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  • How to Build Your Social Media Community- You already know your business “needs” to be on Social Media. You have accounts on all the major social networks. Now what? Now it’s time be social, connect with your customers, interact and get them engaged with your brand. But how? First you’ll need a community to drive your brand. Your community is your most important asset when it comes growing your business.  Marketing Melodie will teach you actionable content on how to immediately begin building a community with your target customers on Social Media. Sample Video
  • Social Media Branding- It’s important that business owners  take action to ensure  a positive brand reputation on Social Media to attract qualified customers and clients. Whether your company is active  in Social Media or not, people are talking about your brand. If it’s not your brand specifically, it’s your industry or your competitor. Social Media Branding focuses on strategies to strengthen your brand across various social networks including review sites (Yelp, Google Places), group buying sites (Groupon, BuyWithMe), location based sites (Foursquare), Facebook and Twitter. Sample Video
  • Integrating Social Media into your Business Strategy– With the ease of access to Social Media many businesses are intelligently taking advantage of these tools. It’s important to understand best practices on how to communicate professionally, transparently and authentically. Customers want relevant information, timely updates and compelling content. Learn how to develop a strategy consistent with your mission and brand that engages your customer through being a resource and trusted authority while encouraging community participation and user generated content. Be top of mind in time of need!
  • Internet Power- This advanced session will empower the average internet users to leave with tools and knowledge to be a power user. Learn to navigate the infinite opportunities on the internet with email techniques, shortcuts  and digital technology tools. Find information faster, organize and manage information flow, use social media to attract opportunities and truly master the web. Your efficiency will increase and productivity will skyrocket!
  • Social Media 101: Everything a Beginner Needs to Know– Although you’re not quite sure of the benefits, you’ve definitely heard of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Beyond knowing that “I have to be on Twitter”, learn best practices on setting up your profiles, growing your network and efficiency tools for updating. Understand the importance of the different communities and how to communicate effectively to your audience.
  • Leveraging Social Media for your Job Search–  Employers are using the web as their main recruitment tool through LinkedIn, reading your blogs and following your tweets. Learn how to create a strong online presence that portrays credibility, expertise and confidence in areas which you excel.  Melodie will inspire you to attract the right opportunities into your life. Improve your chances of getting hired even before the interview!
  • Breaking into the Industry (Student presentation on transitioning from student life to working)– Melodie educates students on how to prepare for their career ventures in an environment that’s constantly evolving with digital technology.  In addition to learning tips on networking, interviewing and internships Melodie teaches students how to emphasize their accomplishments and expertise through online portfolios, blogs and social networks. Students learn to use online tools to organize their job search and attract the correct opportunities. They leave the classrooms with advanced knowledge and a competitive advantage.
  • Social Media Design Techniques to Engage your Customer- Setting up your Social Media extends far beyond filling out basic information. Learn how to incorporate design techniques in Social Media that creatively encourage sharing, user generated content and participation. While some networks have limitations, Melodie shows you how to work around restrictions to ensure your profiles are optimized properly. You’ll learn how to create appealing profiles that are branded consistently with your overall marketing strategy.

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