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Marketing Success LIVE! How to Succeed with Live Video- Recap

January 11, 2017

Marketing Success LIVE is back for 2017! I am so excited to be back in action for the new year. I also look forward to creating a recap each week so I can give you a quick rundown of the tips, tricks, resources, events and other cool things mentioned. If you missed today’s episode, you can watch it any time over on the Marketing Melodie Facebook Page.

Marketing Melodie with Lynda Sunshine West 1-11-2017

On today’s episode, I brought back one of my most popular guests from last year, Lynda Sunshine West! Lynda has worn many hats throughout her career. Today, I know Lynda as a Facebook Live expert or as I like to call her, the Facebook Live Queen! For the last 2 years, she has made a video almost every single day! Since January 1st, 2016, she has not skipped a single day of making her Facebook Live birthday song videos. Yep, every single day, she sings a song dedicated to her Facebook friends celebrating birthdays that day. You can click here to watch the last show in which she shares her story of how she started using Facebook Live.

Connect with today’s Marketing Succcess LIVE! Special guest Lynda:

  • She wants to be your Facebook friend, so make sure you ADD her as a friend: Lynda Sunshine West’s Facebook Profile (She will sing you a special Happy Birthday song!) Here’s a sample of her amazing daily birthday song video: #366BirthdaySongs 
  • To get a free 30-minute strategy session with Lynda, type the No. 1 in the comments of our Live Video. Click here to visit the episode now. She can help you with business tips and of course Facebook Live tips!
  • Go from terrified to terrific with your Facebook Live videos when you join Lynda’s GSD Video Challenge.

Main takeaways from today’s Marketing Success Live Topic- How to Succeed with Live Video!

Tips on where to film your live videos- If you want to have a more polished and professional video, make sure to have good lighting! Natural lighting is best with the window facing you, never behind you. Also do it in a quite spot. However, we both agree that you can do you live videos anywhere – except while driving! Lynda believes that if you feel compelled do a live video, no matter where you are, just do it! Don’t get too caught up on the details.

Different types of live videos you can create for your business- 

  1. Candid videos– This is a video that you do on the fly, no planning involved. It fits Lynda’s recommendation to just go live any time, anywhere!
  2. Series videos- This is a video just like Marketing Success LIVE! that’s a series at a set time and day. Even though it’s live, it’s pre planned. You can promote the series on your social networks beforehand to build up hype and get more viewers.
  3. Behind the scenes videos- One of the most popular videos, because you’re really giving your audience the inside scoop on what happens behind all the polished photos and videos. This type of video really makes your viewer feel special because they are seeing something that no one else gets to watch. Here’s an example of my own behind the scenes video during my Fox 5 San Diego news segment.

How to use live vidoes to attract new customers- Facebook saves and sometimes promotes your live video once you’re finished. You can repurpose your live video by uploading it on YouTube and other social media platforms. Make sure you add call-to-actions to your videos as well. You can add your call-to-action during the live recording, or in your live video description.

Mentioned in today’s Marketing Success LIVE! Episode: 

  • Marketing Success Team- This program is geared toward Entpreneurs and Business Owners. For $149/month you get to join my team to stay motivated and inspired with marketing your business. You’ll have someone to keep you accountable for being consistent with your marketing efforts. The days of starting a blog, campaign or new profile, only to abandon it a couple weeks later are no more! Click here for more info. Lynda is a valued member of the Marketing Success Team and everyone on the team helps each other, so not only will you have access to me, but you also have access to other business professionals to collaborate with.
  • Marketing Success Power Breakfast- Sometimes, it’s hard to set aside time for networking events because you don’t want to take time away from getting actual work done. This is why I created the Marketing Success Power Breakfast! It’s a networking event where you’ll have a chance to connect with up to 9 other business professionals, learn about a social media topic, and best of all get work done! I’ll be there at 7:45am for you early birds! Claim your spot here.

Marketing Success Power Breakfast with Marketing Melodie

  • Laser Marketing Hour– Invest 1 hour with me and you’ll be marketing your way to success immediately. I work with many businesses on an ongoing basis to ensure their marketing efforts are successful. Sometimes a full marketing program isn’t right for everyone. Click here to learn if Laser Marketing Hour is for you.

Tools mentioned/ used in today’s Marketing Success LIVE! episode:

  1. Audio-Technica ATR3350 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone- This mic allows you to have quality sound in your videos no matter how far way the phone is from your face.

2. Arkon iPhone Tripod Mount- This is how I keep my phone from wobbling around when I’m filming! This tripod is very portable and has durable legs that claspses on to other equipment.

3. Neewer Camera Photo/Video Light Ring- I use this light ring so you can see me more clearly, no matter what the lighting in the room looks like.

4. CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case– The light ring I use, goes on this stand!

That’s a wrap for the recap of Marketing Success LIVE!- How to Succeed with Live Video. Make sure to tune in on Facebook Live again next Wednesday from 11am-11:30am over on the Marketing Melodie Facebook page.

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