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Adventures in LA with Talk Nerdy To Me Lover IRL #NerdsUnite

February 16, 2012

A few weeks ago I had the honor of visiting some of my favorite people in Los Angeles aka LA LA Land aka the City of Angels- the place that’s so close yet so far away!  The lovely @JenFriel and @ItsMeJoolie  hosted me and I got to catch up with the rest of the Talk Nerdy to Me Lover (TNTML) crew! They adventured down to San Diego a few months back and we had an amazing time talking nerdy in San Diego!

I’ve been meaning to make my way up to LA for a while so when Jen announced that she was launching her very first live show: Talk Nerdy To Me Lover- The Dirty Truth About Nerdy Girls, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to make the trip up.

I love how even though I don’t get to see my TNTML friends in real life (IRL) often we still keep up with each other’s lives and know what’s going on thanks to social media and the community we’ve built! When I arrived at Jen’s place, she was hoping in the shower so handed me the remote. I immediately switched to the Food Network. She came out and said “of course you’re watching Food Network”. An hour later, Julie comes home and sees Food Network on TV, same comment “Ha, you’re watching Food Network”. Yep they both know I’m addicted to food porn just from reading my post. Oh and I was so excited to see the LIME GREEN WALL! I’ve read all about the lime green wall at Jen and Julie’s but got to experience it in real life!

Lime Green Wall

Lime Green Wall, Food Network and @ItsMeJoolie!

Other highlights of my Adventures in LA include: Dinner at Grub with @MegCorbs, @iamrachelwho, @HeatherBorges. The food was great! Comfort food with a fresh twist! They have awesome potato chocolate chip cookies we enjoyed for dessert.  But better than the food was our conversations!

Dinner at Grub LA

Veggie Burger at Grub LA

Dinner consisted of nerding out over Foursquare, Twitter, Social Media jobs and the Facebook page created by @iamrachelwho, Nothing Rhymes with Orange! We brainstormed some ideas on growing the community and taking it to the next level! But seriously if you haven’t seen this page, it’s one of my favorite humor pages.

Nothing Rhymes with Orange Facebook

Nothing Rhymes with Orange Facebook

After dinner we walked over to the Little Modern Theater to see Jen in her first live show! I’m so proud of her for making this happen. The show started with dramatic interpretations of OKCupid emails, then the dirty truth about nerdy girls! I can definitely can see this show taking off because it was such a great production that was real, raw, authentic and everything was created with passion!  Of course it was also interactive with a Twitter board for people to tweet questions during the show via the hashtag #nerdsunite.

Talk Nerdy To Me Lover Friends

@HeatherBorges @MegCorbs @iamrachelwho @MyMelodie

Talk Nerdy To Me Lover Live Show

Talk Nerdy To Me Lover Live Show

I see Jen and Julie checking into Barney’s Beanery all the time, so told Jen that I definitely wanted her to take me there during my visit to see where all the magic happens. To my delight, she scheduled the after party there! A good time was had with everyone in the TNTML community!

Talk Nerdy To Me Lover at Barney's Beanery

Talk Nerdy To Me Lover at Barney's Beanery

Before leaving LA the next day I had an opportunity to take a yoga class with Julie! You guys all know that I’m extremely passionate about my yoga practice. Julie and I both nerd out over yoga all the time so we found a class time at her studio that worked out perfectly.

@itsmejoolie and @MyMelodie

@itsmejoolie and @MyMelodie

I had such a great time during my short visit to LA. Hanging out with everyone just made me appreciate social media so much more since it keeps me connected to everyone that I can’t see in person all the time. I’m definitely looking forward to more adventures in 2012. So much greatness has already happened this year with social media fueling my awesome experiences!

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