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Grateful for Learning to Cook a Holiday Dinner the Fresh & Easy Way!

December 3, 2012

I looked at my wall calendar today and realized it was still stuck on November. I quickly flipped the page to December but I really can’t believe we’ve already reached the last month of 2012. November flew by way too quickly. At the same time I’m also grateful that November happened. Even though Thanksgiving is over, I still believe having an attitude of gratitude is something we can adopt all year long. I want to share my experience and gratitude about a particular November event that happens to be related to Thanksgiving and cooking!

I recently wrote a blog post about my great experience in hosting Fresh & Easy Taste and Tweets. I’m very grateful that Fresh & Easy invited me along with other social media savvy/ blogger friends to another amazing event last month. This time it was a Thanksgiving cooking class. I just love the art of cooking. It’s my absolute favorite household activity because I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I love watching others cook, enjoying delicious food prepared by others and of course cooking myself. And yes we all know about my addiction to food porn. Honestly if I had another career (as if both marketing and yoga aren’t enough) it would be in the culinary arts.

The Fresh & Easy cooking class took place last month at Sur La Table in Fashion Valley. When we arrived we were greeted with wine and appetizers to enjoy while we mingled and got acquainted with each other and our cooking stations. Of course we had a hashtag to go along with the event, #feholidays (no event is complete without a hashtag).

Fresh and Easy Cooking Station

Fresh and Easy Appetizzers

Fresh and Easy Cooking Hashtag

Soon after we all got settled, Chef Cyndi Perez from Fresh & Easy took over to show our hungry class how to make a quick, healthy and delicious holiday meal using Fresh & Easy products and ingredients. Each station made a different salad, dressing and dessert. Chef Cyndi prepared turkey, gave us tips on avoiding the dry turkey we all dread and also prepared many side dishes for us to enjoy. I anticipated doing more of the cooking but Fresh & Easy was promoting their prepared holiday meals and teaching us how easy it really is to make dinner for a special occasion.

Fresh and Easy Cooking Chef Cyndi

Marketing Melodie Fresh and Easy Cooking

After learning some Fresh & Easy cooking tips and tricks from Chef Cyndi and doing a little cooking ourselves, it was time to enjoy a real feast. Of course my favorite part of the night was not only enjoying the delicious meal but also having an opportunity to catch up with some of my lovely social media friends.

Fresh and Easy Thanksgiving Meal

Fresh and Easy Cooking Friends

@lolagoetz, @MyMelodie, @MamarazziKnows

I truly enjoyed my night at the Fresh & Easy cooking class. I’m looking forward to December, more holiday festivities and am so grateful for another wonderful year. I’ll be working on my 2012 year in review soon and as I look back on last year’s 2011 year in review I’m amazed at how far I’ve come with many of my achievements made possible by the tool we all love, social media. To conclude this post I just want to wish everyone a wonderful December!

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