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Melodie Brings Marketing Expertise To Hong Kong

April 1, 2010 5

I recently wrote about how to Grow Your Business Through Professional Speaking. Of course I included social media insight with another post on 10 Social Media Tips for Professional Speakers. I mentioned to stay tuned for more upcoming posts related to professional speaking. Now I’m proudly announcing that I’m going global with my speaking career!  I was invited to speak at the INET Asia Regional Conference in Hong Kong on SEO and Social Media! My first international appearance is coming up soon on April 14th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

My trip is being sponsored by the Internet Society ISOC and the DotAsia Organisation. ISOC is a nonprofit founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy. With offices in Washington D.C., USA, and Geneva, Switzerland. ISOC is dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of people throughout the world. DotAsia is a nonprofit overseeing the governance of the “.Asia” domain extension with a core mandate to promote Internet development and adoption across Asia. Every .Asia registration helps fund community work in Asia.  Since its launch in 2008, they’ve been proactively contributing to the Internet community in Asia.

With my invitation to speak at this invite I have an opportunity to be a part of the initiative to educate on the evolution and use of the Internet through SEO and Social Media. I’ll be giving a 30 minute talk on how to Engage your Customers through SEO and Social Media. Then I’ll be participating in a panel discussion to answer questions from the audience.

Presentation Description: In an evolving world of new technology, we’ve all heard buzz on the importance of SEO and Social Media for ensuring that your business is found, connecting your company to consumers and building a strong community of loyal customers. While having a great domain name and website are the necessary first steps, Melodie will teach you how to strategically use your domain and website to accelerate your marketing goals through SEO and Social Media. She will help you understand basic principles, then dive deeper by discussing how SEO and Social Media work hand in hand to improve your overall marketing campaign. Attendees will leave the session empowered with best practice guidelines for SEO and Social Media and knowledge on how to communicate effectively to engage customers online.

I’m very excited and grateful for such an amazing career opportunity and also my  first trip out of the continent. To answer the question I’ve been getting from everyone, Yes, I do have a passport! I’ll be flying out of Sunny San Diego on Saturday April 10th and returning on Sunday April 18th. I’m spending 7 nights total in Hong Kong with 4 nights at the HarbourView Hotel and 3 nights at boutique hotel, The Mira.

During my trip I’ll have some time to tour the city. If anyone has been to Hong Kong, I would sincerely appreciate any recommendations and tips about traveling there! I would also appreciate international travel tips in general!  In addition, Foursquare Day on 4/16 occurs during my stay in Hong Kong. I’m going to do my best to connect with the Hong Kong Social Media community (through Social Media) to organize Foursquare Day in Hong Kong! So if you know anyone I should connect with to make Foursquare Day happen in Hong Kong, please let me know.

*Photo Credit: Hong Kong night view Kabbacchi

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  1. Foursquare day in Hong Kong sounds like a great idea. Hong Kong is a vibrant city with an incredible nightlife scene that is 24 hours (no legally mandatad closing times here). Your jaw will drop when you see how many bars and clubs we have juxtaposed next to each other.

    We have an advanced social media scene (both in English and Chinese – which is far bigger than the English scene naturally) and foursquare is taking off but could do with a kickstart. We were ranked 5th in the world for raising money when we did Twestival a couple of weeks ago. That was organised by @bethebutterfly. Another person I would make contact with is @spikehk (

    I will put out some feelers with people about foursquare day. I will have to do it remotely as I am in the Philippines until the 9th April.

    There is a lot to do here – standard things like going up to the top of Victoria Peak and crossing the harbour by star ferry but for me the best thing has always been the food!

    One thing – be careful when you write things like “brings marketing expertise to Hong Kong”. That might imply we don’t have any but as you will find out we punch far above our weight for innovation and creativity and have a lot of very smart people doing very smart things. In other words it might be read the wrong way.

    I look forward to meeting you when you get here.

  2. Very much looking forward to learning about Hong Kong's reaction to this internationally explosive trend of utilizing online marketing resources to execute modern-day marketing, media and communication strategies and techniques. – Brent Seberhagen (Chicago, IL)

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