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Six Easy Ways to use Promotions in Your Marketing Campaign

July 7, 2008

I love creating and executing promotions for several reasons. It keeps your product/service in consumers’ minds. It stimulates demand for your product. Promotions can also be customized and developed in so many different ways that it really gives me an opportunity to be creative. Promotion involves ongoing advertising and publicity. It’s one piece of the pie in an effective marketing campaign. Consumers only respond to your advertising when they are in need of your service or product, therefore it’s important to always be top of mind to your potential consumer. This is where effective promotions can really help!

I’ve compiled a list of 6 things you can easily do that require little or no additional effort and money.

1. 1. Wear your business– Easy way to promote while being active. If you’re participating in leisure activities such as a sports league, an adventure club or even a social club wear something such as a t-shirt with your company logo, website or a slogan that may spark the question “What does your shirt mean?” Then when someone inquires about your logo/slogan you can give a brief plug about your business. Great conversation starter!

2. 2. Put Your Logo & Contact Info on Every Outgoing Piece of Paper and Electronic Document– People like convenience and this makes it so much easier to be at your consumer’s fingertips. They can reach out to you immediately after seeing a promotional product that reminds them of you because they don’t have to go look anything up. Make sure your thank you cards, emails, any promotional products, brochures, paper documents, etc. all have your logo and a way to contact you, even if it’s just a website.

3. 3. Put Tips on Business Cards -You can imagine how many business cards I receive from all of the networking I do. Make yours stand out by placing some useful tips on the back. For example many people have PDAs that don’t have the letter keypad it’s hard to identify a number such as 1-800-CALL-NOW. Having a business card with the letters on the phone pad would come in handy. Common phone numbers and websites are also good tips. I’ve even received a business card and on the back they listed how to figure out your blood alcohol level depending on your weight and the number of drinks you’ve had. Figure out some useful tips that may correspond with your business and put them on the back!

4. 4. Social Networking– Most social networking sites are free! What a great way to promote to thousands of people in a space where they already belong. Get your company on as many sites as possible because in this day and age you really need to reach out to your consumer. Don’t wait for them to seek you out. Remember, convenience is a huge factor in consumer’s buying decisions. Currently every single business needs a website. Sooner than later every single business will need a Myspace, Facebook, etc.

5.5. Cross promotion– Identify other businesses that target your same demographic and develop promotions that benefit both parties. For example, give a discount for your business if they purchase something for the other business. Create a giveaway that involves products/ services from both businesses. You can also place each other’s information on your website and in your store.

6. 6. Create an Interactive Blog– Pose questions on your blog and ask readers to answer them by offering an incentive. For example, everyone who answers your question will be entered to win, Free advertising on your website for one month, a gift card, products/services from your business, etc. The more you engage your reader, the more likely they’ll be to return to your blog.

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