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Ringing in the New Year with List of 12s for 2012!

January 6, 2012

Happy New Year! 2011 was amazing! And I’m excited for what 2012 has in store. For my first post of 2012 I’m sticking with the “new year” theme!

I love making lists. To-do lists are the most common for me. I make these daily to stay on task with both my personal and professional life. In fact I’ve even added things to my to-do list after I already accomplished them, just so I can check it off. C’mon I know I’m not the only one who’s done this before! Fess up if you have!

To Do List

Instead of resolutions, I shared with my network that 2012 means making “Lists of 12s”!

List of 12s

I’m working on lists of 12 new restaurants to try, 12 new places to go, 12 marketing goals for my business and first list I made is of course related to tech and social media: 12 tech/web/social media related things I’d like to accomplish in 2012! 

1. Pinterest- We all know about my food porn addiction. I recently joined Pinterest and wow, it’s any food porn addict’s DREAM! I have 2 boards related to food. My Sweet Tooth is filled with gorgeous, mouth-watering sweets. Rather than just look at these images and drool, in 2012 I’m going to actually make at least 2 desserts I’ve pinned on Pinterest. (Give me food and I’ll cook but please note I have virtually zero experience when it comes to baking sweets so this is something new for me!)

Pinterest Sweet Tooth

2. Facebook- Part of what I do for my Marketing clients is work with them to create customized social media profiles that are cohesive with their brand and website. You know the old saying “The Cobbler’s children have no shoes”? I spend a lot of time helping clients create a marketing strategy that effectively integrates social media and Facebook is one of the main tools I use. However, even though I help clients with this, I personally haven’t had an opportunity to customize my own Facebook page. In 2012, I’m going to redesign my Facebook Page so it’s cohesive with my website and brand.

Marketing Melodie on Facebook



3. Yelp- Write a minimum of 12 new Yelp reviews in 2012

4. LinkedIn- I’m grateful that I’ve received so many positive recommendations from my colleagues, clients and partners on LinkedIn. I’m truly humbled by reading the things people who have benefited from my work. I’ve been meaning to create a “Testimonials” section on my website by transferring many of my LinkedIn recommendations. In 2012 I’m going to create a “Testimonials” section on my website based on my LinkedIn recommendations.

5. Gmail- I’ve created folders and filters for many emails, but not all. I have thousands and thousands of unread messages in my inbox. I’ve trained myself to skip over unimportant emails such as ones from newsletters I don’t recall signing up for or emails related to people connecting with me on a social network but this still means there’s clutter in my inbox. In the past few days I’ve already unsubscribed from about 15 email lists and removed over 4000 messages from my inbox. I have over 8000 to go! In 2012 I’m going to get my gmail inbox down to zero, for the first time ever! 

Gmail Inbox6.  Foursquare- I’m a total Foursquare lover! I was traveling internationally in 2010 on Foursquare Day (4/16) and still manged to organize and host Foursquare Day in Hong Kong! In 2011 I hosted Foursquare Day San Diego in America’s Finest City! I’m currently a Super User- Level 2. The highest Super User Level is 3 and I’ve read that it’s virtually impossible to become a Level 3 Super User but my wordplay mind gets turned on because in the word “impossible” I just see the words “I’m possible” so in 2012 I’m going to become a Foursquare Superuser Level 3!

Foursquare Check In

7. Evernote- While Evernote helps me stay organized; my Evernote itself needs to be organized. Whenever I forward an email to my Evernote the email doesn’t get categorized into a folder immediately. This is the main ways I update my Evernote so I definitely have some cleaning up to do. In 2012 I’m going to clean up my Evernote account.

8. YouTube- I’m not a regular YouTuber but I’m currently working on an awesome Social Media related video that will be published soon. My goal is to get at least 1 million views on this video. I know that sounds extreme especially since my current YouTube videos  have views only in the hundreds. I’ve got a good feeling about this video and in 2012 I’m going to get 1 million views on my social media related YouTube video. 

9. Twitter- All of my Twitter followers were gained authentically through people finding my page and being interested in topics I tweet about. I’d like to continue being a resource on Twitter but also build up my Twitter following with more people who are engaged in conversation and content I post. In 2012 I’m going to grow my Twitter following to over 5000 while keeping in mind this must be done authentically through just being me! 

10.  Phone- My Droid 2 just isn’t cutting it! Rather than continue to complain about how my phone is slow in 2012 I’m going to get a new phone!

11.  Laptop- My laptop and all the information it contains is literally my most valuable possession. It contains photos, music, confidential documents etc. It used to be backed up on the cloud but my subscription ended and I haven’t had a chance to renew. Whether on the cloud or on a hard drive, in 2012 I need to make sure I back up my laptop again!

12.  Blogging- My last in my list of 12s is something that will keep me accountable for 1-11 on this list! And that’s to write a follow up blog post in 6 months and then right before on 2013 on what items have been checked in on this tech/web/social media list of 12!

Wishing everyone the best of the best in 2012! Thank you to everyone who reads my posts. I’ve really appreciate the comments, tweets, Facebook Likes, Subscribes and emails! It makes me happy to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time!

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