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Marketing Melodie Emcees the San Diego Night Market and has your Free Tickets!

September 29, 2014 16

I am very honored and excited that the organizers of the San Diego Night Market invited me to emcee their event this coming Saturday October 4th. I’ll be at the main entertainment stage from 5pm-8pm where I have the privilege of introducing our very own Mayor Kevin Faulconer along with many other talented performers and distinguished members of the community.

What is a “Night Market” you might ask? Well just as the name suggests, it’s a street market, usually held outdoors that’s open at night. Night markets are organized so you can leisurely stroll through all the vendors, shop while getting some great savings all while enjoying authentic street food from different cultures. The San Diego Night Market in particular aims to fulfill the following mission:

  • Promote Asian Pacific American culture in cuisine, arts, and music
  • Support local businesses – Asian and Non-Asian, small and large
  • Cultivate innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship
  • Foster volunteerism, leadership, networking, and teamwork
  • Expand the cultural vibrancy of the San Diego region
2013 San Diego Night Market

2013 San Diego Night Market, Photo Credit: Convoy District

Ladie's Market Hong KongMy first experience of attending a night market was a few years ago when I was invited to Hong Kong for a speaking engagement. I had plenty of time to be a tourist, shop and enjoy everything Hong Kong had to offer. One of my stops was the “Ladies’ Market”, the most popular and busy night markets of the area. Even though I was told it would be busy, I was not expecting it to be as packed as it was. I snapped the photo to your right of ladies at the Ladies’ Night Market in Hong Kong. Keep in mind, this photo was taken around 11pm! People were excited about the new shipment of purses here. There was so much enthusiasm and energy from all the ladies (and gentlemen) at Ladies’ Market. It was definitely a fun experience which is why I’m looking forward to experiencing the night market culture right here in sunny San Diego.

On Saturday you can expect to satisfy your taste buds with delicious food, learn to cook at the various cooking demonstrations, be awed by amazing dance performances and so much more.

Here are the details for the San Diego Night Market:

Date: Saturday October 4th, 2014
Time: 4pm to Midnight
Location: Engineer Rd. near Convoy St. in the Convoy District
Cost: $2 entry fee

As usual, I’m hooking you up! I have two pairs of entry tickets to give away to two lucky winners.  Each winner will also receive $10 to spend on food at the event. I’m basically giving you free dinner! What’s not to love about that? All you have to do to enter is to leave me a comment on this post about what you’re looking forward to the most at the San Diego Night Market. You can enter until 10pm on Thursday October 2nd.

If you have attended other night markets, I would love to here your experience. I also look forward to seeing you at the San Diego Night Market. Please remember to come say hi to me. I’ll be at the entertainment stage from 5pm-8pm and if I’m not making announcements on stage, you can be sure to find me enjoying some of the delicious food that will be offered at the event. 

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  1. Terry Daniel says...

    I am definitely going for the FOOD. 😀 But, also looking forward to the entertainment. In August my friend and I went to the OCBlockParty & KTownNightMarket held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim and had a blast!!! We tried to get the manager of IOTA Cafe to be a vendor at SDNightMarket but he kept saying “No” (too far). LOL But, we’ll be there and we’re looking forward to having a great time!!! ^_^

    • I’m glad to hear you have had fun at other similar events! I’m also sure that you’ll have plenty of other delicious food vendors to choose from :). Thanks for entering and good luck!

  2. Eric Stetson says...

    Hi Melodie! I have never been to this market. I love right next to the Little Italy Farmers market as you know and I attend faithfully every week. I would love to expand into this market as well. I am looking forward to the new experience but most of all seeing you on stage being passionate about what you do is a blessing of its own! I would love to go and experience the food and culture of this market. The tickets and dinner would be amazing too! Lol 🙂

    • Thanks for entering. I won’t be doing much on stage other introducing the awesome performers, they do all the hard work but I appreciate the kinds words! Although I don’t get to go often, I love the Little Italy Farmer’s market. Good luck on winning!

  3. Benjamin says...

    SO excited for Saturday! I was the first to sign up on their FB event!

    Went to their first market last year and enjoyed it. Was a little disorganized and they weren’t expecting such a large crowd, so I’m glad they’ve taken their time to get it right this go around.

    Definitely excited for the food – cheat day! Looking forward to some old favorites and trying some new dishes.

    Hoping to hit Hong Kong next year, so thanks for the Ladies Market suggestion!

    • Thanks for entering. Yes I give credit to the event organizers, such a hard job and they do their best! Events like this are the best time to try new dishes because you don’t have to commit to one dish or one type of cuisine. And yes, when you’re in Hong Kong, definitely visit the Ladies’ Market! Despite the name, they have goods for men too.

  4. YUM! I cannot wait to try the multicultural foods so I can Gogobot them! Also, it would be awesome to find some new Hello Kitty items for my collection!

    • There will be many opportunities for new Gogobot posts! I’m looking forward to checking out the collectibles that vendors may be selling too. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  5. It’ll be a chance to spend some time with my brother’s family and my niece. I’m sure she’ll enjoy looking at all the things going on.

    As for myself, I’m interested in getting to know the local businesses.

  6. Matt says...

    I am looking forward to sharing this experience with my friend. She is from Indonesia and she misses home. I am also looking forward to watching my friend Cathlyn Choi do her cooking demo – she makes great food!

    • I’m excited to see some cooking demos too! I love to cook so it’s always fun to learn new tricks. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  7. Ray says...

    I’m looking forward to reliving my memories of traveling to Asia and hitting up the amazing night markets there the most at the San Diego Night Market; I will also look forward to the people watching and the live entertainment there. It’s great to support local businesses and participate in community events.

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