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San Diego Asian Film Festival @SDAFF on Social Media

October 18, 2010 8

As the San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF) is runs strong in it’s 11th year this October 21st– 28th at the Mission Valley UltraStar Hazard Center Cinemas, it’s a great time to recognize how Social Media has revolutionized the power of both event marketing and the movie industry. Social Media has been instrumental in the growth of the film festival for both the event and individual movies.


SDAFF’s Marketing Director, Daniel Matthews shares that “Social Media has allowed us to connect with our audience in ways that weren’t available before.  We’re able to  personally stay in touch with everyone that we’ve connected with at the festival and create a stronger brand within the community”. With film screenings that pop up throughout the year they’re able to market for those screenings virally. The San Diego Asian Film Festival also uses Social Media to help with contests and promotions during the film festival.

SDAFF Twitter

At Marketing Melodie, we support local initiatives of organizations who provide value, education and entertainment to San Diego and recognize events that have strategically incorporated social media into their marketing plan. So in honor the 11th annual San Diego Asian Film Festival, Marketing Melodie’s community will have an opportunity to win passes to the Festival.  Five lucky readers will win a pair of tickets for the film festival.  To enter to win you must complete both of the following:

1.  Follow @MyMelodie on Twitter and Retweet this blog post

2. Leave a comment on this blog post with an idea on how events or movies can use Social Media OR a comment with an example of how an event you’ve attended or movies you’ve seen has successfully used social media.

Winners will be chosen on Thursday October 21st, the opening day of the San Diego Asian Film Festival. Additional film festival details and ticket information can be found on the @SDAFF Twitter account, Facebook Page and the official San Diego Asian Film Festival Website

*Festival tickets are good for any film or panel except the opening and closing night showings of Legend of the Fist or Au Revoir Taipei.

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  1. Jason Thornton says...

    The Last Exorcist did a great job spreading word about the film via social media networks, including a video of reactions to a hilarious false “chat with a girl” where the girl turned out to be possessed.

    • Marketing Melodie says...

      Videos that show fan interactions are a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rebekah Faith says...

    SDAFF has also utilized other methods of marketing successfully utilizing social media including reviews on Yelp and videos on YouTube.

    • Marketing Melodie says...

      Yelp reviews and YouTube Videos are other great uses of Social Media for businesses! Thanks for mentioning them!

  3. I think that any mention of Social Media in a movie is a good use of social media. There have been clever lines in movies referencing Twitter and even Myspace. Also, if a movie has a Twitter account and engages with the potential audience. I have seen Eat Pray Love, Saint John of Las Vegas, Ready, Set, Bag! have successful Twitter accounts.

  4. Vasquez says...

    Events I have attended have successfully used social media like Twitter & Facebook by trying to directly connect with the customers. First they promote by getting the people involved through competitions. And if you are lucky you can wins things. They also have been using You Tubers who have a lot of followers to participate in their events. The reason I found out about the SDAFF was through Timothy De La Ghetto’s tweet. By using people with a big fan base these events are able to connect with a lot of people who would not have otherwise known about the even.

    • Marketing Melodie says...

      I agree, YouTube is also a great Social Media Channel. The fact that you found out about this through Timothy De La Ghetto is a great example of rhe viral power of Social Media, especially from people with influence. Please provide me with your email address! You are one of the lucky winners!

  5. Movies are using social media to promote their film, actors, and awards more and more. The most recent example of this I found (apart from the obvious Social Network and Catfish movies that are tied to social media) was the awesomely terrible movie @BitchSlapMovie a movie I saw listed in my new Apple TV, streamed it from Netflix, and tweeted about it. They responded to my tweet, and answered my questions about the actresses, etc. Great stuff.

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