Book Review + Giveaway: What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube

In my recent  blog post about visiting Boston, I mentioned hanging out with Socialnomics creator, Erik Qualman. During our time together, he shared his successes/ challenges with me on writing and publishing books. He also gave me valuable advice on writing my own book. He was kind enough to bring me several autographed copies of various books he’s written including his latest book, What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube.

What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube Book

This is a must read! He discusses the role of digital technology on privacy where he states that “privacy is dead.” This book is short but an extremely impactful quick reference guide to living in a digital age. I read the entire book during my 9 hour flight delay from Boston back to San Diego. I absolutely love how clear and concise Erik is on getting important points across.

What Happens in Vegas, Stays on YouTube focuses on NEW rules for business, personal and family reputation. It’s structured in an easy to read list format. Each chapter focuses on a different topic such as protecting your identity, top reputation tools and business & team resources with rules related to the topic listed in the corresponding chapters. There are many examples and case studies that make the rules much easier to grasp. It’s all of your favorite tips found across dozens of places on the web, condensed into one powerful book that can fit in the palm of your hand.

I practice, teach and believe in so many rules in this book already but was still able to learn new things that I’ll be incorporating into my business and personal life. It was also refreshing to read affirmations on so many rules I live by. Here are 3 of my favorite rules/ points in the book.

1. 100% LinkedIn Profile– “LinkedIn profiles show up high in Google search results. This is particularly helpful for those who do not have a substantial digital presence.” I have been stressing the importance of having an optimized LinkedIn profile for this exact reason and many others for years! Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume and it’s where potential employers and business partners get a glimpse of your career history and success. Since it has such a high search engine ranking, it will most likely be one of the top results when people search for you on the web. Taking ownership of your LinkedIn profile is a great step in building a positive online reputation. I am quoted for saying that I personally won’t consider hiring someone if they don’t have a LinkedIn profile and I know many employers who feel the same way.

2. Use Strong Passwords for all online accounts-Passwords have been around since ancient times. A password is definitely not something new. However, hackers are always coming up with new ways to retrieve your password. I loved reading this rule because I have been teaching people about how to create strong passwords since 2008 when I was hosting Internet Power workshops yet I still know so many people who have passwords that include their name, their pet’s name or an easy number sequence such as 12345. I personally have a different password for every single login. That may sound  like it’s impossible to keep track of but it’s not as difficult as you think. I recommend choosing a pattern to create a password for each login, then adding a standard sequence of characters that stays the same. Here’s an example with different steps that you can repeat for different logins.


  • Step 1: Create a pattern unique to the individual website. For examples, take the last letter and second letter of the website, in this case it’s nm
  • Step 2: Add another letter in between such as “p”. Now your password is npm
  • Step 3: Add your own sequence of characters starting with a capitol letter that’s the first letter of the website. Now your password is npmA
  • Step 4:  Think of a sequence of charters you’ll remember. You can choose the first 3 letters of the city you were born and the date. If you were born in San Diego on October 13, you can use san@1013. Now your password is nmpAsan@1013
  • Step 5: Repeat the same steps for every new login. So if the website is Ebay, your password would be ypbEsan@1013

The intention is to choose a pattern of steps that after you use once, you’ll remember. At the same time this will make your password different for every site and hard to figure out for anyone who might get a hold of one of your passwords. You can read another example on creating strong passwords in Erik’s book.

3. Digital Stamp- Digital Stamps are a new concept for me. As described by Erik, “A Digital Stamp is a permanent collection and culmination of your digital footprints and digital shadows. Your digital stamp matters 5 seconds from now, 5 years from now, 50 years from now and 500 years from now.” He asked companies and individuals to submit digital stamps and he shares some of them in an entire chapter dedicated to digital stamps. Erik’s digital stamp is this: “Be a digital Dale Carnegie by motivating others to their best life, leadership & legacy. Honor my family & God.” Check out the image below for a sample of other digital stamps.

Digital Stamps from What Happens in Vegas

Since I only shared 3 things I enjoyed in this book with you, I’m now giving you a chance to get your very own copy.


1. Create your own digital stamp and share it in the comments section of this blog post. This counts for one entry.

2. Earn an additional entry by Tweeting / Sharing this blog post on Twitter. Make sure to tag me @MyMelodie

3. Last but not least, whether you win the autographed book or not, your very own digital stamp could be featured in the next edition of What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube. After you have created your digital stamp and shared it with me here, email it to Erik: He’s going to be adding more digital stamps to his upcoming books and you could make your mark by being published!

The winner will be chosen Friday August 22nd, 2014 at 5pm, pacific time. The winner will be asked for a mailing address to receive your prize of one autographed copy of What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube. Good luck and I can’t wait to read your digital stamps.

Join Marketing Melodie for Yoga Disco Sunday May 4th in America’s Finest City

Ever since I set the intention to combine my passions for marketing and yoga into my career, I have been manifesting more and more opportunities to make my goals a reality. I recently presented the workshop How to Grow Your Yoga Business with Social Media and I continue to come across more opportunities to utilize my marketing expertise for the greater good of yoga. Recently Yoga Disco reached out to me to help promote their San Diego event. What is Yoga Disco you ask?

Picture this: yoga, music, dance, illumination, restoration, awakening and good vibes in America’s finest city. That sure sounds amazing to me!

On Sunday May 4th, Yoga Disco takes over San Diego with the Ultimate Yoga Dance Party.  The event takes place in one of my absolute favorite spots in San Diego, the historic Balboa Park.

Balboa Park by Marketing Melodie

This is going to be an energy- filled, inspirational event where practitioners will meditate, learn and network with like-minded individuals. Above all, it’s five hours of fun in a safe, substance-free environment. I’ve already participated in Karaoke Yoga in the past where I sang and practiced yoga simultaneously. Now I’m ready to add dancing to my yoga practice! 

Yoga Disco Banner

Yoga Disco’s mission is to promote unity, compassion, a healthy lifestyle, and positive attitude through the practice of yoga. I’ll be there with my mat and would love to have you join me. Here are all the details:


Date: Sunday May 4th, 2014

Time: 4pm-9:30pm

Location: Balboa Park Activity Center 2145 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101

Tickets: General Admission is $60, but I’m hooking you up. Use code: “MELODIE” for $20 off. Additionally, if you buy 3 tickets, you get the 4th FREE! All you have to do is email me your confirmation for buying 3 tickets and I’ll give you the 4th one. So grab some friends and Get your tickets HERE

I’m also giving away one complimentary entry to Yoga Disco to a lucky Marketing Melodie reader. There are 2 ways to enter and you can participate in both ways for a total of 2 entries:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post. In your comment share why you enjoy yoga and why you want to attend this event.

2. For the second entry make sure to follow me on Twitter @MyMelodie.  ReTweet this blog post and make sure to tag both @MyMelodie and @YogaDisco in your Tweet. 

The winner will be announced on Thursday May 1st. Good luck and NAMASTE!

Equestrianism, Acrobatics and Social Media, Oh My! Cavalia

Equestrianism, acrobatics and social media, oh my! Did you ever think you’d see all three of those words  in one sentence? I sure didn’t until a week ago when I had the honor of being a VIT (Very Important Tweep) and featured guest at Cavalia. The Cavalia Tour Publicist did an amazing job at successfully utilizing Social Media to create buzz for this event. My thoughts on the social media presence and overall success of this event felt like dejavu as I compare it to another epic tweetup I attended last year for Nordstrom Rack. At the end of my Nordstrom Rack tweetup recap, I listed 6 things they did right and lessons that other businesses can learn when promoting an event. I was impressed that Cavalia not only did all 6 of these things, but they went above and beyond in every area.

Let’s review the steps for successfully promoting an event through social media while I share my experience at Cavalia with examples of what they did right. If you have an event coming up, you’ll want to make sure to follow these steps:

1. Invite your target audience to the event- Cavalia is a show for all ages! It’s very family friendly, but it’s also mesmerizing for adults and kids alike. If you invite the right people to the event, they are more likely to have others in their circle who are the ideal audience for you.

Cavalia Target Audience

Cavalia Tweeps

2. Invite Social Media influencers to create buzz–  Cavalia did their due-diligence by researching the San Diego social media scene and then inviting the taste-makers and social media socialites to the very special tweet night. They even created a special page on their website about the Tweet Night.

Cavalia San Diego Tweet Night

3. Create an easy to follow event hashtag-  From the very first email I received promoting the event, the #CavaliaSD hashtag was mentioned and they continued to emphasize it to ensure everyone tweeting would be able to easily follow the event and create buzz. They even compiled a recap of popular tweets from the event.

Cavalia Tweet Invite ans Hashtag

 4. Make sure you have enough staff to handle the event- From the moment I stepped into the VIP tent, the staff made me feel like royalty. The check in area (where most events are understaffed leading to a long line) was efficient. The dining area and bar were staffed with servers and busers who made sure the area stayed clean and stocked. There were ushers everywhere directing everyone to the right location. Overall, the event staffing was done so well that there was never a moment I needed to ask for anything because everything was always taken care of.

5. Be generous with giveaways- If you’re inviting bloggers and press to an event because you want to promote your business, it’s important to be generous so attendees feel welcomed and appreciated. Cavalia definitely went above and beyond with their generosity. Not only did each VIT receive an invite, they were also allowed to bring a guest. They provided a hosted buffet dinner, hosted bar and hosted dessert buffet during intermission. If that’s not enough, the Cavalia staff  provided complimentary parking passes for everyone. For an extra special treat, we had an opportunity for a backstage tour after the performance. We got an up close and personal visit with the stars of the show and also learned interesting facts about the production.

Cavalia Dessert

Cavalia Backstage

6. Treat all customers/attendees with respect– This goes back to my earlier comment when I mentioned that Cavalia treated everyone like royalty from the moment we entered the event. A great product or service might earn you a customer. But it’s amazing customer service that will encourage people to spread the word and keep people coming back time after time.

Aside from the social media success that Cavalia created, the show itself was stunning, mysterious and captivating. I was in awe of the production elements including the visuals, sound and of course the sights of beautiful horses and stunning acrobats.

Cavalia San Diego

I really am truly fortunate for so many amazing events I get to experience. It makes me even happier to know that not only am I enjoying myself, but at the same time I get to teach others about effective marketing and social media while sharing my fun adventures. Thank you again so much to the entire Cavalia staff. It was a wonderful night and I look forward to my next social media adventure. You can be sure that not only will I share my adventures with you, but I’ll also provide you with marketing insight at the same time!

Tweeting while Wine Tasting is Fresh & Easy @FreshandEasy

Happy Halloween everyone! This post comes at an appropriate time because today I’m blogging about some of my favorite treats: wine and food!

Fresh & Easy is a newer name among all the grocery options in San Diego. It wasn’t until this year that I went to Fresh & Easy for the first time. I heard many commercials for the place, but there isn’t one in my neighborhood so I never went out of my way to go. I first tried some food and wine from Fresh & Easy earlier this year thanks to my social media buddy @JenBoydSD. Jen is very involved in the community and is a leader for Social Media Club San Diego. Fresh & Easy reached out to influencers and asked them to host a Taste and Tweet.  Twitter has already provided me with many opportunities to enjoy food and wine on the San Diego Bay and taste the Gaslamp while teaching you marketing lessons so when Jen asked if she could host the first Taste and Tweet at my place, of course couldn’t turn away more wine, food and a chance to connect with my social media friends.

I have since hosted 3 Fresh & Easy Taste and Tweets. Here’s how the wine tastings work: They send the host a gift card to cover the cost of the wine and a couple snacks. They also send information about a hashtag, tasting order and suggested appetizers. We are given a specific date and time to host the wine tasting. This way, everyone hosting can taste and tweet at the same time.

Fresh and Easy Gift Card

This is such a clever way for a grocery store to promote themselves for many reasons so I’m sharing some takeaways that other brands can learn from the Fresh & Easy Taste and Tweets.

1. Provide Value– We are all tired of companies asking us to retweet something for no good reason.  Fresh & Easy provided us with something of value to tweet about and they made it very easy by giving us a relevant hashtag, food, wine and great company to create buzz with. If you’re going to ask customers to use a hashtag or encourage them to tweet something related to your brand, make sure you’re providing value not only to your customer but to potential customers who may read all those tweets.

2. Be Generous– Give away your product and view it as a marketing investment. Many times I see business owners being very hesitant to let people try their product because they see it as wasting money. When it comes to consumable items, sometimes the best way to attract customers is to give them an actual taste of your product. Fresh & Easy was definitely generous by providing at least 3 or 4 bottles of wine for us to taste at each event. Make sure you’re smart about doing this though and you’re not devaluing your product. You don’t want people to think of your product as a free item that they wouldn’t have to pay for. The wine tastings are a little bit more upscale than just sampling something from a street promoter so I commend Fresh & Easy for doing a great job with this idea.

3.  Be Strategic About Your Target Market– My impression of Fresh & Easy is that they’re a grocery store which serves high quality food at the same they are very cost effective. This is a great place for people who are both health conscious but want to shop on a budget. Fresh & Easy made sure that the people they sent gift cards to fit this demographic. With any promotion that you’re doing, it’s important to target the right people. This goes back to one of the basic first steps of marketing and that is to be crystal clear on who your target demographic is.  I have come across many business owners who describe their target demographic as being “everyone”. This mentality isn’t necessarily bad. Of course you want everyone to like your product or business, but think of who is actually going to be your ideal customer to come back and do business with you over and over again.

Alright enough of my marketing lessons! Here are some fun photos from Fresh & Easy Taste and Tweets I have hosted. And yes one of the photos really is Fresh & Easy Wine gone Gangnam style (look closely at the computer screen).

Fresh and Easy Cheers

Big Kahuna Fresh & Easy Wine

Fresh and Easy Wine Tasting

Fresh and Easy Gangnam Style

If you are interested in attending a Taste and Tweet in the future, please let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll include you on the invite list for upcoming events.

Green is Universal and so is Social Media for NBC San Diego @nbcsandiego

This post is a hat tip to NBC San Diego! Time flies with social media! I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since I wrote the blog post Traditional Media Companies- It’s time to Go Digital. I discussed strategies that traditional media companies (TV, Radio, Newspapers) could to use to engage their audience online. A lot has happened in four years and I’m thrilled to see that so many traditional media companies have successfully integrated social media into their communication.  I’d like to commend NBC San Diego for being one of the pioneer companies to truly embrace social media and go digital. Just a few of the things NBC San Diego does:

  • NBC San Diego Reusable water bottle The people on the NBC San Diego are extremely social media savvy. The majority of them all have their own online presence and following. I’ve built personal relationships with many people on their team through conversations on Facebook and Twitter because they do a great job at interacting.
  • @nbcsandiego hosts tweetups for their community to meet the team. This personalizes the online and on-air experience viewers have.
  • They feature Social Media and Tech Correspondents on their news casts where they discuss the latest trends in technology. This also means they care about making sure their viewers can stay up to date with digital trends.
  • In addition to being leaders in the tech space, they’re also a green friendly company! Check out this reusable water bottle I won from none other than one of their tweetups (See tip 1)!

To celebrate Earth Day last week, I shared 12 ways to go green at work! As I do with all of my posts, I shared this across my social networks. NBC San Diego was highlighting green week on Friday April 20th  in honor of Earth Day and their Producer @JanellJay saw my tweet about ideas to go green at work. She tweeted me to ask if they could use it on their green segment that evening. “Of course!” I replied. Many of my posts are intended to be resources so I am very grateful to NBC San Diego for sharing my tips with all their viewers. What I loved about this entire interaction is that Janell was carefully watching her tweet stream to find content for their show! You can view the segment below:

And here is a snapshot of the 5 simple tips they shared with their viewers on how to go green at work. I wanted to re-emphasize these tips not just because they were featured on TV, but because they are tips that will do good for the earth every single day!

NBC Go Green 2

Thank you again to all my friends at NBC San Diego for greening their workplace, connecting on social media and creating a community of viewers who really do trust NBC San Diego as one of the most credible and resourceful TV stations. And if anyone has any additional tips on how to go green at work, please feel free to share them with me!

Social Media and Yoga Unite at @TadasanaFest Yoga & Music Festival #Tadasana

Most of you already know that while Marketing is my expertise, Yoga is my passion. Yoga has really touched me in all areas of my life and I definitely want to share and inspire others through yoga. I was grateful when I completed my Yoga Teacher’s Training at the beginning of 2011. Since then, yoga has become an even bigger part of my life. It’s such an honor to be able to integrate yoga into my career and I’ll continue to do so as I move forward. I’ve been able to teach yoga to busy professionals like myself by hosting yoga classes and workshops, Yoga for the Busy Body. I also have had the honor to teach classes through Forward Motion and at La Jolla Yoga Center.


Tadasana Festival PassThis past weekend, through the power of Social Media, I was graced with the opportunity to attend the first annual Tadasana Yoga & Music Festival in Santa Monica. From VIP experiences at the @Padres games to satisfying the foodie in me at the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, it never ceases to amaze me how I keep receiving opportunities through social media. My friend and fellow yogi @VeronicaRaye won a 3 day pass through Twitter. She then heard about a Facebook contest through Manifestation Yoga and encouraged me to enter. The requirements were to upload a photo of yourself on their Facebook page, and share what Tadasana means to you. The person with the most LIKES on their photo would win a 3 day pass ($295 value!). I typically don’t like to solicit people for LIKES to win something. I believe that posting good content is the best way to earn a “LIKE”. However I decided to enter the contest since it was a way for me to share my love of yoga with others.

What Tadasana means to me: “Tadasana to me means a strong foundation for the rest of my practice. It provides me with stability, strength and helps me become more centered”. Thanks to the support of my friends and community my photo received the most LIKES and I WON! Winning post below!

Winning Tadasana Festival Post from Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga

Winning Tadasana Festival Post from Jennifer Pastiloff Manifestation Yoga

I always say there is an abundance of yoga available for anyone who wants to practice. This once again proved true because my friends over at YourBuddhi were also hosting a contest on their blog. I entered that contest as well and ended up winning 2 additional 1 day passes that I was able to pass along to friends who wanted to check out the festival.

Tadasana Hashtag

Tadasana Hashtag

I’ve planned many events myself and all I can say is planning an event, whether large or small is a lot of work! I have a high level of respect for Event Producers. Not only is there an immense amount of behind the scenes work that takes place, there’s also the pressure of marketing the event and getting people to attend. Social Media has created a whole new job for Event Producers and that’s to really create buzz and spread the word before the event even happens. I was really happy to see Tadasana Festival taking advantages of Twitter and Facebook before the event. #Tadasana was definitely a trending topic in Santa Monica that weekend! You can find more tips on integrating Social Media with your event planning here. And here are some of my favorite highlights and photos of the event. The rest of my photos from Tadasana Festival can be viewed here.

Having fun at Tadasana Festival with @VeronicaRaye

Having fun at Tadasana Festival with @VeronicaRaye

Aerial Yoga at Tadasana Festival

Aerial Yoga at Tadasana Festival

Inversion practice at Tadasana Festival

Inversion practice at Tadasana Festival

Vinyasa and Kundalini with Tommy Rosen

Vinyasa and Kundalini with Tommy Rosen

Sharing a Smile with Jennifer Pastiloff from Manifestaion Yoga

Sharing a Smile with Jennifer Pastiloff from Manifestaion Yoga

The festival happened a week ago but I’m still inspired! I listened to so may great musicians, learned new yoga techniques and challenged myself mentally by learning new things from the speakers. I also connected with so many amazing people from all walks of life who all share a common love for yoga. I have plans to integrate more elements of yoga into my career which will include creating marketing and social media opportunities for yoga related businesses, teaching more yoga classes and hosting more yoga workshops.


Tadasna Festival Thank You

Tadasna Festival Thank You

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