Why You Should Attend #SXSWYoga with Marketing Melodie, Saturday March 14th, 9:30am

Next weekend will be my 4th year attending SXSW in Austin and it’s my 3rd year speaking. Being a SXSW speaker is definitely an accomplishment I am very proud of. Back by popular demand I will once again be presenting my session Come As You Are Yoga on Saturday March 14th, 2015 at 9:30am in Room 8A at the Austin Convention Center. To bookmark my session in your SXSW Schedule, click here.

Marketing Melodie Returns to SXSW 2015

You might be thinking “there are thousands of SXSW sessions, why should I come to yours?”. Here are just a few reasons:

1. This is a unique session because it’s interactive and engaging. That’s right, you will actually be participating in a yoga class. All poses are modified so you can do them in your conference clothes. This is a great way to mix it up from all the sessions you’ll attend where you are sitting and listening. Every year I get at least one person who has never tried yoga before. I love that I’m introducing someone new to yoga at a tech conference! I also get very advanced yogis who are happy for an opportunity to practice while traveling. All levels are welcome.

2. Learn yoga poses to do at home and in the office– During our class I will talk about yoga poses you can easily incorporate into your busy lifestyle at work, while sitting at your desk and poses you can do at home. Not everyone can make it to a yoga studio or class but the wonderful thing about yoga is that it’s something you can do anywhere and everywhere (Yes even SXSW!). All attendees will receive a sheet with my yoga tips and a way to follow up with me with additional questions.

Yoga in the Office

3. Prepare your mind and body for enlightenment– SXSW can be information overload. How do you know which sessions to go to? Which networking events to go to? How do you avoid the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) syndrome? We will start the with an intention to let go of these expectations and fears so you can successfully navigate and enjoy every moment of your SXSW experience. In a sense, I’ll be preparing you for enlightenment at the conference! How cool would it be to return home and tell your colleagues about this experience ?

4. Relax at the quietest place in the convention center– No matter what is happening outside our yoga room, we still have the power to relax and turn inward before going back out into the chaos at the quietest place in the entire convention center, maybe even in all of downtown Austin. This is another beautiful thing about yoga. Someone could be standing right outside your window screaming, yet you have the power to acknowledge the disturbance, let it go and focus on your own yoga.

 5. Network with other like-minded professionals– Yoga is the common bond that will bring us all together. Meet other successful entrepreneurs, business professionals and SXSW attendees who care about health and wellness enough to make it a priority during their busy day. Every year, great networking occurs both before and after this session. Business cards are exchanged, online connections added  and new friends are made.

If you are going to be in Austin next week, let me know! I have less than 48 hours in Austin so I’ll be making the most of my time there. I already have a packed schedule for March 13th and March 14th but as a 4th year SXSW attendee, I know very well that schedules need to be kept flexible. If you want to guarantee to connect with me, then I’ll see you on Saturday March 14th, 9:30am at the Austin Convention Center, Room 8A! The full #SXSWYoga schedule can be found here. Have a wonderful SXSW everyone.


Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrate at SeaWorld San Diego with Marketing Melodie + Free Ticket Giveaway

2015 has been a very busy year for me so far. I’m very grateful for being busy because it means that I’m continuing to grow and advance in my career. I have some resourceful marketing posts in the works but for now, I’d like to say Happy year of the Goat and I’d like to share another event that I am going to emcee.

SIDE NOTE– In the past few months, I have received many requests to serve as a master of ceremonies (emcee). I have really been enjoying these gigs since I am adding positive energy to the events and inspiring the crowd. The talented performers and presenters do all the work and I have the honor of introducing them. I have decided to update my speaking services to include emcee services. Check out my speaking page to get an idea of what I do as a professional speaker and now master of ceremonies. As an added bonus, when you hire me to emcee I will include marketing and promotional support to help you generate more publicity and revenue for your event. 

Marketing Melodie Emcee

Now back to the event I mentioned. I’m thrilled to see so many businesses honoring the Lunar New Year and I’m very excited to be a part of the 1st annual Lunar New Year Festival at Sea World San Diego this coming weekend February 28th & March 1st. SeaWorld San Diego invited me to emcee their 1st annual Lunar New Year event. I have celebrated the Lunar New Year my entire life and now I have a chance to share my tradition with many others.

SeaWorld Lunar New Year

If you are a SeaWorld pass holder, the event is free. Otherwise, entry to SeaWorld gets you into this special event.

Highlights of Lunar New Year at SeaWorld San Diego Include:

Chinese Acrobats of Hebei: Masters of agility and grace, the Chinese Acrobats of Hebei combine Chinese traditions, incredible acrobatics, stunning costumes, Chinese props and a beautiful soundtrack. You’ll experience lion dancing, plate spinning, hoop diving, hat juggling, contortion and chair stacking.

Sea World Act

Community Stage (This is where you’ll find me!): Located just east of the Explorer’s Reef™ the community stage will be brimming with cultural entertainment including taiko drummers, lion dancers and fan dancers.  There will be games for kids, and at the Wish Tree, guests can write a conservation wish on a red ribbon.

Asian-inspired culinary offerings: SeaWorld’s Lunar New Year Festival area will be brimming with Asian-inspired food choices! Soup Bowl Hut: duck lumpia, vegetable spring rolls, miso ramen soup and pot stickers; Tea Hut: shaved snow, sweet dorayaki griddle cakes and green tea; Stir Fry Cart: stir fry noodles and chow mein; Grill & Bao Cart: turkey legs with hoisin sauce and bao sandwiches (five-spice pork belly bun with pickled kimchee).

Animal visits:  Trainers will bring some of SeaWorld’s ambassador animals to the Lunar New Year Festival area for up-close encounters with guests. Animals guests may see include Asian small-clawed river otters, an Asian water monitor and a Eurasian eagle owl.

Red envelopes with surprises: In keeping with the tradition of wishing prosperity and good fortune to family and friends, each guest who comes through the turnstiles during Lunar New Year will receive a red envelope with a surprise gift inside.  Gifts will vary from guest to guest and will include free or discounted culinary samplings and premium seating at Mission Bay Theater for live performances of the Chinese Acrobats of Hebei.

Lucky Money

If you are interested in attending, I would love to see you. I have a couple pairs of tickets to give away for Saturday and Sunday. Leave me a comment on what your Chinese Zodiac animal sign is and the day you prefer to attend. Winners will be notified on Friday.

See you at SeaWorld this weekend and Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Marketing Melodie Speaks: Social Media Branding for Media Pros

Happy 2015 everyone! I can’t believe how time flies and that we’re already in mid January. For my first post in 2015 I am happy to announce an upcoming workshop I’m hosting. I love kicking off the new year with an opportunity to do what I love. I am partnering with the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) to present Social Media Branding for Media Pros. I have presented to NATAS in the past and had a great time connecting with industry leaders in the media, so I’m grateful they invited me back!

Marketing Melodie Speaks INET in Beirut

NATAS PSWWorking in the media or a media related industry is a fun and exciting career. Media pros have the keys to the city, they are at the forefront of news, information, events and they are often well regarded public figures. No matter what role you hold at a media organization, whether it’s behind the scenes such as IT, admin, producer or a more public role such as talent or sales, it’s important to understand that your actions online represent your company.  I often see media professionals write on their public social profiles “Views expressed are my own and do not represent my company”. While the idea of this sounds good, what you say online DOES represent your company no matter what is stated in your profile. The intention of my 90-minute workshop is to teach professionals in the television and media industries how to successfully integrate social media into their personal and professional brands. We will focus on strategies to strengthen your brand across various social networks. You will leave this particular workshop with the following key takeaways that you can implement immediately:

  • How to leverage your social media brand to generate more revenue.
  • How to ensure your personal online brand is simultaneously optimized to enhance your station’s or company’s brand.
  • Knowledge on how to serve as a trusted subject matter expert as a television media professional to have prospects interested in working with you before even meeting you

This is an interactive workshop. We will be participating in group activities and creating online updates. It is recommended that you bring a laptop or tablet. Pen and paper will be provided in case you are unable to bring either. This workshop will also be webcast. More information can be found HERE and full details below:

Date: Thursday January 22nd, 2015

Time: 6pm- 8pm 

Location: Groovy Like A Movie  located at 5205 Kearny Villa Way  Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92123

Cost: FREE for NATAS Members or $15 for non members

Registration: Click here to register

 I am still looking for great examples of media professional who use social media well to include in my presentation. If you know of anyone, please let me know. Keep in mind, a media professional is not limited to someone who is TV or the radio. Thinks of people behind the scenes too, PR professionals, media sales executives, producers, etc.  I’ve been working hard on my presentation and I’m really looking forward to connecting with you all next Thursday.

Marketing Melodie Emcees Rhythm & Spice Holiday Fundraiser Saturday December 27th, 2014

December is my favorite time of year. I get to celebrate my birthday on the 13th and it’s also a time filled with so much positive giving spirit and joy. This is why I’m excited that the Asian Culture and Media Alliance invited me to emcee their annual holiday fundraiser, Rhythm and Spice. It will be a classy, fun filled evening with great Asian food, wine, raffle, silent auction, live entertainment, DJ music and dancing! I will be hosting the fashion shows and introducing the entertainment, which means I’ll be on stage among beautiful and talented people, what an honor!

ACMA Rhythm & Spice

I am offering Marketing Melodie fans, 50% off tickets with the code: ACMA_CC19. There are a limited number of tickets available and it’s first come, first serve so make sure to get your tickets in advance HERE. Here are some highlights you have to look forward to on Saturday.

  • Performance by Katriz Trinidad, a local San Dieagan who captured our hearts on NBC’s The Voice. She was praised by Pharrell Williams and showed so much poise and talent at such a young age. 
  • San Diego’s very own television and radio personality C.S Keys is hosting the live auction.
  • Delicious food samples from a variety of Asian cuisine.

Holiday Fundraiser

The main objective of the Asian Culture and Media Alliance is to provide a voice of unity and empowerment for the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities by promoting commonalities among all Asian communities as well as creating awareness of Asian culture, art, entertainment and businesses through media, networking and cultural events. This cause is extremely important to me, being that I belong to the community myself. With that said,  I would love your support by attending this event. If you plan on coming, please let me know! I look forward to seeing you on Saturday December 27th.

MarketingMelodie Emcee San DIego Night MarketMarketingMelodie Emcee San DIego Night Market

Marketing Melodie Emcees the San DIego Night Market, October 2014


15 Reasons to attend the 15th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival & Win Free Tickets

I love attending the San Diego Asian Film Festival (also known as SDAFF) every year and I love seeing how much it grows each time I come back. There are always more films to watch and more people who attend. I’m very happy to be partnering with SDAFF to promote the film festival again. In honor of their 15th anniversary, here are 15 reasons to attend. Make sure you read them all because at the end I will share with you a special offer to buy tickets for the film festival and I’m also giving away a 4 pack of tickets to a lucky winner.

San Diego Asian Film Festival 2014
1. Watch Unique Films – Going to the movies during the film festival is very special. I enjoy going to the movies all year long, but during the festival I’m able to see unique films that are not normally in theaters across all different genres. You’ll find comedies, romantic comedies, short films, horror films and action films just to name a few.  The Festival has grown to become the largest exhibition of Asian cinema in the western United States, and has showcased everything from future classics like Bong Joon-ho’s Memories of Murder (US Premiere) to luminary independent work like Patrick Wang’s award-winning In the Family (North American Premiere). There is really something for everyone.

2. Check out Different Movie Venues in San Diego-This year, SDAFF will be showing films at a record 9 different venues in many different areas of San Diego. While their home base will be at the UltraStar Hazard Center, this is a chance to check out some new spots including the Arclight Cinemas in La Jolla and La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas. You can find a list of all the venues, along with additional information on each venue here.

 3. Celebrity sightings- You never know who you’ll see at SDAFF. I heard Jeremy Lin and George Takei have both made appearances at SDAFF in the past. I also had the pleasure of meeting MC Hammer. I can’t believe that I am unable to find a photo of this moment, but it did happen! Make sure your cameras are ready on selfie mode when you spot a famous star.

4.  Film Premiers– Each year, the festival brings West Coast and world premieres of films from around the world to San Diego, giving you a chance to see some films before anyone else.

5. Free Films– Did you know that you can attend SDAFF for free? That’s right, all weekday film programs at 4:00pm are free, courtesy of the Hom Family Foundation. The catch is that you have to be able to make the early show. You can pick up tickets for the free films in advance at the UltraStar Box Office starting Oct. 31. (limit 2 per person)

6. Bring the Whole Family- While some movies are for adults and teens only, there are still plenty of options for the while family. In fact the Shorts for Shorties program that airs Saturday November 8th is free for kids 12 & under.

SDAFF Shorts for Shorties
7. Cultural Diversity– For its 15th Anniversary, SDAFF will showcase over 140 films from 21 countries! Attending the film festival is a great way to expand your knowledge on many different cultures and ethnicities.

8. Shorts– I love watching short films because it gives me a chance to see so many different creative endeavors all in one sitting. Another great thing about shorts, is if you don’t like one of the films, you can rest assured that it will probably be over in less than 10 minutes.

9. You Have a Voice– In previous years, after watching a film, there are always staff members standing near the exit to collect short questionnaires that ask your general thoughts and rating of the films. This gives you a chance to voice your opinion. It also gives film makers great feedback for the things they work so hard on creating. You are essentially a part of the festival jury!

10. Free Live Music– While film makers get to showcase their work, local musicians will also get to share their skills. There will be a variety of musical acts throughout the festival as part of the annual BLOWFISH UNLUGGED. You can find the full schedule of BLOWFISH UNPLUGGED here.

11. Volunteer– Whether you want to get your foot in the door with Pacific Arts Movement or the film industry, enjoy volunteering at cool events or are just looking for a great way to rack up volunteer hours, you have a chance to do all of that by volunteering at SDAFF. All the details on volunteering here.

12. Films, Music and now Dance with MOVEfest- In addition to having a chance to watch dozens of films and enjoy free music, you can also add dance performances to your SDAFF itinerary with MOVEfest. SDAFF partners with Outreach Through Dance to present the inaugural MOVEfest, a showcase of live hip-hop and contemporary dance by the most exciting API performers, choreographers, and dance cinematographers around. Details for attending MOVEfest can be found here.

SDAFF Movefest

13. Support the Pacific Arts Movement- The San Diego Asian Film Festival is organized by Pacific Arts Movement, a non-profit media arts organization dedicated to sharing Asian American and international films to inspire, entertain, and support a more compassionate society. Attending SDAFF is a wonderful way to support this organization that’s doing some amazing work in San Diego and beyond. For more information about Pac-Arts, click here.

14. Taiwan Film Showcase- For the the third straight year, SDAFF is showcasing the diversity and achievements of Taiwanese cinema. Presented in conjunction with the UCSD Taiwan Studies Lecture Series and the UCSD Chuan Lyu Endowed Chair in Taiwan Studies. All the information and show times related to the Taiwan Film Showcase can be found here.

15. If you’re still not convinced on why you should attend SDAFF, watch this trailer!

SPECIAL OFFER- 4 Pack of Tickets for $22! I worked with SDAFF to launch an awesome promotion and ticket offer with NBC 7’s The Goods. You can buy a 4 pack of tickets (Normally $44) for only $22. With this pass, you can watch 4 different films on your own or enjoy films with friends. This is such a great opportunity to check out a variety of films for a good price. There are a limited number of 4 packs available at this price, so sign up for The Goods here, then click on the home page to find the special offer for SDAFF.

WIN FREE TICKETS! If you’re feeling lucky, you can enter my contest to win a 4 pack of tickets. Entering is simple. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and tell me which film you’re looking forward to seeing  the most. You can earn an additional entry by Tweeting this post. Make sure you include my Twitter handle @MyMelodie and the film festival’s hash tag #15SDAFF. The contest will close at 9pm on Wednesday Nov. 5th, the eve of the 15th annual San Diego Asian Film Festival.

I look forward to seeing you all at the 15th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival. If you weren’t planning on attending, you now have 15 reasons on to go, a special ticket offer and a chance to win free tickets!

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