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How To Win Big at #SXSW: Follow @MyMelodie and #ATTSXSW

March 6, 2012

In less than 48 hours I hop on a plane to Austin for #SXSW! I made the huge announcement that I’m attending #SXSW for the first time to run a Social Media promotion for AT&T! I mentioned that you’ll have to find me to win cool prizes. I now have more details so pay attention because I was just sent the prize list! It’s TOP SECRET because we want the winners to share and create buzz to attract more winners but let’s just say that I’m jealous of the people who will win and wish I could win the amazing prizes for myself.

@MyMelodie's View on a plane

@MyMelodie's plane view

HERE’S HOW TO WIN: You need to figure out where I am at SXSW and come find me! To do so follow me on Twitter @MyMelodie and the #ATTSXSW hashtag. You can also subscribe to my Facebook updates and follow me on Foursquare. I’ll be making my rounds  from Stubbs to parties to the convention floor. Once you spot me (HINT HINT I’ll have an AT&T backpack) post a picture with me on your social media channels with the tag “I want to be a brand ambassador #ATTSXSW” and you’ll score a prize. It’s that simple! This is my Halloween costume coming to life, where in the world is @MyMelodie?!

Marketing Melodie is Carmen San Diego

Where in the world is Melodie San Diego

BONUS! They chose me and 1 other person to run this promotion. The other person is friend @JenFriel! Remember when we had a nerdy sleepover in San Diego? Us both being chosen is nerdsuniting at it’s best! You can also find her to WIN!

@MyMelodie and @JenFriel

@MyMelodie and @JenFriel

AND IT DOESN’T STOP THERE! I’M ALSO RUNNING A  RESTAURANT PROMOTION!  I know you’ll be in rush to make the next panel or see the next band so if you’re an AT&T customer, I’m going to make your life easier! You get to skip the line and head straight to the front at some of Austin’s hottest restaurants: Bottecelli’s, Elizabeth Street Café, Perlas and Lamperts.

As we get closer to the conference I’ll be posting even more details! Remember to spread the love on Facebook, Twitter and all over social media by tweeting me with the hashtag #ATTSXSW

I’m seriously so excited for this opportunity. Not only is this going to be great exposure for Marketing Melodie but I’m running a Social Media campaign for one of the largest technology and communication companies!

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