How to Overcome the Top 3 Excuses for Not Marketing Your Business

When I tell people that I’m a Marketing Consultant and my job is to help your business generate more revenue, I get mixed reactions. The reactions are usually positive in a sense that the person I’m talking to understands how important it is to effectively market their business but at the same time they don’t necessarily know where to start.

“I really need help with my marketing, that’s the one thing I don’t get.”

“I made sure my business is on social media but I’m not sure how it works.” 

“I definitely need to start marketing my business more to get new customers.”

Do any of these lines sound familiar to you? If the answer is yes, read on. Marketing is one of the most important elements in growing your business and generating more revenue, yet it’s also one that gets the least attention.  What if marketing your business was fun? What if you could make a direct correlation between your marketing activity and impact on your bottom line? What if your marketing efforts automatically made more customers seek you out and want to work with you? Once you start seeing the positive results with your marketing, your attitude about this dreaded activity will change. You’ll stop making excuses and you’ll grow to love marketing your business.  I’m going to discuss the top 3 excuses business owners and entrepreneurs give for not marketing their business and ways to overcome these objections. After each solution I list a specific action item that you can do today to start accelerating your marketing efforts.

Stop Making Excuses

EXCUSE #1 I’m too overwhelmed with all of the marketing tools out there, I don’t know where to start. Digital technology can be both a blessing and a curse. With all of the new apps, programs and social media sites out there, it can be very difficult to know what will work for your business. It’s very easy to just ignore everything we see and hear about how we need to use the latest app/site/program but it’s even easier to understand what tools to use to start making money for our business.

SOLUTION- First, let’s take a step back. Rather than focus on what tools we need to use, it’s important understand the measurable goals you want to reach.  Feeling overwhelmed with your marketing is often a result of not knowing what you’re measuring. Therefore your efforts may feel like a waste of time because you don’t know how to track your success or figure out which activities to cut out that aren’t providing value.  Set SPECIFIC and measurable goals to track your marketing activities. I promise this will help with the “overwhelming” feeling you’re getting.

Examples of measurable goals 

  • Sign up 30 new members each month over the course of 6 months (180 new members total).
  • Generate $100,000 in donations to our charity over the next year.
  • Sell 200 packages over the course of 6 months (1200 packages total).

Examples of goals that aren’t measurable 

  • Get more visibility for our business.
  • Get new customers to sign up for our programs.
  • Spread the word about our new product.

Once you know what goals you want to reach, you can figure out how to incorporate your goals into your marketing activities. If you want to get new members, make sure you’re promoting your membership program when you’re out at an event. Make sure you mention membership benefits on your social media updates and emails.

ACTION ITEM- Write out 1-2 measurable goals for your business. Take a look at the current things you’re doing in your marking strategy and see if they connect back to your goals. 

EXCUSE #2-  I don’t have the time to focus on marketing right now. This is a popular excuse because most business owners feel like they’re doing many random marketing activities that aren’t adding up to new business. If this is the case, I certainly wouldn’t have time for marketing either because I would associate it with wasting time. Let’s focus on making sure our marketing efforts are reaching the right audience who will turn into customers. Otherwise we will waste a lot of time marketing to people who will never turn into customers. 

SOLUTION- Understanding your audience will provide you with a solid foundation for marketing your business. You’ll know the behaviors of your audience, which will help you narrow down which tools to start with. For example, if you’re marketing to teenagers, perhaps you know they’re into the “Selfie” craze so you may want to use Instagram for a Selfie promotion. If you’re marketing to stay at home moms and know that there is a big blogger community for moms, you can write a guest post on some popular mom blogs.  Think of who your audience is and where you will find them, then make sure you’re there too. This will save you a lot of time, make your marketing efforts more efficient and you’ll find that you have more time because you’re generating more revenue.

ACTION ITEM- Create a profile for your ideal target audience. Don’t just say “moms” or “men between the ages of 25-49″. “Moms” is still broad because a  mom can have a grown adult child or a toddler. Here’s an example of being more specific “I am targeting moms who have children between the ages of 6-12 years old. These moms have a household income of at least 150K per year. They are tech savvy and manage most of the activity planning for their children.” You can even be more specific by listing out some of the hobbies these moms might have or some of their family values.  Now that you have a profile for your target audience you’ll spend less time marketing to the wrong people and more time connecting with people who will become customers.

Excuse #3- I don’t have enough money to invest into my marketing-  You don’t need a lot of money to start marketing, but you do need to market your business to make money. There are many free marketing resources that you can take advantage of if you understand how to use them properly. The ultimate goal is for your marketing activities to make you more money than you spend. Soon you will feel comfortable with having a mindset that money spent on marketing is an investment in your business to generate even more revenue. 


SOLUTION- Stop looking at every dollar you invest into marketing as a waste and start seeing it as an opportunity to grow. This requires some due diligence on your end to learn about which tools are free but also learning how to use them properly. Just because a tool is free tool doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea. You still need to invest time into creating content. You will save a lot of money by only focusing on the marketing channels that help you reach your goals and only marketing to the right audience (This is why overcoming excuse #1 and #2 are so important.

ACTION ITEM- Write a list of as many free marketing tools you can think of. Many of these tools will be social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, review websites, etc. Choose 1 tool to focus on. Figure out ideas on how you can create content to reach your measurable goals and connect with your target audience.

My intention is to teach every business owner how to love marketing their business. I promise you’ll enjoy marketing if you can make more money from your efforts. If you enjoyed learning how to over come these common marketing excuses, I want to help you even more. I am currently offering complimentary 30 minute marketing consultations. You’ll have 30 minutes to speak one on one directly with me to get all of your tough marketing questions answers. I will also give you more action items you can implement immediately.  If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, I need to get to know you first so I can figure out the best way to help you during our consultation. Fill out the form below so I can get to know you. After your submit the form, I’ll contact you to set up a time start working together. Good luck and happy marketing!


So Cal Road Trip to Celebrate Terranea’s Birthday and Festival of the Arts- Pageant of the Masters

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being invited to 2 unique events. One being in LA and the other in Orange County so I figured this would be a great time for me to take a quick road trip, enjoy some fun experiences and also catch up with friends who live in my neighboring cities.

On Sunday afternoon I drove up to LA and returned to the gorgeous Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. I stayed there a while back when I did a promotion for Klout at Terrana. This past Sunday I was invited back to celebrate their 5th birthday! The event consisted of a mouth watering farm to table lunch that really was reflective of the type of food Terranea serves, live music on the meadows and breath taking views in every part of the resort. I also had a chance to relax at their ocean view pool.

Terranea Resort 5th Anniversary live music

Music on the Meadows at Terranea’s 5th Anniversary Party

Farm to Table Lunch for Terranea's 5th Anniversary

Farm to Table Lunch for Terranea’s 5th Anniversary

Terranea Resort 5th Anniversary Dessert

Farm to Table Dessert for Terranea’s 5th Anniversary

Poolside View at Terranea Resort

Poolside View at Terranea Resort

Terranea's 5th Anniersary Red Carpet Welcome

Terranea’s 5th Anniersary Red Carpet Welcome

I had a great time and am glad I got to experience this momentous occasion. Before driving down to Orange County the next day, I finally had a chance to practice yoga at Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Studio in Santa Monica. I set an intention to practice yoga whenever I travel and I have always wanted to check out this studio since I have taken workshops and classes by Bryan Kest. I loved the simple yet very fitting decor and the class was a great addition to my road trip. After class it was time for me to make my way down the coast to Laguna Beach for the Festival of the Arts- Pageant of the Masters Media Preview night. Little did I know what a treat I was in for!

Bryan Kest Power Yoga Studio

Bryan Kest Power Yoga Studio

The Festival of the Arts- Pageant of the Masters is a celebration of live artwork with real people and objects making up the portraits that are showcased on stage. I have never seen anything like it and can truly say it was the most unique and intriguing type of art my eyes have ever seen. I had a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how the art was being created. From the elaborate sets, to makeup artists essentially serving as artists for the final masterpiece, it was truly fascinating. 

Behind the scenes of Pageant of the Arts

Behind the scenes at Pageant of the Masters

Behind the Scenes at Pageant of the Arts

Behind the Scenes at Pageant of the Masters

Finished Masterpiece at Pageant of the Masters.

Finished Masterpiece at Pageant of the Masters. Photo Credit: OC Events

During media night, we had a chance to see 4 live portraits on stage. As you can see from the above photo there are so many intricate details from the props to the clothing.  I personally kept wondering how the people were able to hold still and not blink for almost 5 minutes. If you want to enjoy this unique type of art, the Festival of the Arts- Pageant of the Masters is open in Laguna Beach July 9th – August 30th, 2014. I definitely recommend it. If I get a chance to go back before the festival closes I absolutely will. My mini road trip was a success! Thanks to Ted Nguyen who organized the media night for social media influencers. I met Ted at a Twitter conference 5 years ago but thanks to the power of social media we stayed connect.

If you have recommendations for things to do/see in Orange County and LA let me know. I’m grateful to live in San Diego but would love to try and explore my neighboring cities more.

Welcome to the New and Improved Website

Introducing the new and improved! I  have been working hard on many improvements for my company and website so I’m excited to share them with you. Here’s what’s new:

1. Welcome Message- I added a personalized welcome message to my home page to let you know that I’m ready to help you take your marketing efforts to the next level so you can start reaching the right customers and making more money. I also remind you about my complimentary resources including a consultation and posts on my blog. What are you waiting for? Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Marketing Melodie's Welcome Message

2. Clients Page- I want to be more transparent to create a stronger relationship with current and potential clients so I’m sharing a select list of businesses I have worked with on my clients page. Please feel free to ask me about my relationship and work with any of the clients you see listed. I am happy to share more information and success stories to inspire you.

Marketing Melodie's Clients

3. Features Page- The features page is a compilation of various media outlets and organizations that have featured my company, my personal work and other fun mentions. I have been meaning to compile this page for years now so I’m happy that it finally happened and I can now share it with you.

Marketing Melodie's Media Features

I’m constantly working to enhance and improve my own marketing efforts so my website is a work in progress. While there are still many other elements I can add, I am happy with these new additions to my website so far. Thank you all so much for checking out my new and improved website. Now let’s get started on working together so I can help you grow your business through marketing!

Can I Please Get Some #MoreSoCal?- Verizon Wireless Encourages SoCal Residents to Share the Love

I grew up in Southern California and absolutely love everything about living in America’s Finest City, aka: San Diego. When Verizon Wireless asked me to be an ambassador for their #MoreSoCal campaign, I couldn’t have been more excited!

You’re probably wondering, what is the #MoreSoCal campaign? Participants are encouraged to share what they love about Southern California! The weather, the people, the cutting-edge fashion, the entertainment. SoCal is where people go to see and be seen. Anyone who wants to participate can simply Tweet or post a photo on Instagram about a SoCal experience they can’t get enough of using the hashtag #MoreSoCal. The collective posts using the #MoreSoCal hashtag creates an unique image gallery of all the amazing things we’re able to see and do in So Cal.

As a part of their Ambassador program I have been actively Tweeting and Instagraming my amazing SoCal experiences with my brand new LG G pad compliments of Verizon. Having this device has made me a lot more efficient in getting work done and staying connected while enjoying San Diego.

LG G Pad Setup

Here are a few snapshots of why I love and want #MoreSoCal. These photos were taken in the few short weeks the campaign has been running so you get an idea of just how fantastic SoCal life can be!

Hula Hooping in San Diego

Running on boardwalk in SoCal means bumping elbows with bike riders, roller bladers, people tossing footballs, frisbees and even hula hoopers.  A guy set up a station that offered free hula hooping for anyone who wanted to have some fun. I took a break from my run to bring back childhood memories. I soon came to the realization that I was getting just as good of a workout from hula hooping as I was with running so I hula hooped for a good 15 minutes before running off into the sun.

Salute to the Military at Petco Park

 Baseball season is back and I couldn’t be happier! I love root, root, rooting for my Padres! This snapshot was taken on Opening Day where a salute to our military  was in order before the game. The gorgeous weather and view make the games even more enjoyable.

Poolside Kale Salad in San Diego

So Cal Nachos

 SoCal is known for being a pioneer in the healthy and clean eating movement. The two food porn photos are the epitome of healthy yet delicious food in SoCal. I’m enjoying a fresh homemade south west kale salad poolside and then I attended a party where I noshed on delicious gluten-free, vegan version of nachos. The “chips” are sweet peppers and the toppings are fresh beans cooked down with veggies and spices.

Wine Tasting at Orfila Winery

Orfila Winery View

You’ve seen scenic views of SoCal on the beach and poolside, but wait, there’s more! Yep, a mountain view is just a short 20 minute drive away. We really do have everything at our doorstep. Here I am wine tasting with my  friends from Gogobot San Diego at Orfila Winery in Escondido, just north of San Diego. I am in love with the scenery!

What are your favorite #MoreSoCal moments? Please share them with me using the hashtag. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to check out my lastest #MoreSoCal adventures.

WORKSHOP: How to Grow Your Yoga Business with Social Media- Saturday March 29th at La Jolla Yoga Center

La Jolla Yoga Center holds a special place in my heart. This is where I had the pleasure of doing my yoga teacher training. I’ve met so many amazing friends and yogis in this space. I’ve also advanced my yoga practice and learned that advancing my yoga practice isn’t just all about sticking a challenging pose. This is why I’m so thrilled to return to La Jolla Yoga Center this Saturday to host a workshop: How to Grow Your Yoga Business with Social Media. This workshop is conjuction with their current teacher training and also open to the public.

La Jolla Yoga Center Teacher Training

This workshop will benefit anyone who works in the fitness, health and wellness business, not just yoga. Here are all the details:

As a yoga professional you’re an integral part of enhancing people’s health and well-being. In such a personal industry, it’s important to strategically market yourself to keep your students up to date, encourage them to attend your classes and be a trusted resource. With an abundance of digital technologies available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when creating a marketing strategy. At this workshop, you’ll learn how to navigate social media tools such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract more clients, grow your business and be a valuable resource in your industry all while maintaining your true integrity as a yoga professional.

It is recommended that attendees bring a laptop or tablet to participate in the interactive activities. If a laptop isn’t available, please bring a notepad and pen.


  • Actionable content and tips you can implement immediately to start marketing yourself as a yoga and wellness professional
  • Knowledge on how to serve as a trusted subject matter expert and resource
  • Understanding on how to use Social Media tools to create a compelling brand

Date- Saturday March 29th, 2014

Time- 4:30pm (check in). The workshop starts at 4:45pm and goes until 6pm.

Location- La Jolla Yoga Center- 7741 Fay Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037

Cost- $29/online, $39 at the door

Parking- The nearby Bank of America parking lot is free on the weekends. You can also find street parking, but if there is a sign make sure it says “2 hour parking”.


How to Grow Your Yoga Business with Social Media

I am so excited to share my marketing skills at the same place where I grew so much in both my personal and professional life through yoga.  If you have attended one of my workshops in the past, a lot has changed in the social media landscape so I can guarantee you’ll learn new strategies. If you can’t attend, please pass this info along to someone you might know who can benefit from this information.




Usher in the New Year with 7 Tips for Taking Sensational Selfies

Oxford Dictionary named “Selfie” the word of the year for 2013. This perfectly captures our social media crazed generation. If you don’t know what a selfie is, Oxford Dictionaries defines it as:
(n.) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

I recently posted this selfie to show the magic of photography and that before and after photos can sometimes be misleading.

It’s a before and after photo of me “losing 15 lbs” with both photos taken less than 15 minutes apart. I captioned it with a few “Selfie tips”. The photo generated some buzz and soon Stacey Ross of San Diego Bargain Mama reached out to me to see if she could include me in her article about selfies for My photo was one of the ones that inspired her to make sure everyone could usher in the New Year with the perfect selfie. She presents 7 tips for taking sensational selfies. Her first tip is courtesy of me:

1. Shed excess weight almost instantly! Social media educator and founder of Marketing Melodie, Melodie Tao, shared with her colleagues secrets that many marketers might not ever wish to: “Wooohooo! I Lost 15lbs in 15 minutes! It’s that easy! And also proof that ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos are misleading. On the left ‘before’ photo, I zoomed in and was slouching and sticking my stomach out. Fifteen minutes later on the right ‘after’ photo, I zoomed out, stood up straight and threw in the ‘skinny arm on hip trick!’ You can now see how much we actually have control, even before Photoshop is used!” Yes, angles, arm positioning, posture and zoom, made my before and after possible.

Other tips include:
2. Consider the lighting
3. Improve your headshots immediately
4. Take off the phone cover
5. Use your arm to frame the best image
6. Play around with lenses and filters
7. Lastly, if you’re a mom: Sensor your kids!

To read the full post and learn how to ensure you help Oxford’s word of the year live up to its name for the rest of 2013 and into the new year, click here.

Thanks again to Stacey for featuring me in her selfie article. I do hope that you learn at least one or two new tips you can apply to your next potential Facebook profile photo. For a few more laughs, here is my favorite late night comedian, Jimmy Kimmel asking pedistrians on the street if their profile photo is a selfie.

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