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Marketing Succcess LIVE! Episode 5 with Angela Chee- Recap

October 26, 2016

In today’s episode of Marketing Success LIVE! I answer the hot question: “How do I get on TV?” with special guest, Angela Chee. If you missed today’s episode, watch it any time over on the Marketing Melodie Facebook Page.

Marketing Melodie with Angela Chee

Angela Chee is a Media Consultant, Speaker, and On-camera coach who’s been featured on the Today Show, HGTV, E! and more. Whenever I do a TV segment, I get many messages asking “how do I get on TV for my business?”, so I thought it would be appropriate to bring on a TV expert to give you the scoop!

Connect with today’s Marketing Succcess LIVE! Special guest Angela Chee: 

  • Join Angela Chee TV on Facebook. You may be seeing more live videos from her page soon too!
  • Take action on what we discussed today with Angela’s FREE 7 Point Media Pitch Checklist- Click here to download her easy step by step guide to get yourself booked on TV.

Main takeaways from today’s Marketing Success LIVE! with Angela Chee:

  1. Know why you want to be on TV- This is a very important step that most people skip over when they say “I want to be on TV.” Are you selling a book? Do you want to increase brand exposure? Are you promoting an event? It’s important be clear on your intention so you can properly leverage your TV exposure.
  2. Create your hook- Know your content and what you stand for.  You most likely won’t get asked on to promote something, but you will get asked on because you’re an expert on a a certain topic. What topic are you an expert on? Don’t treat this as a pitch fest or a commercial. This is an opportunity to create value for your brand.
  3. Have your online and social media presence media ready- Don’t leave it up to producers to up dig for information on you – they don’t have the time. Have a media/press page on your website so it’s easy to pitch yourself. Have professional photos of yourself, talk about other places you have been featured and include a video the demonstrates your ability to speak in front of the camera. Also make sure your social media profiles are updated properly.
  4. Repurpose your TV segment- Continue the momentum with your TV segment by promoting it on social media. Upload your TV segment to YouTube and your Facebook page. Include your TV segment in your newsletters and blog post. Make sure it’s on your website and create an “As Seen  On” section on your home page to increase your credibility. Pictured below is the “As Seen On” section that’s right on my homepage.

Marketing Melodie As Seen on TV

*BONUS TIP- Sit in front of a window for a best possible lighting– This isn’t a TV tip, but it’s a great tip for anything you’re doing on camera including a video conference, video, Facebook Live, etc. It makes a huge difference especially when you don’t have professional lighting.

Mentioned in today’s Marketing Success LIVE! Episode: 

  • FREE 7 Point Media Pitch Checklist- Click here to download Angela Chee’s easy step by step guide to get yourself booked on TV.
  • Create a press page that gets you noticed and booked on TV- Click here to download Angela Chee’s FREE template on how to create a press page for your website.
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  • Marketing Success Happy Hour- I’m hosting an intimate happy hour packed with marketing inspiration for your business! Enjoy the best view of San Diego while we discuss important social media topics. We’ll participate in a fun, interactive marketing activity for your business. Then we will have time for networking so you can connect with the other business leaders in the room. The Marketing Success Happy Hour is once a month, the next one is  tomorrow, Thursday October 27th from 4:30pm – 6:30pm. We only have 2 spots left, make sure to purchase your ticket before they sell out!Marketing Success Happy Hour with Marketing Melodie
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Marketing Melodie Author Bridge Media

Tools mentioned/ used in today’s Marketing Success LIVE! episode:

1. Selfie Light Ring- This small light ring clips right on to your phone.

2. Audio-Technica ATR3350 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone- This mic allows you to have quality sound in your videos no matter how far way the phone is from your face.

3. Arkon iPhone Tripod Mount- This is how I keep my phone from wobbling around when I’m filming! This tripod is very portable and has durable legs that claspses on to other equipment.

4. Neewer Camera Photo/Video Light Ring- I use this light ring so you can see me more clearly, no matter what the lighting in the room looks like.

5. CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case– The light ring I use, goes on this stand!

That’s a wrap for the recap of Marketing Success LIVE! Episode 5. Make sure to tune in on Facebook Live again next Wednesday from 11am-11:30am over on the Marketing Melodie Facebook page!

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