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Bye Bye Weebly

July 14, 2008 8

My current website and blog are hosted on Weebly. I must say that Weebly has given me more trouble than any other web service I’ve used. Every single time I’ve tried to edit my blog a box pops up that says:


Weebly encountered an exception. Please try your last request again.

syntax error

Sorry about that. In any case, click me and I’ll go away.

I proceed to “click me” so it goes away, but of course it does not go away. It takes me 15 minutes just to access the page where I can type my blog, then I have to “publish” it multiple times before it actually goes through. At first I thought it was an error that Weebly would fix, so I continued to blog on their site. Four months later the error still occurs. One of the main reasons I haven’t kept up with my blog is due to difficulty in accessing it. So finally, I’ve decide to take some time to import all of my blogs to WordPress. Now I find that Weebly does not have a tool which allows you to export their blogs! If anyone has any tips on how I might export my old blog from Weebly into my new one, please let me know. The only solution I can currently think of is to cute and paste each blog individually. The archives obviously won’t match up but at least I’ll have my information in one space.

So what attracted me to Weebly in the first place? Well they market themselves to be the “Easiest way to create and publish a website online”. Oh yeah and they are FREE. I learned that you get what you pay for. Stay tuned for a new and improved website and blog from me.

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    • Unfortunately I never figured out this challenge on Weebly. I also didn’t receive any responses from people who have figured this out but I have received a lot of traffic from people googleing how to figure out the same problem. I exported everything to this hosted site on and haven’t turned back since!

  1. I finally worked this out (kinda) and thought I would share.
    Save the RSS feed from your weebly blog and using wordpress import feature import the RSS file. However this only seems to import the most recent posts.

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  4. Efvservices says...

    even though this is an old post, i am finding myself in a similar dilemma w/weebly. did you ever figure it out as opposed to copy paste one at at time? I have over a year's worth of posts. its just not time efficient for me to do that. any other suggestions?

    • MarketingMelodie says...

      Unfortunately I never found a way to transfer my Weebly posts. I did end up copying and pasting and learned my lesson check if moving over posts is an option before hosting my blog on a specific platform. I've moved over to WordPress and will stick to it. I've found WordPress is the most flexible blog to edit and has many plug in options. Although this doesn't really solve the issue, when you start with a new blog, first post perhaps put a link to your old Weebly site.

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