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Marketing Melodie Speaks Social Media in Beirut, Lebanon

September 24, 2010 10

I’ve been hinting to my social network for the past week that I have a big international trip coming up! I am proud to announce my next international speaking engagement in Beirut, Lebanon. The Internet Society hosts INET Conferences across the world. Earlier this year, they sent me to Hong Kong for the INET Asian Regional Conference and in a couple weeks I’ll be making my way to the Middle East.

Professional Speaking on social media, teaching educational classes and seminars and hosting social media workshops continues to grow as the most high demand services from my company. I started speaking a few years ago to share my enthusiasm and knowledge on marketing and how the digital tools I use could help others. As I gained more experience, I began to receive more requests to speak. Speaking became instrumental to the growth of my business and it noticeably benefited others so I developed a professional speaking platform as a business service I now offer through my company.

This year alone has been filled with significant opportunities for my speaking career both nationally and internationally. Getting paid to talk about a subject I’m passionate about while educating and empowering others with my knowledge is a true gift that I’m grateful for. My career is also presenting me with amazing chances to see the world with my next stop being Beirut, Lebanon.

Just a few years ago Beirut was a dangerous place full of turmoil. Since Beirut is gaining back up their reputation as a vibrant place to live, work and visit, the Internet Society recognized the need for a conference of this nature in Lebanon. They’ve made efforts to ensure a world class event with prestigious speakers and an educational agenda. I feel safe knowing that they’re providing secure travel accommodations for those coming from out of the country.

The famous traveler Anthony Bourdain most recognized for this show on the Travel Channel, No Reservations goes back to Beirut just earlier after a heart breaking trip in 2006 to show Americans the amazing food, sights and culture. CNN has an American correspondent in Beirut to report on the travel destination and Beirut tourism continues to grow as a prime spot for travelers to visit in the Middle East.

I leave for Beirut Lebanon on October 8th. I’ll be the featured Social Media speaker at the event on October 14th and will return to the states on October 18th. I’m excited and grateful for this opportunity. I’m also determined not to get jet lagged! Please feel free to share any travel tips, your own experience with traveling to the Middle East and your ideas presenting Social Media to a new audience.

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  1. What an interesting destination to teach Social Media. I am sure you will have a great experience with many stories to tell when you return. Have fun and be safe.

  2. Here I am commenting again! LOL…so EXCITED for you because I know you will have a blast and it will be a great experience for you. I can't wait to hear all about!!! xoxxo

    • MarketingMelodie says...

      Thanks for your support Mirna! We still gotta plan a get together when you're in SD or I'm in OC! So for sure when I'm back. It's always fun to be connected with you 🙂

  3. When it comes to jetlag, my experience has been that it's more difficult to travel east than it is west. If you arrive in Beirut during the day, try to stay awake through the whole day and go to sleep at a normal time in their time zone. If you arrive at night, try to keep yourself wide awake on the flight so you can try to go to sleep at a normal time. I read somewhere that it takes your body the same amount of days to adjust as the time zones you've traveled, so try to adjust to their sleeping schedule as quickly as you can. Enjoy your trip!

    • MarketingMelodie says...

      Thanks for the tips Christy! I'm arriving at night so I'm sure I'll want to go to sleep immediately. In April I traveled to Hong Kong, they were 15 hours ahead and I had no trouble adjusting to their time. However, when I got back it took me nearly 2 weeks to recover from the Jet Lag. I wasn't expecting it at all so at least this time I'll be aware.

  4. Thank you Melodie it was an absolute pleasure to have you amongst us in Beirut. Your presentation was pretty rich in content and ideas for companies and individuals to take internet advertising and marketing to the next level. There are a lot of concerns when it comes to facebook and after the owner of MyOpenBook was able to get into the private updates of all facebook users using facebook's very own API.

    • Marketing Melodie says...

      Hi Assaad,
      Thanks so much for the compliment about my presentation and for coming to the event. It was an honor to present amongst the top business leaders of Beirut, Lebanon. I'm glad you learned from my presentation and look forward to staying connected on Social Media.

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