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Coworking Your Way to Success

January 13, 2009 10

I’ve been Coworking more in 2009 but when I tell people I’m “coworking” I often get a blank stare following the question “What the heck is coworking?” “Are you making up words again?”–if you’re active on Twitter then you definitely understand the whole trend of making up words . Coworking is an emerging phenomena so I’m here to give my insight on why it’s a great strategy and how it’s really helped me with my goal of being a professional marketer and educator.

Coworking gives opportunity to like minded professionals to collaborate, share ideas, energy and feel connected instead of isolated from working alone. describes it perfectly “Working together as equals profiting from each others success”. Traditionally home based professionals, independent contractors, or people who just can’t stand being cramped up in a cubicle all day work in a very isolated way. Coworking creates a social gathering of independents who create synergy with like minded and talented people in the same space.


    Top 3 Reasons Why I Cowork:

1. Motivation– While my career is definitely a significant part of life, it’s not the only thing that defines me. I live a very active lifestyle so when I have a million things running through my mind at once, many of which may not be work related it can get difficult to concentrate. Being around others who are working on common goals is an inspiration to stay focused and on task. We learn from example and tend to mirror those we connect with and respect. Coworking automatically creates motivation from the nature of its setup.

2. Collaboration– I truly believe that collaboration is the ultimate way to strengthen, maximize and create mutual success far beyond what a single person would achieve. Placing many great minds in one space is a recipe for success. Examples? I’m a marketer who may have a technical question about hosting or design. All I have to do is ask and will receive a credible answer about a complicated hosting issue or user interface strategy. I could have very come up with an answer myself but working with people in the room who specialize in a specific area really enhances and reinforces my own knowledge. If I’m drafting a complicated email explaining something to a challenging client, reading it out loud and getting feedback will help me understand if my intentions are being conveyed in a way that’s valuable to the client.

3. Friendship– The office-friendship dynamic is interesting. I know people who keep their personal lives completely separate from their co-workers and have no desire to ever mix the two. I also know people who are best friends with the people they work with. In a coworking setting there are far less friendship barriers than in a corporate setting. The people I’ve coworked with are like minded friends who really understand the intentions behind the work I do. It’s great to have friends that get it! I really appreciate and am thankful for the friendships I’ve developed through coworking. The San Diego web community has provided me with incredible support, inspiration and of course fun times!

The photo above showcases coworking amongst San Diego web professionals. You get extra points if you can name all the people in the photo :).

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  1. Great post! Where’d you get the icon/link to Tweet the article? Is that a wordpress plugin? If so, I’m sold.

  2. Hi Melodie!
    I really enjoyed this post. I have been co-working since October ’08, and I agree that the energy you get from being in a creative office with inspirational others is great. Sometimes I feel like the enthusiasm transfers between us, and when I’m having a slump, the other positive attitudes get me back on track!

    It’s also great for building friendships. I’ve met so many rad people from co-working by just being around at the right moment.

    And don’t forget the best part of co-working…sharing office snacks!!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the post Monique. I’m a huge snacker so that’s definitely a huge perk! What kind of work are you involved with now? From the looks of your blog it sounds like you’re done some SEO and digital media in the past. You should definitely join one of my coworking sessions soon! I look forward to connecting with you!

  4. I have a pretty traditional marketing background. I did some market research and packaging design for a battery company right out of college. Right now I’m working with SEO and some social/digital media with Thunder Internet Marketing. We currently co-work out of digital-telepathy in Hillcrest a couple days a week. Those guys are awesome! If you’ve met any of them, you know what “creative energy” means! I also work from home a couple days a week, so I’d love to tag along to one of your co-working sessions! Just e-mail me or sent me a Tweet (did you know we follow each other?!)…and I’ll bring the snacks!

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