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Tis the Season for Marketing Yourself to Advance Your Career

December 13, 2010

The Holiday spirit is in the air but before you pack your bags for a long vacation, keep in mind that this week is the PRIME week for job seekers and business professionals to market themselves and get their foot in the door.  Whether you’re working to land that big client, seeking new career opportunities or wanting a promotion within your company, these 4 simple tips will help you reach your goals while putting you in the Holiday spirit.

1. Attend Holiday Parties– Everyone loves holiday parties! They’re festive, fun and flowing with libations from spiked egg nog to spiced rum.  Use these gatherings  to your advantage to tactfully schmooze with someone in your industry you’ve always looked up to. Job seeking? Many professional organizations host Holiday parties open to the public. You’ll meet industry leaders of companies you may be interested in working for. Don’t be too formal when introducing yourself.  Just enjoy the Holiday cheer and you’ll find that most people are more relaxed about giving you tips on how to advance in your career especially if they’re about to go on vacation. This means they’re in a good mood.

Holiday Drink

2. Holiday Cards and Gifts– This is the best time to send a holiday greeting to prospects. Sending Holiday cards has diminished due to email and ecards so you’ll stand out when a prospective employer or client receives a nice hand written note from you. Don’t worry if your cards don’t arrive on Christmas Day. It’s often nice to receive a greeting to kick off the New Year.  This also ensures your cards won’t get lost in the stack. If you have prospective clients, perhaps send them a small gift that relates to your industry. In my field, sending a Marketing or Social Media book is a great example of a thoughtful and cost effective present.

Presents Photo

3. Holiday Temp Work– If you’re unemployed or seeking a new job, this is a great opportunity to temp for a company that also has long term potential. Avoid seasonal jobs since your position won’t be relevant after the holiday rush. Signing up for a temp agency won’t cost anything and they can place you at a company you’re qualified for. Many employees go on extended vacations during this time so you may find a position at a company that needs your service year round. Remember to take your temp position seriously. This is an amazing opportunity to get your foot in the door so when permanent jobs open in the future the employer will immediately think of you.

4. Social Media Greetings– While hand written cards are more formal, sending a holiday greeting through Social Media is also a great way to reach out to your network. Find a relevant industry article that the person you’re connecting with will find helpful for their business. Depending on how you’re connected to the person, send it through LinkedIn, a reply on Twitter or post it on their Facebook wall. You can add a personal Holiday note to let them now you’re thinking of them while also demonstrating how resourceful you are by providing them with information they can use.

If you have any other career development tips for the Holiday Season please share in the comments below. Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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