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Marketing Success Live- How to Attract Customers Who Love You- Recap

January 18, 2017

On today’s episode of Marketing Success Live, we discuss how to attract customers who love you so much that they’ll be raving fans! This recap will give you a quick rundown of the tips, tricks, resources, events and other cool things mentioned. If you missed today’s episode, you can watch it any time over on the Marketing Melodie Facebook Page.

Marketing Meodie with Love Coach Sylvia Chavez- 1-18-17

Our special guest for today’s episode is Love Coach Sylvia! While Sylvia usually works with individuals on finding love, we’re going to apply the principals she uses to create a love affair with your clients! Sylvia Chavez is a happy Wife, mom of 5 and a grandma, originally from Buenos Aires, and known Internationally as the LOVE Coach. Passionate about helping people discover their excellence, Sylvia has dedicated a majority of her life to guide them.

Main takeaways from today’s Marketing Success Live Topic- How to Attract Customers Who Love You

  1. Your mindset plays a big role in attracting positive, loving clients– Your mindset dictates the type of clients you attract. If you are desperate, you will attract desperate clients. Love Coach Sylvia recommends that you treat business relationships like personal relationships. Start by loving yourself, or else you won’t attract clients who love you. Even if you are coming from a mindset of lack, take the time to say to yourself, “I’m going to be of service” and really focuso on your valuable offerings. If you put that intention out into the world, you will attract clients who are excited to work with you, rather than clients who have a negative perspective about their own business.
  2. Clients who love you will help take your business to the next level– When your clients grow to love you, they become your greatest advocates, your brand ambassadors and your raving fans. They will refer you business and sell for you! Wouldn’t you love to walk into a room and then have someone else introduce you in such a positive way, the person you’re being introduced to is already interested in working with you?!
  3. Tips on marketing your business with passion and love– Before you market your business, be clear, concise and confident with yourself about what you are selling (yes we all work in sales!). Love Coach Sylvia says that sometimes you can come across as unintentionally being fake because you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. She recommends that you start by loving yourself and getting the passion back into your own life! Your love and passion will start to reflect in the way you share your buisness with prospects. Be confident in the fact that what you have to offer really is valuable and people will be attracted to the positive vibe you’re putting out into the world.

Connect with today’s Marketing Succcess LIVE! Special guest Love Coach Sylvia:

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Mentioned in today’s Marketing Success LIVE! Episode: 

  • Marketing Success Team- The Marketing Success Team is an online community and resource designed for busy professionals who want to stay motivated and inspired with marketing their business. You’ll have someone to keep you accountable for being consistent with your marketing efforts. The days of starting a blog, campaign or new profile, only to abandon it a couple weeks later are no more! You will be on the cutting edge of the latest social media updates that affect your business and you will get answers directly from the experts who have years of experience with digital marketing. Sylvia is a valued member of the Marketing Success Team and everyone on the team helps each other, so not only will you have access to me, but you also have access to other business professionals to collaborate with. Click here for more info.
  • Marketing Success Power Breakfast- Sometimes, it’s hard to set aside time for networking events because you don’t want to take time away from getting actual work done. This is why I created the Marketing Success Power Breakfast! It’s a networking event where you’ll have a chance to connect with up to 9 other business professionals, learn about a social media topic, and best of all get work done! The next event is this Friday, January 20th from 8am-10am. Claim your spot here.

Marketing Success Power Breakfast with Marketing Melodie

Tools mentioned/ used in today’s Marketing Success LIVE! episode:

  1. Audio-Technica ATR3350 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone- This mic allows you to have quality sound in your videos no matter how far way the phone is from your face.

2. Arkon iPhone Tripod Mount- This is how I keep my phone from wobbling around when I’m filming! This tripod is very portable and has durable legs that claspses on to other equipment.

3. Neewer Camera Photo/Video Light Ring- I use this light ring so you can see me more clearly, no matter what the lighting in the room looks like.

4. CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case– The light ring I use, goes on this stand!

That’s a wrap for the recap of Marketing Success Live- How to Attract Customers Who Love You. Make sure to tune in on Facebook Live again next Wednesday from 11am-11:30am over on the Marketing Melodie Facebook page. I will be sharing the top tech tools I use for marketing and business.

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