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If Content is King Your Library is a Royal Palace

February 17, 2010 2

This post is inspired by a place filled with infinite knowledge, new technology and an abundance of content .  This place is called the Library. Although not all libraries are created equal we can all agree that all libraries provide a place that supports education and knowledge.

Libraries have always been a part of my life. As a child I was an avid reader. I stayed up late and went through a new book nearly every night. From Goosebumps, Sweet Valley High, Choose Your Own Adventure, Baby Sitter’s Club, I read it all. I loved the entertainment, exciting scenarios and challenges faced by the characters . Reading stimulated my imagination and gave me an opportunity to experience new adventures every day.

As an adult, I’ve continued my passion for reading as it satisfies my desire to constantly learn. I’m currently compelled to read every book I can get my hands on related to Social Media, New Technology, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration and Personal Development. The library provides me with an unlimited selection of content on these topics.

I’ll share my top reasons and tips for taking advantage of such a wonderful resource. Please note the information I share is based on my experience with the San Diego Public Library system.

Online Reservations– San Diego has over 30 library locations. You can find almost anything you’re looking for in at least one or more branches. Rather than having to drive around town to pick up books, online technology is used to expedite the process. Sign up for an account through the San Diego Public Library and use their search system. Your results will show every branch your book is available at and whether or not it’s checked out. Reserve online or put on hold if it’s checked out and if it’s not from your nearest branch, it will be shipped to you. You’ll receive a friendly email once your book is ready for pick up. You can also return books to any library regardless of which location it came from.

Complimentary WIFI – We all know how frustrating it is to be at a café that offers complimentary WIFI if  the access is slow and often stops working. All San Diego libraries I’ve visited have computers that offer internet access, and free WIFI connection. From my experience the connection is high speed, never cuts out and is extremely reliable.  As a bonus there’s no noise from coffee grinders and loud guests. You have a quiet, peaceful environment conducive to improved concentration.

Book Sales– I highly recommend buying and donating books to the library for many reasons.  Books you donate are sold at their sales. Each dollar earned is matched by the city so the library receives more money to invest back into resources for you . Essentially by simply buying a book you’re giving back twice as much money to the library while leaving with a great piece for your own collection. The book store at my local branch always has new books in new condition. Some great titles I’ve picked up for $1  while earning $2 each for the library include Eckhart Tolle’s a New Earth, 2 books by Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most popular Social Media books, Groundswell and Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People at the best price in town!

Multimedia– In addition to books the library is filled with a plethora of multi-media. I often supplement my books by also listening to the audio version. I’ve found almost every audio book I’ve book I’ve wanted to listen to. Want to grow your music selection? The library is filled with CDs from every music genre. Blockbusters nationwide are shutting down but the DVD selection at the library keeps growing with the newest releases. At no charge to you, you can check out up to 5 DVDs at a time.

Events– I haven’t attended many library events but they do offer a variety of free community events that appeal to many different audiences. I’ve seen flyers for free movie nights, seminars about health, book clubs, yoga for kids and more.  This is a great way to participate in something active and learn something new at no cost while supporting the library.

I’m truly grateful for the library, the opportunities it’s provided me, the knowledge I’ve learned from their infinite content and sharing their mission to educate. If you haven’t been to the library in a while it may be time to renew your card.

In honor of reading and learning, please share in the comments a book you recommend to me! You can be sure I’ll be reserving it online to pick up at my local library very soon. We’ve all heard the phrase, Content is King. Well if Content really is King then Your Library truly is a royal palace.

*Photo Credit: Photos taken by me of the Mission Valley Library

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  1. Melodie,
    I work for the San Diego Public Library Foundation — the group raising private support for our libraries, so of course I loved your blog entry on all the great resources at your library. The photos of the Mission Valley branch were great. Since it was built in 2002 it has become one of the Library system’s most popular. I’d add another great resource to your great list– particularly for small business owners–online databases. There are some really valuable resources at, including company profiles and a free career resource database for students and those changing careers.

    As to a book recommendation, I have to go with Outcasts United by Warren St. John. This is the 2010 One Book, One San Diego book and deals with change in a small, U.S. town. There are currently alot of One Book discussion groups and events at local branches. So, you can read it and jump right in on the discussion!

  2. @Charlie- I’m so happy you found my blog post and so grateful that you’re dedicated to support libraries through the San Diego Public Library Foundation. I didn’t know about the business and career resources so appreciate you sharing! I am going to share this resource with students in the Marketing class I teach at Platt College. If the San Diego Public Library Foundation is interested in ways to expand and increase their donor base through online marketing and social media then I’m happy to offer my professional services to such a great organization! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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