green at Work!

At Marketing Melodie we are proud to run a business that promotes environmental sustainability. We recycle, reduce, reuse and practice  many greening efforts in all areas of our business. To celebrate Earth Day 2012, here are 12 ways to go green at work. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, sole proprietor, work for a large corporation or own a small business you can help create a greener workplace!

Reusable Water bottle1. Bring your own waterbottle/mug– Many offices offer a water and coffee station. Along with the drink stations come plastic cups that are often used once and tossed. To reduce carbon footprint with your beverage consumption, bring your own reusable water bottle and coffee mug. Leave these in the office so you remember to use them.

2. Place plants on your desk and around the office– In addition livening up your space, plants help absorb indoor pollution. Some plants that are easy to maintain and do well in an indoor setting include: air plants, cactus, aloe, spider plants and jade.

3. Turn off electronics at night– Turn off your computer and other electronics at night and unplug the adapter. Even an idle adapter draws energy. If you work at a large company with hundreds of computers, think of how much energy this will save.

4. Encourage natural light– Design your work space to take advantage of natural light. Don’t cover up large windows or face your desk in the opposite direction of natural light. This will eliminate your need to use a desk lamp during the day.

5. Reduce paper usage- The greenest paper is no paper at all, so keep things digital whenever possible. Evernote is a great tool that allows you to file things electronically. You can also save any documents from your computer you need to file as a PDF and file it directly on your computer. If you have to print something that’s more than one page, make sure to print on both sides.

6. Electronic billing– Switch your billing statements from paper to electronic. Who likes to get bills in the mail anyway? Getting billing statements online is also more efficient since you get notified as soon as the bill is ready as opposed to having to wait for the post man to arrive.

7. Eco friendly business cards– Business cards are still very relevant in our digital age. You won’t go to a networking event without having people ask you for your card. It’s also a quick way to exchange information. There are various resources you can use to have an electronic business card such as uME. However, it’s often still relevant to carry around a paper business card. In this case, there are many options for printing your business cards on recycled paper. Moo Cards allows you to choose their “Green” printing when creating your cards.

Recycling bin larger than Trash Can8. Make your recycling bins larger than your trashcans– In most offices, there are many large trashcans and a few smaller bins for recycling. This should be reversed. In reality, many of the items you’re throwing away can be recycled but because the recycling bins are usually full, we end up throwing away recyclables out of convenience.

9.  Use motion detectors to control lighting – This is a great tip if you have a storage room, copy room and other rooms that are used but not occupied during the entire day.

10. Reuse paper– It’s amazing how many sheets of paper are printed out for drafts then get thrown away as soon as the final document is printed out. Turn the piece of paper to it’s other side (if it’s not printed on both sides) cut it up into fourths an use it as scratch paper for notes, messages, etc. This is an eco friendly alternative for people who use a lot of post it notes.

11. Recycle electronics– Items such as old electronics, batteries and light bulbs are often thrown away in the trash due to the inconvenience and cost it takes to recycle. However, there are free electronics recycling events that happen across the nation. It takes a little research and planning to find the upcoming and closest event but it’s really not too much of a hassle considering how hazardous throwing away electronics is. San Diego has free electronics recycling events through Recycle San Diego. Many Ikea stores accept old light bulbs.

12. Donate usable office items– Earth Day is also a great time to do some spring cleaning. What items are laying around in your office and desk that you no longer use?  Gather up all these items, ask your co workers to do the same and then donate them to your local charity. Reducing clutter creates a cleaner and clearer environment which allows more fresh air to flow through your work space.

Donating goods to the Salvation Army

These tips are simple! They just require small changes which make a big difference. Once again, Happy Earth Day and please share if you have additional tips on how to go green at work!

Celebrating Foursquare Day 2012 with San Diego’s Best Foursquare Specials #4SqDaySD #4SqDay

Happy Foursquare Day everyone! Foursquare day is my favorite Nerd Holiday (other Nerd Holidays include: PI Day 3/14, Star Wars Day 5/4- May the Forth Be With You!) because it really showcases the benefits of social media. This day brings people together  all over the world to celebrate and check in at local businesses while networking and meeting new friends. This year I once again have the honor of hosting Foursquare Day San Diego. I look forward to seeing everyone tonight at Osetra in the Gaslamp from 6-8pm!

4sqday 2012 Badge

In addition to hosting Foursquare Day San Diego, I also compiled a list of San Diego Foursquare Specials for you all to enjoy. I created a list of Foursquare specials last year too but they’re constantly changing so this is the most current. Please keep in mind that these specials are subject to change. If you know of a great special that’s not on this list, please feel free to tweet me, or leave me a comment here!

Apertivo | Italian Tapas & Wine Bar – Newbie Special: Your first time check in gets you a FREE tapas with the purchase of one of equal or lesser value. Unlocked on your 1st check-in. Not valid with any other promotions, coupons, or discounts and Loyalty Special: Check in to Apertivo’s 8 times, spend $10 or more each visit, and receive a FREE bottle of our House White, or Red wine! Unlocked every 8 check-ins. Not valid with any other offers, coupons, or discounts.

Bub’s at the Ballpark and Bub’s Dive Bar & Grill – CHECK-IN and get FREE TOTS with any purchase! Good for 1 Per Table/Per Day! Show your server your Check-In! ***Offer Not Valid during WING WEDNESDAY (Unlocked every check-in)

Chili’s Grill & Bar (all over San Diego) – Friends Special: Free Happy Hour Appetizer in the Bar! Unlocked for 3 friends checking in together (Max value $5. Offer only available during Happy Hour. and Check-in Special: Start your meal right; Check-in @ Chili’s & receive a free order of Chips & Salsa! Unlocked every check-in.

Copy-It – Newbie Special: Free Sharpie Marker with any purchase over $5.00 (excludes postal purchases). One per customer. Unlocked on your 1st check-in.

Dragon’s Den – Newbie Special: Get the 1st Drink (beer, wine by the glass or cocktail) at Half of Regular Price. Unlocked on your 1st check-in. Also an American Express Shop Small Check-in special.

Hexagone– Mayor Special- The Mayor receives 40% off their total bill and Check-in Special- Show your waiter that you’ve checked in on foursquare and receive a free appetizer.

 iTAN (all over San Diego) – Check-in Special: New customers receive $100 in free tanning! (Unlocked every check-in) and Mayor Special: Receive 25% off iTAN services. Show your mayor badge to the cashier & this code: PSP25%FS. One time use only. (Unlocked every check-in)

Java Mama – Check-in Special: Show that you checked-in and receive 10% off food and beverages. Enjoy a delicious latte, mocha, panini, and lots more. (Unlocked every check-in) and Mayor Special: 20% off food and beverages to the mayor. (Unlocked for the mayor.)

Marcella Junes Coffee Lounge – Mayor Special: 20% off every purchase. (Unlocked for the mayor), Newbie Special: Buy one 16 oz. hand crafted beverage at regular price and receive one hand-crafted beverage of equal or lesser value free. (Unlocked on your 1st check-in; One redeem/visit/customer.) and Loyalty Special: Every 9th check-in receive a free 16 oz. hand crafted beverage of your choice! (Unlocked on your 9th check-in; One check-in per day.)

 Noodles & Company (Rosecrans) – Show that you’ve checked In to this location and receive a FREE Rice Krispy Treat! Unlocked every check-in.

Payless ShoeSource (All over San Diego) – Check-in Special: Take $5 off of any $25 purchase. Valid thru 4/30/2012 & excludes Shopko stores. (Unlocked every check-in) and Newbie Special: Take 10% off your entire purchase. Offer valid thru 4/30/2012. Excludes Shopko stores. (Unlocked on your 1st check-in)

Pastalini Pasta Bar– Check-in Special- Free soda with your meal and Mayor Special- Free box of bread with any meal order.

Quality Social – Friends Special: Check in with 3 friends and dessert is on them! (Unlocked for 4 friends checking in together.)

Rubio’s (all over San Diego) – Mayor Special: Get a Grilled Gourmet Garlic Herb Shrimp Taco for free with any purchase. (Limit 1 per day.) and Friends Speial: Free Regular Soda or Iced Tea when you check in with 2 friends. (Unlocked for 2 friends checking in together.)

Souplantation– Show your phone to the cashier for 15% off lunch or dinner. Not valid w/ other offers. Web code: W00170

Super Brows – Check-in Special: Free Lip Threading Service when you buy Eyebrow Threading Service. (Unlocked every check-in; Only One Per Customer.)

 Tops Of The Park – Newbie Special: Show this to your server to receive 20% off of your bill. (excluding alcohol & Unlocked on your 1st check-in)

 T-Mobile  Newbie Special: As a thank you for checking-in at a T-Mobile store for the first time, we want to treat you to 30% off any one of our awesome accessories! Unlocked on your 1st check-in

Terra American Bistro – Check-in Special: Show that you’ve checked in on FourSquare and receive a free appetizer. (Unlocked every check-in) and Special Mayor Offer: Receive 25% off you total bill. (Unlocked every check-in)

The Blue Pearl Casual Eatery – Check-in Special: Get 10% off your total bill for Lunch! (Unlocked every check-in)

The Comedy Store – Newbie Special: Receive FREE ADMISSION at the La Jolla Comedy Store any Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Sunday! (Excludes Special Events) 21 & up only. (Unlocked on your 1st check-in)

The Field Irish Pub & Restaurant – Newbie Special: Get one free dessert on your first check-in. (Unlocked on your 1st check-in; Must purchase one entrée.)

The Tipsy Crow – Check-in Special: Check in and receive complimentary vodka infused mango or pineapple with purchase of any beverage. (Unlocked every check-in), Loyalty Special: 50% off your tab for every fourth check-in! (Unlocked on your 4th check-in) and Mayor Special: Mayor gets their tab 50% off anytime.

Village 631 – Check-in Special: Get 10% off your Tab with check-in. (Unlocked every check-in)

Wave House Bar & Grill – Check-in Special: 10% off your bill. (Unlocked every check-in.) and Mayor Special: If you’re the mayor, you get $3 wells! (Unlocked every check-in.)

Wings Beachwear – Check-in Special: FREE Sand Dollar when you Check-In. (Unlocked every check-in; Tell cashier to use SKU 7619846 to Redeem.)

American Express has also teamed up with Foursquare to offer you some great specials! Here’ are details on how to Sync, Explore and Save with American Express.

These are just a few of the Foursquare specials offered in San Diego! This list is always growing so please let me know if you see any others. Happy Foursquare Day 2012 and enjoy the benefits of your check ins even more now that you know about these awesome specials.

Foursquare Day San Diego 2012 Presented by @MyMelodie & @DowntownRob #4SqDaySD #4SqDay

Foursquare Day San Diego LogoI’m so excited to host Foursquare Day for the third year in a row with @DowntownRob. It’s coming up in less than a week on 4/16  (4th month; 4 squared=16). During the inaugural Foursquare Day in 2010 I was traveling in Hong Kong so connected with their awesome Social Media community and hosted Foursquare Day Hong Kong. Last year, I hosted Foursquare Day San Diego at R Gang Eatery and this year we’re celebrating at Osetra in the Gaslamp from 6-8pm. You can RSVP for the event here!

Everyone is invited to this free event to celebrate a Holiday created by Social Media. Meet new friends and check in with your online connections in real life! We’ll have Foursquare Day drinks specials and complimentary appetizers including tempura tuna rolls and bruschetta compliments of Osetra.

If anyone would like to help with the event, please let us know. We’re accepting raffle donations (anyone who checks in at the event is entered in the raffle) and we would love your help in spreading the word about the event on your social networks! I’m also compiling a list of San Diego venues that offer Foursquare specials. To celebrate Foursquare Day last year, I compiled a list but it needs to be updated. If you know of any venues that offer Foursquare specials, please tweet me or leave me a comment here.

When tweeting about the event and checking in on Foursquare use the hashtag #4sqdaySD. You can also add the general hashtag #4sqday -view the Minglestream tweetwall here. And find out where I’m checking in on Foursquare here. Looking forward to seeing everyone on 4/16!

#4sqdaysd 2011 Minglestream

#4sqdaysd 2011 Minglestream

Foursquare Day SD 2011 Winner @KariLikeSafari

Foursquare Day SD 2011 Winner @KariLikeSafari

Foursquare Day SD 2011 Fun with @DowntownRob

Foursquare Day SD 2011 Fun with @DowntownRob

When: Monday April 16th, 2012 from 6-8pm

Where: Osetra Downtown San Diego 904 5th Avenue, San Diego CA 92101

Why: Celebrate Foursquare Day! Network, meet new friends and connect in real life!

How: RSVP HERE so we have a head count and show up ready for a good time

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