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Grow Your Business Through Professional Speaking

March 29, 2010 4

Professional speaking is truly a passion of mine.  I began my speaking career in high school by joining the Speech and Debate team. Since I was a student I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to educate others and express myself on topics that inspire me.  When I began my Marketing career, I incorporated professional speaking as a tool to enhance my credibility and market my own business. I highly recommend professionals in any field participate in speaking engagements related to their industry. I’ll share a few reasons why professional speaking is such valuable tool for growing your business.

Credibility– The nature of professional speaking itself provides credibility.  The audience admires your courage for first, getting on stage (as we all know the number one fear in America is public speaking) and second, your ability to capture their attention.  As a speaker you’re viewed as an expert and authority in your industry. Of course your credibility by being on stage must be accompanied by great content. To ensure your presentation strengthens your credibility, do research on who your audience is before you speak. This allows you to customize the speech and create content that matches up with your audience’s needs.

Marketing– Professional speaking is an incredible tool I use to market my own business. It’s an opportunity to present yourself as a thought leader and present cutting edge news and information in your industry. It’s also a great way to educate others on your area of expertise. When you’re speaking on topics relevant to your audience, by default, you’ll provide tidbits of information about your service offering. Rather than being viewed as a person giving a sales pitch, you’re seen as a resource and subject matter expert.

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Inspiration– What inspires you to do what you do? Answer this question and share it with others. People love hearing personal and authentic stories. Customers want to do business with people rather than corporations. Hearing success stories from the heart is inspirational. Don’t be afraid to add personal elements to your presentations. Inspiration arouses creativity and is a strong positive motivator.

I’ve learned that the more I make myself available as a speaker, the more speaking engagements I attract into my career. Each time I speak, I fine tune and improve my skills. I learn more about how to connect with my audience and I continue to grow my network of prospects and partners.

I now offer Marketing Melodie Professional Speaking services.  Businesses and organizations can hire me as a speaker to educate their company, speak, moderate, emcee events and even serve as a spokesperson for topics related to Online Marketing and Social Media.  The benefits of hiring me as a speaker extend far beyond having me at the event. I include Social Media promotions, additional educational resources for continued professional development, one on one consultations related to my speaking topics and access to my presentations.

If you have tips on improving professional speaking skills or know of other benefits,  please share them in the comments below.  This is the first of a series of posts that relate to professional speaking. Stay tuned for more to come!

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