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What Social Media Experts Actually Do! Occupation Meme

February 14, 2012

Internet memes are a fun sensation that I definitely get a kick out of, especially memes I can relate to. I love memes because they really demonstrate how powerful Social Media is in spreading messages.

The “Shit Says” Meme hit the internet by storm! In fact I’m still getting tweets about the Shit Social Media Experts Say video I created a month ago!


And since I already told you about all the Shit Social Media Experts Say, I figure it’s only appropriate that you know what we actually do! Thus I present you with What Social Media Expert Actually Do! Yep the “What (fill in the occupation) Actually Do” meme has caught on fire and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to create one!  Please enjoy and feel free to share! You can also join the Facebook community I created: Social Media Memes. I want this page to eventually be fueled by user generated memes.

What Social Media Experts Actually Do

What Social Media Experts Actually Do

Oh and please note, I in no way consider or call myself a “Social Media Expert”, everyone knows that I’m a Social Media Guru ;)! Ok all jokes aside this title is used for humor purposes! I’m a Marketing professional who has a lot of experience in Social Media and Digital Technology. I understand how to integrate these tools into your marketing plan to help you grow your business and sometimes people call me a “Social Media Expert”!


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