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Ask (Social Media) and You Shall Receive

September 30, 2011 2

Ask and you shall receive. No seriously, add social media into the mix and you -really- do receive when you ask. Social Media is an amazing outlet for me to project into the Universe things I’d like to attract into my life. By the simple fact that the Law of Attraction is a LAW; like energy always attracts like energy even in the social space! I’ve made 2 significant connections with people who are helping me grow my business. I work and collaborate with both of these people and it’s all made possible thanks to the power of Social Media. I give them both my highest recommendation for anyone who’s looking to hire in their area of expertise. I’d like to take this time to introduce them to you.

Chris Kirkman– Chris is a San Diego based creative consultant, providing Southern California with functional and visually appealing graphic design, web design, videography, and creative direction over the past ten years. With experience and expertise spanning broad over many creative disciplines, Chris has been able to provide services from concept to execution for a wide range of industries. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @ChrisKirkman.


How I Met Chris: Chris and I first connected on Twitter in January 2010. I recall chatting back and forth on there a few times. January 2010 is also around the time where my entrepreneurial spirit and ambitions came to life as I declared my intention to run my own marketing company to specializes in Digital Marketing and Social Media. Having my own marketing company, also meant that I’d need my own marketing materials. One of the first things I needed was creative design work to brand my company. I posted on Twitter that I was looking for someone to help with my Social Media Design work and Chris came to the rescue! He replied to my post and generously offered to help with my Social Media Design needs. However, it wasn’t until April 2010 that I met him in person when he attended an AIGA event that I spoke at. To this day, Chris is a true business alliance and a great friend!

THANKS TO CHRIS I have a cool Twitter background, YouTube Background and a business card design that are all cohesively branded. I also have a spiffy logo for my Digital Media Dinners seminars. He’s also designed awesome Facebook pages for some of my clients. Chris goes above and beyond to ensure his work is produced strategically, executed efficiently and exactly aligned with the client’s needs. He is extremely knowledgeable so is able to add his own expertise insight throughout the design process to ensure a final product that’s top quality.

Twitter Background

Twitter Background Designed by Chris Kirkman

DMD Logo

Digital Media Dinners Logo by Chris Kirkman

Next up is Anne Dorko!

Anne Dorko– Anne is helping you and your small business succeed online. She shares freely on her blog, newsletter and videos. If you need even more help than that, she offers paid one-on-one consultations. If you’re tired of being confused when learning website strategy, you’ll be refreshed by Anne’s simplified perspective (which often involves humor).  Visit her website and follow her on Twitter @AnneDorko.

Anne Avatar

How I Met Anne: I posted a tweet that I was seeking a someone to help me update some things on my website. Things that I knew were probably very easy for anyone with WordPress experience yet would take me hours to even figure out where to begin. I started accepting proposals from people who replied to my post. I was quoted various rates and hours. Anne, however, responded by sending me a professional email detailing steps she’d take to complete each request and even did a little trouble shooting for me! I confirmed with Anne immediately that she was the right woman for the job.

Wordpress Help

Wordpress Help 2

THANKS TO ANNE I now have a visible RSS feed, my defunct Tweetmeme plugin on my blog was removed and I have updated social sharing buttons on my blog. Anne is quick! She asked for info she needed and wow, before I knew it the changes were done!

Anne Dorko WordPress Updates


I know I said I was introducing two people to you but I want to give a shout out to another person. This is the person responsible for getting me on Twitter. He goes by the name of @RichAndCreamy. When I thought of other situations where Ask (Social Media) and You Shall Receive applied. I immediately thought of Richie and his strange request the other day to find a shower through Twitter! His profile has NSFW for a reason! His request worked because I generously opened up home to him to shower before his meeting!

Richie Photo

Twitter Shower Request

Ask (Social Media) and You Shall Receive! Don’t be afraid to tell the universe what you want. What better platform to do it than on Social Media? Try it yourself! And remember to follow all these amazing people on Twitter @ChrisKirkman, @AnneDorko, @richandcreamy! Perhaps they’ll help you out some day too!

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  1. I often read Annie Dorko’s various missives and found you through a link from her, so presumably something is working. I am all a bit new to social media but have found some incredibly well informed people like Anne from who I learn a lot.

    • Anonymous says...

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! Yep the power of Social Media to connect people is amazing as evidenced by you finding my page. So happy you’re taking the initiative to learn. Keep it up and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 

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