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Social Media Amusings: Did you know I’m a Sanrio Character?

October 24, 2011

Social Media Amusings is new series of posts I’m starting. It’s going to be  full of fun things about me and things I come across in the social space that I feel like sharing with all of you. Today we’re talking Sanrio! When you hear Sanrio, you probably immediately think Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty is well branded as the face of Sanrio.

Hello Kitty

Yes, I mentioned branding. It’s how my marketing mind works. I’ll tie everything back to building your brand and marketing! I’ve emphasized the importance of branding yourself on Social Media through various outlets including my Digital Media Dinners Event: Social Media Branding. In addition I’m hosting an upcoming Digital Media Now seminar on Wed. Nov. 2nd, 2011: Personal Branding on Social Media. You can sign up here!

Alright back to Sanrio!  Hello Kitty isn’t the only lovely Sanrio character, she has a good friend by the name of MyMelody! Yep, it’s my name by with a “Y” instead of “IE”. I’ve done a great job at branding myself on Twitter as MyMelodie. My online persona, business brand and even personal brand is: Marketing Melodie. However, @MarketingMelodie was 1 letter too long for Twitter so I chose @MyMelodie instead. This name still has the M and M alliteration I love, it’s short so people have a lot of room to reply to me and it’s catchy!

MyMelody and Friends

The story of MyMelody: The Sanrio Character- ♥ My Melody is a cheerful, kind, and gentle rabbit. She was born on January 18th 1975 in the forest of Maryland, where she still lives with her parents, grandparents and little brother Rhythm. While good-natured, her curiosity makes her hasty at times. Her favorite hobby is to bake cookies with her mother. Her favorite food is almond pound cake. Her most prized possession is her hood, which her grandmother made for her. Her best friends are Flat: A mouse that is a little shy around other people & Piano: A kind, little sheep, that her favorite thing to do is to cuddle 

What a cute little bunny! And it’s clear I’ve done a good job at branding myself as “MyMelodie” because my community is amazing at letting me know they’re thinking of me! Take a look below!

In February 2009 I was at Tweetup and @rockstarjen strolled in wearing a MyMelody pendant as a necklace! I immediately stopped her and asked where she got it. She explained that she came across it somewhere at home, didn’t know exactly where and didn’t know it was MyMelody. After explaining that the bunny on her pendant inspired my twitter handle, she took it off and gave it to me! I’ve been using it as a key chain ever since. The best thing about it, is that it *glows in the dark* which comes in handy when I’m trying to find my keys in my purse. Thanks for your generosity @rockstarjen!

MyMelody Pendant

Yogurtland recently had a Sanrio promotion! The lovely @thepegisin, sent me a fun photo during the Yogurtland Sanrio promotion when she was getting some delicious froyo!

MyMelody from @thepegisin

I met @cschone44 at my very first TweetUp in 2008! She was recently at a Sanrio store and sent me a sweet message when she saw this MyMelody item. How cute is that?!

MyMelody from @cschone44

I also went to Yogurtland during their Sanrio promotion. I posted this photo on Facebook and definitely received some LIKES! I also jokingly asked the cashier if I could receive a discount because I’m featured at their shop. He gave me 10% off! Shout out to Yogurtland Mission Valley!

MyMelody at Yogurland

My lovely friend Kariou who I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with came to class one day with this surprise for me! MyMelody key cap!

MyMelody from Kairou

Earlier this year my friend Tom also sent me a cute photo on Facebook. Yep someone IS using my name!

MyMelody Sanrio from Tom

I’m just so happy to know that people think of me whenever they see anything MyMelody related! I’ve worked really hard to establish my brand on Social Media so having my community connect with me really makes my day!  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post in some way shape or form by reaching out to me when you saw me as a Sanrio Character or gifting me something MyMelody! Stay tuned for more Social Media Amusings!

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