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How did the event go?

July 16, 2008

This blog was written on April 10th, 2008

Ask this question to a variety of people involved in an event: Attendees, the Event Producer, Special Guests, Performers, Sponsors, Vendors and you’ll get a different response from each individual. Ideally, everyone will have a positive experience.

As I mentioned in my Events page, I would write a blog about Event Marketing using the Carlsbad 5000 as an example. I’d like to focus on how the Sponsors can effectively market themselves at an event and walk away from an event feeling it was a success.

If you are going to sponsor an event and be on-site (with a booth for example) there are several things to keep in mind.

1. Having presence at one event will not single handedly boost your business. The event presence will enhance your existing marketing campaign by putting yourself at the forefront of your target consumer.

2. Engage the attendees. You always see a long line at booths where the sponsor is either giving complimentary products or has an interactive element such as a game. This gives you an opportunity to talk to the attendees and explain your product/company/service. At the Carlsbad 5000, the Minute Rice booth had a huge line because they had a prize wheel to win free rice. While people were waiting in line, their employees walked up to each person passing out coupons.

3. Don’t expect to make an ROI by selling your product on-site unless it’s specifically an event for shopping. At the Carlsbad 5000 there were booths selling very expensive specialty health drinks, sunglasses, running clothes, etc. Many people at a concert, race or other event are not there to shop. They love to get free stuff though!

To be successful at an event I recommend:

1. Only sponsoring at an event where you know your target demographic will be attending.

2. If you are going to give away promo items, come up with something creative that the attendees will want to keep and use. For example, a flyer will get tossed.

3. Couponing is hard because like flyers, these will get tossed. To increase the redemption rate offer a low ticket item that’s 100% complimentary. This drives consumers to your location and hopefully they will spend $ when they’re there.

Of course each event is different and these recommendation may not apply to all, but genrally speaking event marketing is most effective when it’s one small element of a larger campaign.

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