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Cool Twitter Conferences World Tour in Full Swing

July 15, 2009 10

The Cool Twitter Conferences World Tour is in full swing! Making it’s debut in Washington DC and now to the west coast in San Diego where I’m currently live tweeting and blogging at the conference. What makes The Cool Twitter Conferences standout is that the event highlights industry leaders in all different fields such as Green, Non- Profits, Customer Service and how they specifically use Twitter for their industry.

Cool Twitter Conference Schedule

Although I’m well versed in social media I embrace the opportunity enhance my knowledge. I have yet to walk away from a conference where I did not learn a piece of valuable information that I will actually integrate into my marketing strategies. At the Cool Twitter Conferences in San Diego I’ve already gained insight on:

1. How to distinguish between different types of green consumers from Maryanne Conlin’s presentation. From a marketing perspective this gives me great insight on how to communicate with different audiences in the green market.

2. I learned more about the power of photo sharing and it’s ability to enhance and strengthen relationships with a personal touch from one of my favorite leaders to follow in the Social Media space, Rodney Rumford of TweetPhoto. He has definitely encouraged me to participate more in photo sharing. I loved his analogy of saying “No one cares what you had for lunch, but they do love seeing photos of your lunch”

Tweet Photo Presentation at Cool Twitter Conferences

3. In addition I learned some important ways to craft your message if you’re strictly using Twitter as an e-commerce tool from Mirna Bard.

The next Cool Twitter Conferences event I’d like to highlight is taking place in Los Angeles on Friday July 31st, 2009. I’m honored to be one of their featured speakers. My topic is: Authentically Build Your Credibility as a Subject Matter Expert on Twitter.

Here is a preview of my presentation. I will focus on building your credibility as a subject matter expert in your industry with an authentic voice.  I will provide tips on how to be portrayed as an authority and resource in your area of expertise so potential clients and customers will know to contact you in time of need. This will include details on how to stay top of mind with your customers, how to present information so you are seen as a positive influence in your area rather than someone who is strictly promotional, how to reach out to those seeking your service and how to engage in conversation regarding your specific area of expertise in a way that allows people to understand your business and how you  will really solve one of their needs. The main message I will resonate with the audience is how to be a true resource and authority in your industry that people are eager to follow, retweet, recommend and work with.

Some of SD's Finest at Cool Twitter Conferences

I am looking forward to the Cool Twitter Conferences in LA and as always I want to provide my readers opportunity to attend on my behalf so it’s contest time!

The winner receives a complimentary pass ($295 value) to Cool Twitter Conferences in LA

There are 3 ways you can enter. You can enter once from each option to be entered a total of three times.

1. Blog Entry: Leave a comment on this blog answering the question: How were you introduced to Twitter?

2. Facebook Entry: Add me on Facebook . Click on the discuss box and reply in the discussion about The Cool Twitter Conferences.

3. Twitter Entry: Retweet this blog post with the Tweet button on the top of this blog. Please add the hashtag #CTC.

I will choose a lucky winner on Monday July 27th, 2009. Good luck and I look forward to connecting with you both at the event and on MyMelodie’s Twitter.

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  1. Way to get it out there live while the conference is going on Melodie! Impressive! I can’t wait to see you speak in LA. My favorite thing about attending Twitter conferences is that I always learn so much every time. The day has been so full of great information! Thanks for writing this post! See you on Twitter! @aaswartz =-)

  2. hey Melodie,
    Great to see you yesterday at the conference and nice job putting together this great summary of some of the speakers and your insight from all of them. Happy picture taking. 😉

    Rodney Rumford


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  4. How were you introduced to Twitter?
    Friends were using it & said GET ON IT! easier communication between friends than gchat because not everyone had a gmail……..

    Congrats on being a speaker — a friend, @Nealscaffer will be also speaking. I will be attending but still need a ticket for the significant other to come! =) Thanks!

    – @dianawei

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  6. Melodie,

    First, I want to thank you for all support, starting back in San Diego and leading up to this Friday’s event in Los Angeles. I’m pretty excited about being able to have this at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. I’ve actually never been to West Hollywood or any part of Hollywood for that matter. I’ve seen very, very little of Los Angeles in my lifetime.

    I have to say, it’s pretty cool to be able to comment on your blog from 35,000 feet. I’ve already booked my ticket on Virgin America to San Francisco for our SF event on 9/1. We had a great speaker, @becker in Seattle, who has agreed to come down to SF and do his presentation there. A very uniquely talented guy.

    But, i’m most looking forward to seeing and hearing you speak at the HOB on Friday. We’ve got a full line-up, and some great content, and it’s going to be a good day.

    Have fun at Twiistup. Maybe i’ll drop by tomorrow to check it out.


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