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Marketing Success Team

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What is the Marketing Success Team?


The Marketing Success Team is an online community that’s your GO-TO place any time you have marketing and social media questions. Instead of scouring the web to try and find credible answers to tough marketing questions, you have full access to Melodie Tao and her team to save you time and money.

Who is the Marketing Success Team?

  • Entrepreneurs who are consistent with generating revenue from their marketing.
  • Business Owners who focus on growing their business with trackable results.
  • Professionals who appreciate accountability to ensure their marketing is a top priority.
  • Marketers who value education in order to stay at the top of their game.

Marketing Melodie Marketing Success Team

The Marketing Success Team is made up of ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers and marketers from all over the world. Members work in all different industries including real estate, accounting, coaching, travel, marketing, health & wellness, non-profits and IT, just to name a few.

The one thing we all have in common is that we are committed to growing our businesses with digital marketing and social media.

Our commitment to success brings us together in an online community where we can learn together, motivate each other and support each other in our marketing efforts and business ventures.

Here’s the full scoop on what you get:

  • Monthly One-On-One 20 minute Power Marketing Session with Melodie, dedicated to growing your business.
  • Weekly live updates with social media tips and tricks you can execute immediately to attract new customers.
  • Free tickets and discounts to virtual and live Marketing Success events where you have an opportunity to network with other Marketing Success Team members.
  • Access to the Marketing Success Team’s private Facebook group where can ask as many marketing questions you’d like to our Marketing Success Team leaders while connecting with other members in our community.
  • Marketing challenges to motivate you to consistently market your business.
  • Actionable, results driven, marketing tips with easy to execute steps.
  • Curated content with hand-picked industry articles to keep you informed and educated on the constant changing landscape of social media.
  • Business Features- Members have an opportunity to be featured on Marketing Melodie’s weekly Facebook Live show, newsletters, speaking presentations and more.
  • Unlimited access to Marketing Melodie’s Advanced Social Media Jump Start training with 4 modules: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram/ Twitter, Blogging.
  • Unlimited access to Marketing Melodie’s popular webinar series with trainings on LinkedIn, Facebook and social media conversions.
  • Exclusive Marketing Success Team pricing for additional Marketing Melodie services.
  • Fun marketing contests, with prizes and special promotions!
  • And much more inspiration to ensure you are marketing your way to success!

What is the investment to join the Marketing Success Team?

The Marketing Success Team is $149 per month. There are no contracts, you can cancel any time. The Marketing Success Team is an investment in your business you can expect to see a full return on.

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Marketing Success Testimonials

“Marketing Melodie conquers social media like it’s a fun game that she wins at. Her passion for marketing and sincere kindness make her an amazing person. I really enjoy attending her monthly Marketing Success events and have made some great business connections. Thank you for educating me on all the social media options out there and where I can best market myself, this has been extremely helpful for my business.
Gina D'AmoreFinancial AccountantSan Diego Bookkeeping and Accounting