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Lights, Camera, Action! My Microsoft Commercial Aired!

October 10, 2011 6

I recently wrote about Apple for the very first time in my Ode to Steve Jobs. Now I’m writing about Microsoft for the very first time. This blog is getting nerdier by the minute! Some of you who follow me on Facebook know that this past July, I had an amazing opportunity present itself to me that got me on the big screens! I was casted as the main talent for a Mircosoft commercial! I already had my 3 minutes of Fame when I modeled for Nordstrom and, and another television highlight when I demonstrated Yoga Boot Camp live! (For those of you who don’t know yoga is also a passion of mine) but this time I was hired for an entire day as “talent” to star in my very own commercial for Microsoft.

Yoga Bootcamp KUSI

Yoga Bootcamp KUSI 2

I often get asked by many people how I come across so many unique, exciting and once in a life time opportunities such as getting invited as a guest of honor to speak at tech conferences in Hong Kong and Beirut, Lebanon where I was also able to tour both places for over a week,  tweeting my way to front row seats to watch my favorite baseball team, the San Diego Padres and even creating and teaching my very own marketing class to students at Platt College! My honest answer: I attract these opportunities into my life by being HONEST and AUTHENTIC on SOCIAL MEDIA! This is what I encourage, educate and strive to inspire companies to do every single day to grow their business. I’m living proof that it works! Yes I’m walking my own walk! Here’s the story….

The casting director found my Yelp review for the Microsoft Store. They recognized that my Yelp reviews were honest and authentic. They did some research and also discovered that I’m a tech savvy, social media socialite, which happened to be the exact personality type  they were seeking for this commercial. I went in for an interview, where they also asked me to bring a friend who could be my sidekick in the commercial. I posted an update on my Facebook to see if any of my girlfriends use Microsoft products and ended up bringing the lovely Megan Looney, model, journalist, traveler and a good friend from high school with me to the interview. Soon after the interview, we received calls that we were officially hired for the commercial!

Microsoft Commercial FB Casting

The shoot date was set on 4th of July weekend. In addition to paying us as talent, the night before they treated us to a full spa day at Se San Diego. Massage, manicure, pedicure, the works! to really get us relaxed and dolled up for our big day. I absolutely LOVE spa treatments so this was an added bonus I was happy to accept.

Microsoft Commercial 3

Microsoft Spa Day

Bright and early the next morning, Megan and I arrive a the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley and boy was I overwhelmed! There were over 100 people there from the directors, employees, extras for the commercial, etc. We were sent to wardrobe, hair and makeup. I’ve never had so much makeup on in my life. But the lovely Meagan Brown Owner of Artistry of Makeup did an amazing job and the whole staff was so sweet that we had a great time chatting and getting ready together.

Microsoft Shoot Makeup

Finally we receive instructions from the director and begin filming. Wow! creating a short commercial is such hard work, I now have the utmost respect for people who work in show business. It was a full day of filming and while it was exhausting, we had a blast doing it! We spent the first half of the day filming at he Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley.

Microsoft Shoot Fashion Valley

 Then we took a lunch break and met up in La Jolla for the second half of the shoot. Filming in La Jolla was amazing, it was such a gorgeous view and I just love being out on the beach during sunset! We even drove around in my car and got some footage there. The sun soon began to set and after a very full day, THAT’S A WRAP! We concluded the shoot and after thanking everyone for providing me with this opportunity, I went on my way home. The filming took place in July and in Auguest I hadn’t heard anything about the commercial coming out.

Microsoft Shoot La Jolla

Microsoft Shoot La Jolla Scenery

Then one day I received a Facebook message from a Microsoft employee:

Microsoft FB Message
Now I’m really curious to see my own commercial. I wasn’t able to get a hold of it quite yet. Then during the San Diego Film Festival  September 29 – October 3 I was delighted to see posts/tweets from my friends who saw my commercial on the big screens! 

Microsoft FB Post

Microsoft FB Post 2Microsoft Tweet

Well that’s the story of my one day in the life of  being “talent”! And once again I say, THAT’S A WRAP! Wait, what!? You want to see the commercial? The director recently sent me an email letting me know that they have permission to distribute the commercial now but they’re still waiting for the correct file they can send me. So the SUSPENSE continues! I have yet to see the commercial but the first thing I plan to do when I get the file is to share it with all of you. Stay tuned!



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  2. Mindy says...

    Way to go girl!!! I enjoyed reading your ‘commercial’ journey.  Congrats on all the you’ve accomplished and continue to do!!!! 

    • Anonymous says...

      Thanks for reading Mindy! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

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