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Educating My Way to Success (I’m a Professor at National University!)

December 27, 2011 2

I absolutely love teaching and speaking about my passion, Marketing!  More specifically, digital marketing and social media. Each time I teach and share my knowledge, I learn more and more about the topics I’m teaching, I become a more effective public speaker and a better leader. In fact I have mastered the art of learning something new every day which truly inspires me to continue doing what I do.

Teaching at Platt College

I previously created and taught a Marketing Communications course at Platt College. I’m currently still a sub there when needed. Now I’ve been graced with another opportunity to teach my passion at National University! I was hired as a Course Developer in November, then hired on board as an Adjunct Professor. Yep, Professor Tao has a nice ring to it.

National University  Post

I’m currently creating a course on interactive strategies that will teach students everything they need to know about creating an interactive campaign. The students will choose a real client/organization to work with! From understanding goal setting and market research for their client to targeting the right audience and learning how to effectively communicate and engage their client’s customers  through social networks and other marketing mediums. I’ll also be giving examples from real live clients I work with.

My class starts in January! This is a part time gig so I’m still open for business full time here at Marketing Melodie. I’m accepting new consulting clients, booking speaking gigs and other opportunities.  I’m so grateful for this new venture and I’m really looking forward to finishing up with the course development, then teaching at National University.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!” (Well looks like students are ready because Professor Tao is here!)

National University FB Response

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