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99 Things I’m Grateful For

November 27, 2016

As Thanksgiving weekend winds down, I’m excited to finish off the year strong! On Thanksgiving day, I had a much appreciated day off that started with hiking Cowles Mountain in the morning, cooking nourishing food to share and relaxing in the evening with important people in my life. The rest of the weekend was spent working on my social media marketing business, catching up with chores and meeting up with old friends who were in town. Even though I had a fabulous time, I know there are a lot of negative feelings in the world right now.

Marketing Melodie Thanksgiving GratitudeWith so much negativity, I thought I would share a positive practice I’ve adopted. For the last couple years, I start almost every day off with writing down 10 things I’m grateful for in my Gratitude Journal. This really sets the tone for me to have a great day. I compiled my list into 1 long list of 99 things I’m grateful for to inspire you to discover new things to be thankful for too.

  1. My gratitude journal
  2. Always having access to fresh, clean water
  3. My fridge that’s overflowing with an abundance of food
  4. My laptop
  5. My cell phone
  6. My yoga practice
  7. My gym
  8. Living in America’s finest city, San Diego
  9. My alma mater, UCSB. Go Gauchos!
  10. My succulent garden that’s always thriving
  11. My Tumi backpack that seems to fit everything
  12. Positive quotes I find on the internet
  13. My boyfriend Rodney
  14. 14.5 year old, Louie “The Lab” Girvin– He’s the greatest guy in the world!Louie The Lab Girvin with Marketing Melodie
  15. My Vitamix blender
  16. Instagram
  17. Instagram stories
  18. My childhood friends
  19. My new friends
  20. All of my Facebook friends
  21. Everyone who “Likes” my Facebook Page, Marketing Melodie
  22. My social media marketing business, Marketing Melodie
  23. My very first Black Friday specialMarketing Success Holiday Special
  24. My marketing clients
  25. Music
  26. The radio
  27. Evernote
  28. Unlimited data on my cell phone
  29. Wifi, especially when it connects to my laptop automatically
  30. My Calendly
  31. Everyone in my Marketing Success TeamMarketing Melodie Marketing Success Team
  32. My snowboard
  33. My car
  34. Uber and Lyft when I don’t want to drive
  35. My LinkedIn network
  36. $2 bills
  37. My bank accounts
  38. Cruises
  39. My books
  40. My recent summer vacation to Miami and the BahamasMarketing Melodie in the Bahamas
  41. My Laser Marketing Hour and everyone who has signed up for this service
  42. Fresh fruits and veggies right from the garden
  43. SXSW
  44. My Marketing Your Way to Success Blog
  45. My website
  46. My homemade pesto sauce
  47. My vegan mac n cheeze dish
  48. Chocolate
  49. The University Club Atop Symphony Towers with the best view of San DiegoMarketing Melodie University Club View
  50. Picnics at Balboa Park
  51. Dates, both the dried fruit and dates I have with my boyfriend and friends
  52. My December birthday, mark your calendar for December 13th!
  53. Sunsets
  54. My close proximity to the beach
  55. The Gaslamp District
  56. Getting snail mail
  57. My FitBit
  58. Hiking Cowles MountainMarketing Melodie at Cowles
  59. My dresses
  60. My blazers
  61. Warm blankets
  62. Sarongs
  63. My ability to always win things by simply saying that I always win
  64. My freezer
  65. Facebook Live
  66. My photos
  67. Palm trees
  68. My beautiful, purple amethyst stone
  69. My quest to automate parts of my business
  70. Zoom
  71. Butter London Nail Polish
  72. Bed Bath and Beyond coupons
  73. Grocery stores
  74. Farmer’s Markets
  75. Mason jars
  76. The holidays
  77. My upcoming trip to Australia
  78. My upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe
  79. My Chromecast
  80. Trampoline parks
  81. FondueFondue with Marketing Melodie
  82. My spiralizer that turns veggies into noodles
  83. Candles
  84. My handmade upcycled cards with old greeting cards and washi tape
  85. Coconut oil
  86. My overflowing pantry
  87. My toothbrush
  88. My warm robe
  89. My Travelpro carry on suitecase
  90. Pandora Music
  91. The San Diego skyline
  92. My food processor
  93. Recently finding a lucky silver dollar
  94. My laundry room, it’s loads of fun
  95. Puns
  96. Canva
  97. My email list
  98. My 360 Business Networking Group at the University Club
  99. Netflix

Now it’s your turn to share. What are you grateful for? I challenge you to list 10 things right here and then share them with your network.

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