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Marketing Melodie Presents: Shit Social Media Experts Say!

January 13, 2012 5

I told you guys I had a Secret Social Media Video Project I was working on. Well… the secret it out! I couldn’t help myself with this video. While watching the popular video “Shit Girls Say” and all the spin offs (By the way my favorite spin off is “Shit Yogis Say” since yoga is my other passion), I got a great idea to create a video related to my love for marketing, tech and social media!

Top Secret Stamp

I didn’t want to play a race or gender card but I did want to keep it personal to my community. Alright I’ll stop writing and let you watch the video. Please, please, pretty please share this if you find it funny, compelling or can relate to it in any way.  Leave comments and spread the word! I’m aiming for at least 1 million views and since most people reading this are extremely tech savvy and influential in the space, we should have no problem achieving this goal!

And now for the feature presentation: SHIT SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS SAY! (You know, the people who can run your Facebook and Twitter account)


Big thank you to @jennyjenjen for filming and editing the video, @robotfaith @iPodschun @ChrisKirkman for being a part of creating the video and @LoMagna for her ideas on writing the script.

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    • Marketing Melodie says...

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the video! See you in California! 

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