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10 people I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving on Twitter

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For me, today is a day of gratitude and a day for expressing my appreciation for everyone who’s had a positive impact on my life. My Twitter family has provided me with unbelievable support this past year. I am honored, humbled and so grateful for my Twitter community. I have learned so much, expanded my business, grown personally and I really can’t imagine being where I am now without some amazing people I’ve connected with online. Here are 10 people in my Twitter community who I’d like to give thanks to. If you’re not on this list, just know that I’m grateful for each and every single follower, and that includes YOU.

Thanksgiving 2010

Grateful on Thanksgiving 2010 and still grateful today!

In alphabetical order….

@AllisonSchummer She’s a rising star in the marketing world! She’s about to graduate from SDSU in December and for the past couple months has been training with me to be completely well versed in all things Social Media when she’s done with school. Allison is one of the most efficient and fast learners I know and helps me be more efficient as well.

@AnneDorko– Anne is amazing! I’m so happy that she recently began her venture as an Entrepreneur by launching her own business dedicated to helping small businesses succeed through their websites and online presence. My website has improved so much because of her and it’s only going to get better!

ChrisKirkman– My Design Guru! Thanks to Chris for not only being a great friend but also helping me out with all my design needs! Whenever I have a Design question for myself or my client, Chris is there to help. He’s done great work for both my clients and myself and for that I’m grateful and will continue to recommend him for anyone who needs creative work.

@DowntownRob– Rob is so generous and always gives back to his Social Media community through volunteering, raising money for great causes and just sharing information that’s useful. He’s helped me plan and produce awesome Tweetups such as TwestivalSD which raised money for San Diego After School All Stars, Foursquare Day San Diego which spread the word about Foursquare and he helped me host my last Digital Media Dinners by opening up the doors to his office Nik Software to host the event!

@ItsMeJoolie– Julie and I know each other through @JenFriel’s @TNTML Community. I’m so proud of her for being brave and sharing her story online. Reading her stories has been instrumental for me in healing myself and continuing on in life despite personal challenges. I know she’s not writing with a mission to inspire, but she truly does inspire me. She also has an awesome job where she gets to attend concerts and fun events all the time.

@JenFriel– What Jen does on her site Talk Nerdy To Me Lover and now GirlsIRL is too awesome to describe. You just have to check it out! She’s provided a forum and creative outline to connect nerds from all over #NerdsUnite! Her writing, adventures and life story have really motivated me to take action in doing what I love and sharing on a more personal level!

@LaurenHuston– I’ve never met Lauren in real life but I feel like she’s my Social Media sister! We both LOVE sweets (mmm froyo, cupcakes), both work in Marketing and both love supporting each other online. I can feel her ambition all the way across the country! Keeping up with her blog and work is truly inspirational. I definitely admire other women in the space who are Entrepreneurs and getting things done!

@robotfaith– Rebekah is good friend of mine who I actually convinced to join Twitter a while back when I invited her to a Tweetup with me! I told her she couldn’t attend unless she had a Twitter account. Since then she’s built her own twitter community and is always there for me to support and volunteer at my events! My events wouldn’t be run so smoothly if it weren’t for Rebekah’s help. She also invites me to awesome movie screenings where I get a sneak Peak of flicks before they even come out!

@ryanscottlum– Helping me check off one bucket list item at a time! Ryan is the founder of Forward Motion and being connected to him has really inspired me to not be afraid of reaching my goals no matter how extreme them seem. Sadly, Ryan is moving out of San Diego soon, but Forward Motion continues to grow and provide amazing opportunities for everyone. There are so many fun events that allow you to experience things you’ve always wanted to try but somehow never got around to.

@SI_JimTrotter– Jim and I connected on Twitter earlier this year then met at a Tweetup. I was honored and humbled when he reached out to me for advice on branding himself through Social Media. Jim is a rockstar in the sports world, if you follow sports, you probably already follow Jim. Jim generously volunteered his time to speak at my Digital Media Dinners event and he always provides me with all the insight I need to know about sports! If only he were a Chargers Fan ;).

Thank you again to everyone on this list and so many more who aren’t! Twitter is an amazing tool and if it weren’t for Twitter I wouldn’t be connected to anyone on this list! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy a wonderful day filled with friends, family, food and of course technology as I’m sure people will still be tweeting away! I leave you with an image I find quite amusing!

Turkey vs Santa

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