Marketing Melodie at SXSW Interactive 2016

Thrilled to be back here blogging again! I’ve been all over the web connecting with you through my Facebook videos, my free webinars and my Marketing Your Way to Success Newsletters, but I’ve been missing my blog!

Now that my blog is back,  I want to share an exciting upcoming event! I’ll be at SXSW Interactive in Austin for my 5th year. This year I’m involved in 3 official SXSW events that I would love to see you at.  Here are the full details.

  • Netwalking Meetup- Saturday March 12th, 9:30am @ JW Marriott Room 207: I’ll be here in full support of my awesome client, Netwalking! You will learn how to host walking meetings, create lasting impressions while networking and we’ll do a little Netwalking session too! Save this event on your SXSW calendar, HERE.

Netwalking SXSW v2v

  • Social Media Mentor Session- Sunday March 13th, 12:30pm @ JW Marriott Room 504: I couldn’t be more excited to be chosen as a Social Media Mentor at SXSW. This is truly an honor and something I am very proud to be a part of. Mentor Sessions enable professionals to gain seven minutes of direct one-on-one career-related counsel from an established and experienced new media professional. Come with your questions in hand and get ready to accelerate your career with marketing and social media insight. Save my mentor session on your SXSW calendar, HERE.
  • Come As You Are Yoga- Monday March 14th, 9:30am @ JW Marriott Room 209: I am hosting the official SXSW Yoga Meet Up, and I’m calling it, Come As You Are Yoga! You’ll learn relaxing breathing exercises, yoga poses to improve your balance, flexibility & strength and practice stretches you can easily replicate at home and even at work! This is an all levels class. Whether you have never tried yoga or are an advanced yogi, you’ll prepare your mind and body for enlightenment in this class. You will also learn tips on how to incorporate yoga into a busy lifestyle. No special equipment or clothing is needed, come as you are! Lululemon will be providing their amazing yoga mats for us to use! Save my yoga class on your SXSW calendar, HERE.

SXSW Yoga with Melodie Tao

Marketing Melodie at SXSW 2016

If you plan to be in Austin during SXSW, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear about your plans and any sessions you recommend.

Marketing Melodie Speaks: 5 Ways to Drive Conversions with Social Media + Win Free Tickets!

My next speaking engagement is coming up in a couple of weeks with Startup Socials San Diego and I’m stoked because all of the content is dedicated to giving you the framework for growing your business in 2016. My presentation is titled:

5 Ways to Drive Conversions with Social Media- Learn 5 of the lesser known, but well proven, tactics that can boost your social media conversion rate. Get ready for takeaways that you can execute on immediately.

There’s also a special treat for the audience. Everyone will have a chance to pitch their business and get feedback from 3 digital marketing experts, including myself. You will walk away from this event with an improved structure for your online marketing strategy, and you will receive action items to work on over the next couple of months in order to prepare for a successful 2016. Does all this sound good to you? If so, read on, and find out how to register and win tickets!

Startup-Socials-Move-The-Needle-Workshop with Marketing Melodie

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7 Reasons Why You Must Attend Knott’s Scary Farm this Halloween

It’s been over 10 years since I have stepped foot in Knott’s Berry Farm, 10 years too long! I have fond memories of coming here as a kid. I would stay up all night with knots (or should I say Knott’s) in my stomach from the anticipation of riding Montezuma’s Revenge and going upside down on Boomerang. I remember mining for gold, trying boysenberries for the first time and meeting Snoopy. Everything I just wrote reminds me of how much I love Knott’s Berry Farm so you can imagine my excitement when I received an invitation to attend their  media night last Thursday for Knott’s Scary Farm. It’s described as the largest and most terrifying Halloween event in Southern California with 11 mazes, 1000 monsters, 2 shows and 13 thrill rides. I invited my friend Jen from San Diego to come with me. We drove to Orange County (Buena Park) and arrived to the media check in at 6:30pm and received a press kit with goodies that included a schedule of activities, tarot cards and a special skeleton key that granted us access to special rooms in many of the mazes. Keep reading to find out about my frightening experience at Knott’s along with 7 reasons why Knott’s Scary Farm is the Halloween attraction you don’t want to miss.

Knott's Scary Farm Media Kit 2015

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San Diego UX Designer Adrienne Alpern Wins the iPhone 6S Lottery!

I don’t always write about Apple, but when I do it’s an ode to honor Steve Jobs or it’s because one of my best friends gets famous for her iPhone.

You know the San Diego woman with the yorkie who got her iPhone early? Yep, that’s my friend Adrienne Alpern! Last time I posted about Adrienne on my site, we were contemplating eating weird fried food at the Del Mar Fair media party. What you don’t know is that Adrienne is also an amazing UX Designer. She’s my go to gal when I have questions about visuals, design and anything creative. She was the perfect person to get her iPhone 6S, nearly 5 days before anyone else in the world! I have officially labeled this incident as Adrienne winning the iPhone lottery! No one else in the world outside of Apple employees have this phone! I just recently switched over to iPhone after my Androids kept breaking. Adrienne is the one who constantly told me to get an iPhone. When I was setting up my iPhone, any questions I had were directed to Adrienne! She is a loyal Apple fan and even though Apple has yet to comment on this story, it does feel like they are rewarding her with new found fame!

Being the digitally smart, savvy woman she is, Adrienne took to Twitter and posted about her new phone.

Adrienne Alpern's First iPhone 6s Tweet

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Introducing Marketing Melodie’s Laser Marketing Hour with Fast Action Bonuses!

Marketing Melodie Laser MarketingI’m excited to launch my Laser Marketing Hour! This is a revamped version of my previous program, Pick My Brain. With my new program, you get more one on one support from me and more resources to help you increase your revenue with your marketing efforts. Invest 1 hour with me and you’ll be marketing your way to success immediately. I am grateful for an opportunity to work with you and I promise I won’t let you down!

If you can relate to any of the following, then my Laser Marketing Hour is perfect for you.

  • You are a busy professional who is limited on time so you only want to work on a few specific marketing objectives to reach your goals.
  • You are a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur and you’re just getting started so you have a limited budget.
  • You want to get to know me better before making a long term commitment.
  • You are overwhelmed with the abundance of marketing and social media opportunities so you want clarity on what will work before making a bigger investment.

Watch my video and keep reading to find out what to expect during our Laser Marketing Hour:


The agenda for our Laser Marketing Hour is completely dictated by you. Working with me will help you laser in on your biggest challenges and figure out how to really invest your time marketing wisely. You will receive specific action items that can be implemented immediately to help market your business.

Here’s how to prepare for our session to ensure you get the most out of your investment:

Before our session, you will fill out my Marketing Discovery Questions form. This requires you to take inventory of all your marketing efforts and clarify what you need to start marketing your way to success. This also allows me to customize our Laser Marketing Hour for your specific needs.

Here’s how to ensure our session is a success:

You will receive a follow up email from me within 24 hours of our session with action items to implement immediately. It’s extremely important that you make time in your schedule the same week we meet to execute what we discussed and I will make sure you have set time in your calendar to work on your marketing initiatives.

BONUS: You will also have access to me via email for 1 full week after our session to ask me additional questions and have me review your work.


FAST ACTION BONUS: Receive $50 off for being one of the first 3 people to sign up. Email me:  before Friday September 25th, 2015 and I will give you a special link to receive the discount.

FAST ACTION BONUS: I am constantly educating myself so I can provide you with the highest quality service. One successful Entrepreneur and expert Marketer I learn from is Lewis Howes. If you are one of the first 3 people to sign up by Friday September 25th, 2015, in addition to $50 off, you will receive a copy of his upcoming book, The School of Greatness.

To sign up for my Laser Marketing Hour, click the “Buy Now” button. If you have questions before getting started, email I only have a few slots open for this each week so claim your spot as soon as possible to ensure you get the session time you want.  

Win an All-Access Pass to #INBOUND15 in Boston ($1,499 Value)!

INBOUND15 is coming up in Boston September 8th-11th and I have your golden ticket to attend. That’s right, I’m giving one lucky winner an All-Access Pass to INBOUND15 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Inbound15 with Marketing Melodie

INBOUND15 has really stepped it up with amazing speakers and activities. Keynote speakers include Chelsea Clinton, Seth Godin and even the hilarious Aziz Ansari just to name a few! In addition to the keynotes, here is everything the All-Access Pass includes:

  • Access to all 6 Keynotes
  • Daily Networking Happy Hour
  • Admittance to INBOUND Rocks
  • Access to Club INBOUND
  • Discounted Rate at 17 Hotels*
  • Access to 170+ Educational Sessions
  • 30+ Awe-Inspiring Bold Talks
  • Eligibility for Keynote Meet and Greet
  • Access to INBOUND 2015 Archived Content
  • Free Lunch from 20+ Food Trucks
  • Unlimited Beverages**


INBOUND fuels the passion that drives the most innovative and successful business leaders of our time. INBOUND’s purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections to transform your business.

INBOUND15 is an event designed to help marketing and sales professionals, business owners, and agency executives deepen their knowledge of inbound marketing through a combination of inspiring keynote presentations, focused training and breakout sessions, expert-led small group workshops, innovative product demos, and exciting networking activities along with an amazing INBOUND Rocks concert. 

The All-Access ticket I’m giving away costs $1,499. It will be completely free for a lucky winner! Check out all the information on INBOUND15 HERE. Now for the scoop on HOW YOU CAN WIN this high value prize!

Leave a comment on this post with 1 thing you want to learn from INBOUND15. Include your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS.

Your must have a valid email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner. Thats’s it. Easy to enter and win! Want to increase your chance of winning? Each additional activity you complete will earn you bonus entries:

  1. 2 BONUS ENTRIES- Join my Facebook page and “Like” or “Share” this post about INBOUND15. If you do one (Like or share), you’ll get 1 bonus entry. If you do both (Like and share), you’ll get 2 bonus entries.
  2. 1 BONUS ENTRY- Follow me on Twitter and Tweet this post to share the contest with your following. Make sure to include me in the Tweet @MyMelodie.
  3. 3 BONUS ENTRIES- Most of you know that I’ve got a SXSW 2016 PanelPicker in the running. If you vote for my session AND leave a comment you’ll get 3 bonus entries. You must leave a comment so I can track your vote.

The winner will be chosen by random and notified no later than Tuesday September 1st, 2015.

*Please note: By entering the ticket giveaway, you are signing up for Marketing Melodie’s Marketing Your Way to Success Newsletter. Recipients can opt out any time. Transportation and housing for Inbound15 are not included. 

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