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Marketing Melodie is off to Austin and #SXSW!

February 23, 2012 5

I have a huge announcement to make here at Marketing Melodie and I’m beyond excited!…

I’m headed to Austin and SXSW for the first time!

I just confirmed my flight and my conference ticket! I have always, always, ALWAYS wanted to go but the right opportunity just hadn’t come along yet, until NOW! This is the law of attraction working its magic! Yep the universe has once again proven to me that if I put something out there, it will come back to me. As I like to say “Ask (Social Media) and You Shall Receive!” I’ll be flying out of San Diego on March 8th and attending the entire Interactive portion until March 13th!

SXSW Golden Ticket

SXSW Golden Ticket

Social Media has allowed me to travel the world! From international hot spots such as Hong Kong to Beirut Lebanon to amazing cities such as Las Vegas and San Fransisco, it’s proof that Social Media is the real deal! And now I’m attending the largest interactive festival in Austin, Texas! I was approached by AT&T to run a Social Media promotion for them at SXSW. When I asked how they found me, they replied “We found you on Twitter and Klout”. Although I’ve received many awesome Klout Perks, this is the first time someone has actually mentioned it while hiring me.

Melodie Melodie in Hong Kong

Melodie Melodie in Hong Kong

Marketing Melodie in Beirut, Lebanon

Marketing Melodie in Beirut, Lebanon

If you’re going to SXSW you’ll want to make sure to follow me on Twitter @MyMelodie. I’ll be live tweeting with the AT&T hashtag (will be posted soon), checking in everywhere on Foursquare, posting photos on Facebook and giving you cool prizes when you find me! I’m also offering additional surprises for AT&T customers! On top of that I’ll be participating in a bunch of awesome promos, be filmed in an AT&T video and attending all the hottest SXSW events. The best part is that I get to meet so many awesome people in the tech and interactive space!

Oh and here’s a FUN FACT that I bet you didn’t know about me! While Southern California is my home and it’s where I grew up, I was actually born in Texas! Dallas, Texas to be exact! I only lived there for less than a year so don’t remember it but that still makes me a Texas native! I have family who live in both Austin and Dallas that I’ll get to see during my trip!

Marketing Melodie in Dallas, Texas

Marketing Melodie in Dallas, Texas

Please make sure you hit me up if you plan on going to SXSW! If you have any pro tips for a first timer on what to do, where to eat, etc, I would love to hear from you too!

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  1. Awesome. I am so glad you get to go to SXSWi this year! Real World style, how fun will that be. I know that Anthony Bourdain will have a panel there for interactive this year. I hope you get to sit in on that one.

    • Anonymous says...

      Thanks @twitter-20229241:disqus ! I’m so grateful for this opportunity! And if Anthony Bourdain is going to be on a panel I’ll make sure to be there, thanks for letting me know! Have you been to SXSW before? I need tips since I’m a newbie!

      • Nope. Never been but would like to someday. There will be lots of folks from San Diego and Los Angeles in attendance. All I can say is since you are a vegetarian you won’t have to have the BBQ but I am sure the baked beans are good. 

        • Marketing Melodie says...

          I’m not 100% Vegetarian any more. I cook and shop vegetarian but am open to trying non vegetarian dishes especially if I’m traveling so I’ll be sure to eat some BBQ for you 🙂

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