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5 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Social Media Game in 2019

January 14, 2019

Is this really a blog post from me? Yes it is! After a long hiatus from blogging, I’m back with a post to celebrate social media in 2019. While technology keeps advancing, I am going back to basics with 5 simple things you can do to step up your social media game in 2019. These are things that everyone who posts on social media can easily execute.

  1. Be social on social media! Yes that’s right, social media is called just that because it involves engagement and interaction. How many of you post something and then get disappointed if no one comments? Many of us get wrapped up in our own posts, that we forgot to comment on others. Take 5 minutes each day to comment on at least 5 people’s posts. This not only helps boost someone else’s self-esteem but it also reminds people that you are available and active online.
  2. Sharing is caring. It’s easy to share something that we are personally selling and promoting, but it’s also easy to share something that a friend is selling and promoting. If you see someone share a product, event, blog or video they created, spread the love and show your support by sharing it to your own network. This way your own community sees you as an awesome resource and your friends will sincerely appreciate the support. Share at least one post from your own network every single week.
  3. Leave glowing reviews. One step beyond hitting the share button is going the extra mile to leave reviews for companies and brands that you love. Getting reviews is especially important for small business owners who rely on their local community and don’t have the same brand recognition as large brands. Your review means the world and can significantly help someone grow. Set a goal to reviews at least one company or brand that you love every week. Reviews can be done on Facebook, LinkedIn Recommendations, Google and more
  4. Create mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships. Is there someone else who has similar goals as you to grow their business with social media? Partner and collaborate with them! You can get creative with this. Collaborations can include hosting a joint giveaway, filming a video together, featuring each other on your own pages. By doing this, you are both gaining new exposure to each other’s audiences. Create at least 1 collaboration each quarter.
  5. Consistency is key. You have probably heard me say this over and over again. Choose at least 1 day each week where you can post something that’s directly related to your business. For example, one of my real estate clients posts a “Wow Wednesday” update every single week. Every single Wednesday they consistently share a luxury real estate listing of their own or someone else’s. One thing I have done to help you be more consistent with your posting is create my Annual Social Media Content Calendar. It’s completely free and available for you to download now. Snag your calendar, HERE. Fill it out and start posting at least 1 consistent post every single week.

What do you think? Are you doing any of these recommendations already? If not, do you plan to? Please share your own tips with me in the comments too.

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