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Introducing Marketing Melodie’s Laser Marketing Hour with Fast Action Bonuses!

September 17, 2015

Marketing Melodie Laser MarketingI’m excited to launch my Laser Marketing Hour! This is a revamped version of my previous program, Pick My Brain. With my new program, you get more one on one support from me and more resources to help you increase your revenue with your marketing efforts. Invest 1 hour with me and you’ll be marketing your way to success immediately. I am grateful for an opportunity to work with you and I promise I won’t let you down!

If you can relate to any of the following, then my Laser Marketing Hour is perfect for you.

  • You are a busy professional who is limited on time so you only want to work on a few specific marketing objectives to reach your goals.
  • You are a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur and you’re just getting started so you have a limited budget.
  • You want to get to know me better before making a long term commitment.
  • You are overwhelmed with the abundance of marketing and social media opportunities so you want clarity on what will work before making a bigger investment.

Watch my video and keep reading to find out what to expect during our Laser Marketing Hour:


The agenda for our Laser Marketing Hour is completely dictated by you. Working with me will help you laser in on your biggest challenges and figure out how to really invest your time marketing wisely. You will receive specific action items that can be implemented immediately to help market your business.

Here’s how to prepare for our session to ensure you get the most out of your investment:

Before our session, you will fill out my Marketing Discovery Questions form. This requires you to take inventory of all your marketing efforts and clarify what you need to start marketing your way to success. This also allows me to customize our Laser Marketing Hour for your specific needs.

Here’s how to ensure our session is a success:

You will receive a follow up email from me within 24 hours of our session with action items to implement immediately. It’s extremely important that you make time in your schedule the same week we meet to execute what we discussed and I will make sure you have set time in your calendar to work on your marketing initiatives.

BONUS: You will also have access to me via email for 1 full week after our session to ask me additional questions and have me review your work.


FAST ACTION BONUS: Receive $50 off for being one of the first 3 people to sign up. Email me:  before Friday September 25th, 2015 and I will give you a special link to receive the discount.

FAST ACTION BONUS: I am constantly educating myself so I can provide you with the highest quality service. One successful Entrepreneur and expert Marketer I learn from is Lewis Howes. If you are one of the first 3 people to sign up by Friday September 25th, 2015, in addition to $50 off, you will receive a copy of his upcoming book, The School of Greatness.

To sign up for my Laser Marketing Hour, click the “Buy Now” button. If you have questions before getting started, email I only have a few slots open for this each week so claim your spot as soon as possible to ensure you get the session time you want.  

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