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Marketing Melodie Presents Foursquare Day San Diego

March 2, 2011 8

In March of 2009 Foursquare entered the Social Media space and was seen as a tool that even Social Media Pioneers and Early Adopters were wary of but nevertheless began using while the rest of the population wondered what they heck we were doing by “Checking In” somewhere?!  The Foursquare phenomena didn’t take long to sweep Social Media Enthusiasts by storm and has now transformed the way business owners create promotions and customer loyalty rewards programs. In 2010, Foursquare experienced an astounding 3400% growth and the numbers continue to soar.  A little over 1 year after Foursquare’s launch, 4/16/2010 (4th month; 4 squared=16) was declared the first ever Foursquare Day. An addition to geek holiday calendar, it’s time to Move over PI Day (3/14) and Star Wars Day (5/4 May the Fourth be with you!), Social Media savvy geeks now have 4/16!

Foursquare Day 2010 Hong Kong

On Foursquare Day, cities across the globe organize their own celebration including a list of various Foursquare specials offered by local restaurants and stores, Foursquare day parties and last year Foursquare users had the privileged of unlocking the Foursqaure Day Badge!

Foursquare Day Badge

During Foursquare Day 2010, I was invited to speak at a conference in Hong Kong. While I was sad to miss Foursquare Day in my own city, it was no excuse to miss the celebration so I partnered with Hong Kong’s Social Media Enthusiasts and hosted Foursquare Day in Hong Kong. This year I’m thrilled to be in my hometown, San Diego and am hosting Foursquare Day San Diego. I have the honor of presenting the event with two of San Diego’s most well known Social Media Socialites, Downtown Rob and Sugar Jones!

The Foursquare Day San Diego event will take place at R Gang Eatery, a place for Food and Fun! Their menu is filled with a plethora of comfort style food prepared in an eclectic and upscale (but not pretentious!) way.  Additional details for Foursquare Day San Diego are still in the works, but attendees can RSVP on Foursquare Day San Diego on Facebook. Please stay tuned for exciting updates on Foursquare Day San Diego! I look forward to “checking in” with you all very soon!

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    • Marketing Melodie says...

      Your Twitter handle has been linked in the article so everyone knows who the man behind Foursquare Day San Diego is! Looking forward to hosting the event with you Rob!

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