Green is Universal and so is Social Media for NBC San Diego @nbcsandiego

This post is a hat tip to NBC San Diego! Time flies with social media! I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since I wrote the blog post Traditional Media Companies- It’s time to Go Digital. I discussed strategies that traditional media companies (TV, Radio, Newspapers) could to use to engage their audience online. A lot has happened in four years and I’m thrilled to see that so many traditional media companies have successfully integrated social media into their communication.  I’d like to commend NBC San Diego for being one of the pioneer companies to truly embrace social media and go digital. Just a few of the things NBC San Diego does:

  • NBC San Diego Reusable water bottle The people on the NBC San Diego are extremely social media savvy. The majority of them all have their own online presence and following. I’ve built personal relationships with many people on their team through conversations on Facebook and Twitter because they do a great job at interacting.
  • @nbcsandiego hosts tweetups for their community to meet the team. This personalizes the online and on-air experience viewers have.
  • They feature Social Media and Tech Correspondents on their news casts where they discuss the latest trends in technology. This also means they care about making sure their viewers can stay up to date with digital trends.
  • In addition to being leaders in the tech space, they’re also a green friendly company! Check out this reusable water bottle I won from none other than one of their tweetups (See tip 1)!

To celebrate Earth Day last week, I shared 12 ways to go green at work! As I do with all of my posts, I shared this across my social networks. NBC San Diego was highlighting green week on Friday April 20th  in honor of Earth Day and their Producer @JanellJay saw my tweet about ideas to go green at work. She tweeted me to ask if they could use it on their green segment that evening. “Of course!” I replied. Many of my posts are intended to be resources so I am very grateful to NBC San Diego for sharing my tips with all their viewers. What I loved about this entire interaction is that Janell was carefully watching her tweet stream to find content for their show! You can view the segment below:

And here is a snapshot of the 5 simple tips they shared with their viewers on how to go green at work. I wanted to re-emphasize these tips not just because they were featured on TV, but because they are tips that will do good for the earth every single day!

NBC Go Green 2

Thank you again to all my friends at NBC San Diego for greening their workplace, connecting on social media and creating a community of viewers who really do trust NBC San Diego as one of the most credible and resourceful TV stations. And if anyone has any additional tips on how to go green at work, please feel free to share them with me!

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